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expoloozaOne of our goals for our EXPO-Looza is to share with you all the WDW Radio Team was able to enjoy throughout the length of the magical weekend.  So much happened in such a short period of time–NO ONE PERSON could have seen or heard it all!

This photo blog will give you a sneak peek into Wednesday and Thursday’s set up of the booth, including the construction of the amazing Disney Cruise Line balloon sculpture!
















First things first–getting the Box set up!















John Reid, affectionately known by Lou and Beci as “Balloon Boy,” discusses the set up of the balloon sculpture with his assistant.  (I love that his assistant is wearing a “Planes” hat!!)  Note the forklift in the background–many of these zipped along the convention floor during set-up; their hums and beeps quickly became familiar background noise!















The foundation is done.  Wonder if this is how they built the Fantasy at the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Germany?















The ship actually stretches the full width of the booth!  Note the pallets, on which all the materials that had been shipped to Expo arrived at the booth.  The arrival of these pallets will be much anticipated when it is time to pack up on Sunday night!















John estimated the sculpture was made of 800-900 balloons.   He studied architecture in college–I can see how that must be VERY useful!















The ship is really coming together!  John had a SUITCASE filled with balloons and a machine that blows them up VERY quickly.  That’s the machine to the left of the ship–it’s black so it blends into the carpeting.















John’s favorite touch: the yellow life boats.  Notice the roll of red carpet in the background.  This was rolled out Thursday night and WOW was it taken up quickly Sunday night after the Expo ended. 















Logo gear on, and final Box testing in progress!




















John came in one last time just before Expo started to check on the sculpture and to make the bottom balloons shiny.  The secret behind the shine?  Armor-All wipes!!















Hurry up…. and wait!!!  Friday morning, about an hour before the doors to the Expo open and before the live coverage in the Box.  Notice the very blank Vinylmations… and the beautiful red carpet is now in place.

A huge thank you to John Capos, who provided a number of the pictures for this photo blog.



2 thoughts on “D23 EXPO: Setting Up the Booth PHOTO BLOG”

  1. Monique says:

    Great to see how it all went up. My husband and I were there for when Lou decided it was time to see the ship “sail”.

  2. Chris Dougal says:

    The Disney Ship was really amazing and while I’m not a real active ” box people” I do follow as much as I can and you have no idea how much Lou and WDW radio has meant to keeping the magic alive in between trips to Disney! Thank you for all your efforts! Looking forward to someday meeting you!