Join Lou Mongello as he takes you on a quick tour of the newly reimagined California Grill at the top of Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World!

With sweeping views of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort from the 15th floor of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, California Grill opened its doors on September 9 following a major makeover that redefines Disney’s culinary scene.

From the decor to the dining to the expansive wine list and amazing views, the California Grill once again takes its place at the top (literally) of an amazing and diverse portfolio of dining experiences in Walt Disney World

Thanks for watching!

– Lou Mongello





10 thoughts on “Video: California Grill Re-Imagined at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World”

  1. WDW Radio says:

    While you wait, here’s my quick video tour of the new California Grill in
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  2. Lucille Salzer says:

    Well wishing I had your job as usual. I can not wait to visit the new Contemporary Resort Cali Grill myself 🙂

  3. Darienbeagle says:

    We really couldn’t go until you, the foodie-in-chief, had blessed the place, could we? Great review!

  4. timvogel68 says:

    I’m like you..keep the wine, bring on the food! One of the best meals we ever had was at California Grill. Cannot wait to try it again…Thanks!

  5. Pikaroth says:

    So, so good… Yummy. Great job, Lou!

  6. Kristine Banas says:

    Great job Lou!! I can’t wait to visit……just too bad it will be a couple years before that happens again!

  7. Rawmommyathome says:

    Your to funny…love your videos!!

  8. Renata Prado says:

    Nice! I was looking for a video like this about the re-opening! I ll be there soon!

  9. laurancameron says:

    Got ADR right before the fireworks in may can not wait!!