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Hidden Treasures of Disney’s Hollywood Studios – September 15, 2013


Hello and welcome to The WDW Radio Show – Your Walt Disney World Information Station. I am your host, Lou Mongello, and this is show #336 for the week of September 15, 2013.

Join me this week as we put down the maps and explore one of the Walt Disney World theme parks, as we search for some of our favorite Hidden Treasures of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From overlooked interactions and attractions to details, tributes, or just simple things to do and see, our quest will hopefully help introduce you to some wonderful experiences.

Stay tuned as I’ll have some updates and announcements and more of your voicemails at the end of the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio Show.

Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello

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Question for YOU: What is YOUR favorite “hidden treasure” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Leave your reply in the Comments below

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16 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #336 – Hidden Treasures of Disney’s Hollywood Studios – September 15, 2013”

  1. Michael says:

    I love how the planters on top of the wall to the right of the Muppet attraction change from ordinary planters to something quite different and unexpected….. (Spoiler Free)

    Spoiler – it’s ice cream sundaes!

  2. Michael says:

    Hey Lou

    Not sure if its only me but the audio balance on the beginning of the show seems a little out! Music is very loud and speech is quiet

    Ps great show. As always a must download.

    Michael [ UK ]

  3. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I could barely hear you over the background music

  4. Caitlin Corsello (giantnfl) says:

    Great show Lou. I agree with the comments above that I had a hard time hearing the discussion in the beginning over the “Hooray for Hollywood” background music. I’m glad you talked about one of my favorite details in DHS- the hand prints and signatures in the Animation Courtyard. My favorite one is Ward Kimball’s.

  5. Lou Mongello says:

    (Lou bangs head against the wall)

    Sorry about that… background music volume levels fixed 🙂

    Thanks for your understanding!

  6. Devan says:

    Trying to listen now…still can’t hear over the background music. As much as I like the big band, I’d like to hear the hidden treasurers too 🙂

  7. Rob says:


    Forgive me if I’m dense, but I always fail at finding Lou’s “show notes” links. Does anyone know where to find the link to the “behind the menu” item he discusses around position 14:30? I’m sure it’s on this page, and I’m just not used to spotting it.



  8. Rob says:

    Try downloading again, Devan. The background music was corrected for me.

  9. Russell says:

    I like the hidden monster door where the monsters character spot is.
    Don’t know if it’s still there but it was there in April.
    It is a small door on a regular cast member only door.

  10. Devan says:

    Got it! And I’m with Rob…I have no idea where the “show notes” are that Lou is always referring to.

  11. Dave says:


    You’re not dense. Lou used to be good about them, but lately it’s only been so-so. He’s busy, I get that and I’m not really upset about it or anything, but have noticed it, too.

  12. Stephen.S ( WDWGenius) says:

    ouch Lou don’t bang your head against the wall too much Disney info in that head of yours and we being the box people can’t afford to have you knock yourself out.

  13. Lisa S. (elbug10) says:

    MGM (yeah, I know it’s DHS, but it will always be MGM to me) is my second favorite park after MK, and it’s mostly due to these little details. My favorite section is the Muppet area and the area by Mama Melrose’s and It’s a Wonderful Shop. As you mentioned, the Muppet area has lots of great gags if you take the time to look.

    Another great detailed area that a lot of people miss is the holding room while you’re waiting to get into The Little Mermaid show. Lots of cool nautical things to see, including a spy glass and a peg leg!

    One of my favorite details is hand and footprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater, especially the unexpected ones like Kermit and Miss Piggy, and Mickey and Minnie. It’s been a few years, but I believe they moved some of them over to the top of the walkway to the Beauty and the Beast Theater. It’s fun to put your feet in the imprints of celebrities and compare sizes!

  14. Arthur Allen says:

    Combining this and last week’s shows: years before I got to visit Hollywood Studios, I saw Mickey’s face on a map of the Studios in the Official Guide. I was looking forward to what the ground level view would be or if I would even recognize anything at all. On the way to the Chinese Theater I recognized Mickey’s eye and his widow’s peak, fading in the Florida sun.

  15. Mark says:

    My favorite “hidden” thing is the Singing in the Rain umbrella. I love that there is no explanation or anything. Just an umbrella strapped to a light post that rains when you step on the right tile.

  16. Chuck Zitta says:

    I would have to say one of my favorite hidden treasures at HWS has been taken over by the force. That would be the Art of Animation drawing class that Chuck mentioned in the show. I still have all the signed and dated drawings my family and I have done over the past 14 years I (even though they think they have been thrown away – shhhhhhhh). To me, these are wonderful memories from our past visits that are unique to our family and our family alone, simply because we created them ourselves. Something I will treasure forever.

    Thanks again for another spectacular show, Lou and Chuck!!!