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expoloozaThe title may be deceiving… because sure, there were all kinds of characters at the Expo–especially in the form of Cosplayers.  What I am suggesting is what if the ACTUAL Disney characters had been at the Expo?  Now that we have nearly covered all we can about the Expo, I thought it would be fun to imagine what the Disney characters would have enjoyed about this ultimate fan event.  After all, they ARE the object of our affections!

Here are some of the major features of the D23 Expo 2013, along with the characters I think would have enjoyed them.  What do you think?  Which characters would have enjoyed Expo?

The Imagineering Pavilion: My nominee for the biggest fan of this pavilion would have to be Rapunzel.  After all those years locked in the tower, this princess definitely developed a huge imagination.  I bet she would LOVE to see all the ways the Imagineers put their imaginations to work, making people happy.

The Collector’s Forum:  Hands down, this has to go to Miss Gadgets and Gizmos Galore, Ariel.  She would have needed Scuttle, Flounder, and Sebastian along to help her get all the new-found treasures home to Eric!

Disney Interactive Presentation: Wall-E.  He’s quite the guy with all the gadgets.  And with the ability to watch animated clips (and create ones of his own) in the new Disney:Animated app, he could finally watch something other than Hello, Dolly.  

Silent Auction: Scroooge McDuck has those bags full of coins just sitting around… He may as well go to the auction and get some amazing Disney swag! (I think the Disneyland park sign would be smashing in his home!)

Disney and Broadway: Giselle would love this.  She already is a fan of the Big Apple, and she is willing to put on a Broadway-style routine in Central Park.  She might have even gotten on the stage and joined Idina Menzel in song!

Little Golden Books Display: Belle would have had a field day here, but she’s an obvious choice.  I would also nominate Russell to hang out here and learn from the wonderful stories.  Can’t you see him and Mr. Frederickson reading together, with Russell in Ellie’s chair?

Disney Legends Presentation: This might be a surprising choice, but I am pretty sure Spidey and his Marvel pals would have snuck into this popular presentation.  After all, they’re new to the family.  They need to learn the ingredients of “legend” if they ever hope to join the likes of Tony Baxter and Steve Jobs in the area of leaving a legacy in the Disney community.

The Food Courts:   Remy.  Hands down.  He would have sniffed, wrinkled his nose, and then jumped in to help offset the lines and add some of his magic to the recipes!  (I think we all would have welcomed Tiana’s gumbo, too!)

Working with Walt:  The Dreamfinder would be a perfect person to have attended this presentation.  While he never worked with Walt, he most definitely embodies the Disney spirit.  I think he would have enjoyed hearing these first-hand accounts of working with the man who brainstormed the concept for EPCOT.

Disney Animation:  There are so many characters who would love to be there… But I nominate Oswald as the one who would be most interested.  After all, he started it all and then left the family for quite some time.  I imagine he would enjoy seeing where Disney had been and where they were going next.

The WDW Radio / Mouse Fan Travel Booth:  I think Genie would have had a delightful time hanging out “in the Box.”  After all, he’s used to tight places–remember all those years in the lamp?  More importantly, the booth was a source of great fun and laughter.  Wishes?  Sure!  We had that covered, too–raising $2650 for the Make A Wish Foundation of America in the space of 30 minutes, with the help of Noah.

The Sherman-Menken Concert: I feel like I am cheating here, but with 2 Disney greats in one place, only Sorcerer Mickey could match the star power.  Besides, with all of that amazing music in one place, he would certainly feel at home!

What do you think?  Which Disney characters would have enjoyed the Expo?  Give us some suggestions of Disney characters and what part of the Expo they would have loved.  Someone who comments will be chosen to receive some Expo goodies, including a Saving Mr. Banks poster.




1 thought on “D23 EXPO: If Disney Characters Had Been at Expo….”

  1. Ben Greenberg (bennygreen79 on the box) says:

    I think Quasimodo would have been a natural fit in the collector’s forum. There’s such a large disney fan community “Out There” and he would have been able to discover it all if he could leave the bell tower and take a visit to the expo and the collector’s forum. He could finally be with the other people and discover every part of the disney universe now that he would finally be out of the walls of Notre Dame.