/ Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

On Tuesday, we began a 3 part series of photos to show you some of the many sights at the Expo floor.  Today we conclude our tour with some more images of the pavilions and entertainment available at this epic Disney fan event.





Probably the big question on Friday at the Expo was: “What is behind that blue curtain??”  On Saturday, around [1:30] PM, we got a clue, as the lights behind the blue curtain turned on to reveal the word “Tomorrowland.”  Shortly after that, the blue curtain fell to the ground, revealing an interactive, iPad driven exhibit of Disney relics (or are they???)  It was all part of a promotion for the upcoming Tomorrowland movie.  The BEST part is you can re-live this entire exhibit from home for free!  Just download the FREE “Tomorrowland D23” app and you can see (and hear) everything that was at the exhibit!















One of the quite popular exhibits (I never did get to try it out–line was too long!) was the one designed to promote the next int he series of Disney Fairies movies, Pirate Fairy.




















Need to add on some points to your Disney Vacation Club ownership?  DVC was here!!!




















This Carsland-themed area enabled guests to buy Disneyland park tickets at the Expo!
















One of my favorite products on display were the Mickey and Minnie Mouse bicycles!!!
















Okay, I also really loved the engraved luxury soaps, too!!
















Now that you have invested in more DVC points, purchased your park tickets, bought a bicycle and some engraved soap… it’s time to sit and relax!  Underneath the hidden Mickey lights (ha!), attendees could see all kinds of live entertainment.  Many regular performers from Disneyland’s Downtown Disney district were featured throughout the weekend.




















There was no doubt that the Star Wars presence was at Expo!

The Expo floor was like a playground for a Disney fan, and definitely filled with more than a day’s worth of magic and memories.  Filled with picture-opportunities, freebies, autographs, experiences, and entertainment, these exhibits served as a reminder of the many ways we can find the Disney magic all around us!




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  1. Linda Raymond says:

    Oh my I love the bikes…. Oh and the soaps..and the app,,, ok I like it all thanks so much for the pics,,,,,,