/ Thursday, August 8th, 2013

by Kathy & Sean

We’re breaking from our normal photoblog post to share our Disney Planes pre-premier experience at AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 on August 2.  If you ask us if we were excited, planesposterwe’d ask you, “Does Barack Obama stand during the entire performance of the Hall of Presidents?”

On the evening of the pre-premier, we arrived at 5 PM to claim our turf and plant our lawn chairs on the sloped lawn at the outdoor Fly-in Theater.  At first it seemed silly to arrive so early for the 9 PM show, but the crowd very quickly built to a record 15,000 people!

The film was introduced by producer, Tracy Balthazor-Kelly and director, Klay Hall, where Hall made note that he came from a family of aviation enthusiasts.  As a Disney animator, he was thrilled to be able to combine his two passions in the creation of Planes.

Both of us loved the film—not just for its story line and animation brilliance, but because it has a very clear Disney message.  “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”  Dusty is a crop duster, but dreams of being an air racer—something he isn’t built for.  But with a little help from a seasoned Corsair warbird who becomes his mentor, Dusty won’t let anything stop him.

Children will love the new Disney characters and adults will smile at the jokes clearly meant only for them, such as El Chupacabra singing, “I’m Just a Love Machine.”  For both of us, watching the film with thousands of other aviation enthusiasts added much to the pre-premier experience.   It was an amazing experience!  And the best part—Planes is the first film in a planned trilogy, with Planes: Fire & Rescue due to be released next summer.

We apologize for the lack of photos from the pre-premier, but cameras and other recording devices were strictly forbidden at the event.  We’ll be back with photos in our next blog post next week.  In the meantime, go see Planes—you’ll love it!


Looking for Magic is Kathy @ Two Roads Photo[K1]  and Sean @ Shamrock Photo[K2] .  Kathy is a librarian, walker of many miles, and Paper Bag Princess, who dreams of having coffee with Belle at the castle and co-administering a fantasy book discussion group.  Sean is a fire fighter, pilot, and closet superhero, who would like to join the pack with Tigger to use his bouncy and fun powers to make people smile.

Kathy can be contacted at imtxag85@aol.com

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