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Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Life

Welcome to Finding Disney, your weekly look into how the Disney magic sometimes creeps into daily situations, as well as how we can be intentional about making it ourselves. Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll be diving into a specific realm that we might find that magic in: technology. These days, we have gadgets and gizmos aplenty all around us, and Disney can be found in them full force! And this first week is a fun one.

As hard as it seems to believe, it’s already time to go back to school. Whether you’re in school or not, the world feels like it gets back into a solid routine once September rolls around, and part of getting back into a schedule is (unfortunately!) waking up a little earlier than we might prefer. However, that doesn’t mean that a loud, annoying blare of a typical alarm clock has to be the first thing to greet you every morning! Most phones have the ability to set songs as ringtones or alarm tones, and there are plenty of Disney tunes that make a perfect wake-up call. Here are the best 10 of them, in no particular order:



From: Song of the South

Found on the album: Disney’s Greatest, Volume 1

Why it’s a great alarm: This song is somewhat of an anthem for all things Disney. With its bright tone and cheery message, there is plenty of sunshine heading your way when you wake up to this song.


“There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow”

From: Carousel of Progress

Found on the album: Walt Disney World Official Album

Why it’s a great alarm: I suppose that the message behind this song is really more suited to be listened to right before you go to bed, but the morning works too. It reminds us that even though we may be tired and want nothing more than to stay in bed, a great day is shining before us!



From: Mary Poppins

Found on the album: Mary Poppins

Why it’s a great alarm: This one’s hard to say. Maybe it’s just my own silly sense of humor, but I think it’s funny to have the first thing you hear all day is Julie Andrews holding the word “It’s” for a good 5 seconds. “Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” Besides, the rest of the song is so jolly and hand-clapping that you can’t help but feel in a good mood right away.


“Disney’s Electrical Parade”

From: Disney’s Electrical Parade/Main Street Electrical Parade

Available on the album: Disney’s Electrical Parade (…redundant redundant)

Why it’s a great alarm: Every time I hear this song, I automatically start tapping my toes, nodding my head, and moving with the beat of it.



From: Beauty and the Beast

Found on the album: Beauty and the Beast

Why it’s a great alarm: We hear this song in the film just as Belle’s village is waking up for the day, so it’s a perfect choice. The track some variety, too, so you can take it several ways. If you’re looking for a soothing, relaxing wake-up, set the alarm to start at the very beginning of the song. If you prefer a more abrupt wake-up, start the alarm when the townspeople begin shouting, “BONJOUR!”


“Circle of Life”Lion King Circle of Life Sun

From: The Lion King

Found on the album: The Lion King

Why it’s a great alarm: Ok, I know I said this list wasn’t in any particular order… but this song is the best. Hands-down. I actually prefer a jolting alarm that will make me sit up straight and take a startled look around my room before realizing where the noise is coming from. I don’t know if you’re like that too, but this does just the trick. There is nothing quite like starting the day off with some “Naaaaaaaaaants ingonyaaaaaa!”


“What Time Is It?”

From: High School Musical 2

Found on the album: High School Musical 2

Why it’s a great alarm: This also has the “Circle of Life” factor going for it, as it begins with a very loud trumpet blare. It’s sure to get you wide awake first thing! (As a side note, it can also scare one half to death when it’s the first song to play on extremely powerful speakers after a long period of silence on an empty Disney Cruise Line deck. Not that I speak from experience or anything.)


“Married Life”

From: Up

Found on the album: Up

Why it’s a great alarm: Michael Giacchino didn’t win the Oscar for Up’s music for nothing. This entire soundtrack is superb, but this track in particular has withheld as a crowd favorite over the years, and just so happens to make a delightful alarm, reminding us not only of Carl and Russell, but also of Main Street, U.S.A.


“When Will My Life Begin”

From: Tangled

Found on the album: Tangled

Why it’s a great alarm: This tune has Rapunzel singing all about her morning routine. The first words are even “7 a.m., the usual morning lineup.” The lost princess then goes on to list her many chores and hobbies. It describes the hectic mornings that many of us have, but does so in a musical arrangement that sounds soft and at times humorous rather than loud and busy.


“Life’s a Happy Song”Life's a Happy Song

From: The Muppets

Found on the album: The Muppets

Why it’s a great alarm: I like to think of this as a next-generation “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” It very much has that same warm, upbeat feel to it, and is essentially 5 whole minutes of quintessential Disney at its very best.


What do you think makes the best Disney alarm on this list? Is there another Disney song that isn’t here that you think should be?

Congratulations to Tony E (BacksideofWater), who was randomly selected from last week’s comments to win a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket! Tony shared his “biggest Disney nerd moment” about attending Disney On Ice and getting a wave from Ariel. Congrats, Tony, and thank you to everyone who shared their nerd moments. Stay tuned for future opportunities here on the blog to win a Mystery Ticket!


Blake is a college student focusing on Creative Writing and Media Studies. He enjoys making his family of six watch the parade on Main Street and then sprint to Frontierland in time to see it again. You can follow Blake’s random Disney ramblings on Twitter at @blakeonline, or at BlakeOnline.com.



10 thoughts on “Finding Disney: Top 10 Disney Alarm Ringtones”

  1. Lisa Comerford says:

    I love “you’ve got a friend in me” from Toy Story. I have it programmed as the ring tone for when certain people call me.

  2. Beth_MI says:

    These are all great. How can you turn them into alarm tones if the music is already on your.phone? In my case an Android
    Thank you!

  3. Patrick Cahill says:

    Go the distances! Helps me wake up and start my day everyday! When I have to wake up early it helps me realize that waking up to that makes me want to go the distance that day to get where I want to be in the future

  4. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I have the Magic Kingdom Welcome Song (the one that starts the rope drop ceremony) as an alarm

  5. lawrence robson says:

    for me it has to e ‘please stand clear of the doors…..’

    and for the droid user… install ringdroid onto your cell…. it does it all for you!!!!

  6. Blake says:

    Beth_MI – Go to your clock app, set up a new alarm, and click “Ringtone.” From there, you should be able to either select pre-existing Android ringtones or your own music.
    Here is a step-by-step that can hopefully help! http://www.wikihow.com/Use-a-Song-As-an-Alarm-on-Android

  7. Jason says:

    I made an alarm tone from the Rope Drop ceremony at the MK after my last trip. Great way to get going in the morning!!

  8. Lyn says:

    My ring tone / alarms are bits from Illuminations, Soarin’, Seas With Nemo, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Three Caballeros, and the Welcome Medley. I used the free iTunes app Ringtone Maker.

  9. Chris says:

    I love to wake up to a calm piece of music. My favorite piece of WDW music to wake up to is ‘Behind the Waterfall’ by David Lanz and Paul Speer. It is great ambient music from Tomorrowland and is so nice and relaxing!

  10. Larry Lindquist says:

    I would add “One Little Spark” from Journey with Figment at the Imagination Pavillion