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IMG_9856I was excited to hear that Dave Bossert and Roy P. Disney were going to be signing the new book Remembering Roy E. Disney at a local bookstore this past weekend.

The book, by Dave Bossert, with forward by Roy P. Disney, is a look back at the important role Roy E. Disney played in the Disney Company.  The stories and snapshots included in the book invite you into the life of Roy E. Disney.  There is not a lot written about Roy E. Disney and this is a great way to get to know him and his work.  The book officially comes out on September 17th, so those attending the signing got their books a few days early!

The D23 website offered its members a little bonus.  We, the D23 members, had our signing at 1pm.  The open signing was at 2pm.  These are some of the little plusses that I feel D23 should do more often.  These perks cost them nothing and give the D23 members a reason to be members!IMG_3904

Dave Bossert worked primarily with projects spearheaded by Roy E. Disney.  Dave believes he had the privilege of working on so many projects with Roy E. because he always said yes when asked to help with something.

After welcoming us to the event, Dave Bossert gave a brief history of how this book came to life.  Roy P. Disney would add anything he felt was relevant along the way.  Dave talked about professional events but also personal memories that made his time with Roy E. special.

A few thoughts from their chat…

Dave said Roy E. Disney would work on projects that were important to him like “Destino” and “Fantasia 2000.”  Roy P. Disney said his father “fought for the family business”… twice.  Roy P. said that the second fight was when Roy E. was older and the fight took more out of him.  Over the years, Roy E. had fought for animation when it wasn’t getting enough love.  The CAPS system, Computer Animation Production System, was something else Roy E. was supporting.

After their chat, they opened up to any questions from the group.  Roy P. said that his father taught him that, “Disney is not a brand.”  The company was built with the toils of Walt and Roy O. Disney.  They had grown up working from a very young age.  Over the years, they suffered nine bankruptcies.  IMG_2019They did not give up.  Roy P. felt that this hard life gave them a work ethic that has continued through to the generations that followed.

My favorite anecdotes were the personal stories the men shared.  Dave has had some amazing experiences over the years.  Roy E. oddly ended up needing a taxi… and not having any cash in his pocket!   Of course he paid Dave back, but it was funny that this man, a “Disney” family member, didn’t have cab fare!  Dave has also traveled in Roy E.’s plane a few times.  Once, Roy E. had to tell Dave that while he could fly east with him, he would need to find his own way home.  Roy wasn’t returning when Dave needed to be back and this made Dave chuckle.  Roy P. shared his Walt memory.  Walt took him up to watch as “Rocket Man” tested his jet pack.  Roy P. said he remembered holding Walt’s hand.  Just standing there, holding Walt’s hand, watching the scene.  What an amazing memory!

Whether you are a film buff, animation fan, or you’re interested in all things Disney, you can enjoy this book.  Look online and see if there is a signing near you!  They said there are signings scheduled at Walt Disney World and Disneyland in October.

So, are you going to pick up the book?  Do you think it will be good for a “book club” discussion?

Editor’s Note: Liz was kind enough to pick up an extra copy of Remembering Roy E. Disney–and have signed by David and Roy P.!  It will be one of the items during the WDW Radio Online Charity Auction October 4-6.  THANK YOU, LIZ!!

Liz has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was five years old.  She is always looking for a nook or cranny of Walt Disney World as yet unexplored.  When not in Walt Disney World, Liz is a teacher in the Chicago suburbs.



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  1. Linda Raymond says:

    Yes, will definatly be getting this one. I think it would make a great book club discussion ..Thanks so much for picking one up for the auction Liz,,,that will be faun one to bid on,