/ Monday, September 30th, 2013
This series asks you (if you dare!) to get inside my Disney-obsessed mind and figure out what Disney reference I am thinking of when I go about my everyday life here in suburban New Jersey.

Last week, I featured an image from a water park in Virginia.  The Disney reference I thought of was of Blizzard Beach in EPCOT.  I have to say, I was so impressed by those who suggested Peter Pan–and don’t know why I never saw that myself!!!  From the correct entries I selected one at random to receive a mystery ticket; congratulations to Tony E., who will receive a WDW Radio Mystery ticket.

This week’s picture comes from a local bowling alley.  It reminded me of something in Walt Disney World.

What could be the Disney memory I have?  Can you read my mind?  Post your predictions in the comments below and you could win a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket!!


13 Responses to "What is That Girl Thinking? The Bowling Alley"

  1. At first I thought maybe Saratoga Springs resort with the horses… but the grandstand just looks so much like the Grand Floridian Buildings to me!

  2. Disney’s Saratoga Springs

  3. Saratoga springs

  4. Saratoga Springs!

  5. I’m going with Spaceship Earth and the slow journey through time with horse chariots.

  6. Linda Raymond says:

    figment upside down house

  7. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    the Mary Blair mural at the Contemporary

  8. Tammy Wilson says:

    Old Key West

  9. Saratoga Springs

  10. Rebecca BarrettF says:

    Saratoga Springs

  11. This has got to remind you of Saratoga Springs resort!

  12. Laurie Westbrook says:

    Saratoga springs

  13. Stacey Capell says:

    It made me think of the Mary Poppins movie when the wooden horses run right off of the carousel while Mary and Bert are riding them!

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