/ Friday, August 23rd, 2013

expoloozaSo, there you have it…  our little WDW Radio ExpoLooza is now drawing to a close.   With all that we wrote, the remarkable thing is we still have a list of ideas for pieces that we did not address!  Hopefully, that just shows you the sheer enormity of the Expo and helps to convince you to attend a future one!!  I can honestly say, in all of my Disney experiences, my inner Disney Geek has never been happier or more delighted than when I have been at Expo.  The best part is that you are surrounded by people who are just as excited as you are….  Finally, being surrounded by people who understand the frustration of having to explain why they are headed to a Disney park AGAIN!

This week would not have been possible without the amazing contributions of the WDW Radio Blog Writing Team.  In addition to the 32 pieces we published about the Expo, we also had our regular features (including the introduction of a new blog -writing team!!) making this week the busiest EVER on the WDW Radio blog.  THANK YOU THANK YOU to these writers, who made the week such an exciting one for us:  Liz Driscoll, Fran Cassano, Alyssa Wiseman, Brandon Wiseman,  Mark Petar, James Hansen, Caitlin Corsello, Cara Richards, Blake Taylor, Makena Wolcott, Richie McNanna, Kathy & Sean, Felicia & Sean, Peyston Spear, Kristin Casagrand, and Jonah.  What an amazing group of people.  I’m humbled to work with them.

Most importantly, none of us would be here writing if it weren’t for the vast WDW Radio family who have been reading and commenting on our articles.  Your comments mean SO SO SO much to all of us, so please keep them coming!  THANK YOU for your support and encouragement this week.  We hope we have helped you to understand the Expo and have whet your appetite to join us again–in person or in the Box–in 2015!

PLEASE let us know if there were things you would have liked to have learned more about–and we’ll add them to our list for the NEXT ExpoLooza (did I just write that??)   We will announce the winners of all the prizes we teased in this week’s blogs during a recap blog early next week.

And now, I must sadly bid farewell to ExpoLooza. Stay tuned next week for more of your regularly-scheduled Disney magic here on the blog.




8 thoughts on “D23 EXPO: Expolooza Conclusion”

  1. Nancy says:

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog entries, Christy. One day I would love to meet you! It seems that you say many of the things that I am thinking! 🙂 I particularly appreciate your writing style—it is so easy to read. Just as watching Lou on Wednesday nights it seems as if we’re sitting around the dinner table with him talking about life in general, when I read your blog entries, it’s as if you and I are having a conversation.

    Thank you to all of the bloggers for letting me live vicariously through your posts!

  2. Christy Viszoki says:

    Nancy, that is the nicest thing you could have said! Thanks so much for the kind praise. I love writing for the blog, and knowing at least one person enjoyed it makes me smile from ear to ear! 8: )

  3. Craig Hargrove says:

    Thank You Christy for letting me experience the expo through your blog. I was not able to see much of the live feed due to work obligations. And it seemed like every time I did tune it, there was technical difficulty with the box. Your blogs this week have been great, and have made me realize that I need to be there in 2015. Herbie53Tx in the box

  4. Diane Jones says:

    This was all very fun to read about. Some day I would like to get to a D23 Expo…I’ll keep hoping. And in the meantime I will continue to listen and read and follow the information provided by those who are lucky enough to attend.

    Thanks again, Diane Jones, Cape Cod, Mass

  5. Kathy Kelly says:

    Bravo, Team!! And thank you!

  6. Melanie says:

    I was sad when the expo ended and now that all the blogs are ending, I am sad all over again! However, everyone at WDW Radio has lit a fire in me to be there in 2015!!! Christy, I appreciate all your descriptions and how much you made us feel like we were there with you. Thank you for your hard work!

  7. Linda Raymond says:


    Thank you so much for all your blogs about the. EXPOLOOZA. ( great title)
    I could FEEL your excitement in your writing,,,,,the pictures were fantastic
    It was great tuning in each day to watch and listening to You, Lou, Becki, Tony and everyone who stopped by. Once again a big thank you to the whole WDW RADIO “Family”. For doing what they do to keep all of us who can not be at all these events, informed and entertained…..

    Never stop believing::::

  8. Chris says:

    It was so great living through you and the other bloggers while you experienced D23. Working with Lou too has to be an awesome time. It’s my plan to get there in 2015 and I think I may just have to start that plan now.
    1. Rob bank
    2. Start To Do list for the trip
    3. FInd out if there are packages that include Disneyland and maybe even Disney Family museum.
    4. Rob another bank.
    Ok, it’s just a start but . . . . . 🙂