/ Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Some things we saw at Expo sort of defy any kind of categorization.  Here are some pictures of things that I found fun (or funny….)















The D23 Expo welcome banner–from inside the convention center.




















Let the speculation begin….. (or resume, as the case may be….)




















And in case you were wondering, this is how his name should be spelled.




















What on earth would Expo have been like in the age BEFORE cell phones?
















From the Imagineering Pavilion… We were told there are 3 Hidden Mickeys on the desk.  I can only find one.  Go!




















I want a line on my resume to read “Disney jelly bean artist.”  (I’m being serious….)




















I plan to hang this picture in my classroom this year.




















Figment, I miss you!  Don’t be a stranger!



2 thoughts on “D23 Expo: Just for Fun–PHOTO BLOG”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Re: Imagineear’s Desk…from talking with the Imagineear who was there at the time…there was a hidden mickey somehow in the blinking of the tablet display on the desk…morse code? That is way out on the bleeding edge of Imagineear geek-a-tude:)

  2. John C. Jones (wdwtechie91 in the box) says:

    Lou and all of your friends at Mousefan Travel did an excellent live stream coverage of the D23 expo! I wish I could have been there! I haven’t been to WDW in over 14 years and with no job (atm), in the I.T. field and hard to find a job since NASA downsized and would LOVE to come back home! But regarding the live feed, GREAT WORK to ALL! Beci, you have a wonderful job! You help others making others dreams Really True and so do you Lou!