/ Friday, October 18th, 2013

TIPS LOGOHave you ever wanted to eat with sharks, turtles, rays, and fish?

When eating at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Future World of Epcot, you will get that opportunity as the dining room is surrounded with panoramic windows so every guest has a view of the aquarium.

My tip this week is ensure you have the best view possible. When you call ahead of time to make reservations, book the earliest reservation available for lunch or dinner. If you show up early to that time, request a table by the tank to get an unbelievable coral reefview of the marine life.

(Fun fact: The Seas with Nemo & Friends aquarium is the largest inland saltwater environment ever built and holds enough water to fill 54 Olympic-sized swimming pools!)

How many of you have had the chance to eat at the Coral Reef Restaurant? Were you able to get a table next to the tank?

Peyton is currently a student at the University of Mississippi majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in print. Growing up in Los Angeles and most recently moving to Atlanta, he has seen and experienced the best of both Disneyland and Disney World. Making his first visit to Disney World at the age of 5, he has never looked back as he entered the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.




4 thoughts on “Adventure Into The World of Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Fantasy: Disney Tip #22”

  1. Elaine says:

    Yes, afew years ago my daughter and I walked in around 4:45 and took a chance that there might be a spot for us that evening for dinner. Lo and behold, they said. “yes”! After about a 25 minute wait, we were escorted to a table for 2 right along the aquarium wall! It gets better – Scuba Mickey came right to our window! What a memorable meal!

  2. Yaelle says:

    The Coral Reef is truly a unique experience, that one should experience at least once. My favorite part was whenever a sea turtle swam by our table.

  3. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    I really would like to go there but I’ve never got the chance, I hear lots of good things about it, I have to see it!
    Have a magical day! – Ruby;)

  4. Caitlin Corsello (giantnfl) says:

    I love the Coral Reef. You give such a good tip about getting there early too. Last year my mom and I showed up about a half hour early for our reservation and ended up getting a table right up against the glass! Plus, the food and drinks there are excellent!