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DVC LogoIt may be completely odd when I notice all three lifeguards around a pool simultaneously positioning themselves in response to where the other one moves, but (and this is where it may be even more pitifully poignant) I delight in the uniformity. It’s those moments when I’m thinking, “yes, now we’ve got it. Now, we’re working together.”

It’s chemistry. You see athletes demonstrate this when they can read one another’s next move. You also see this in families when parents, children, and siblings “just know” what the other one is going to say or do. There’s something incredible about that and that’s what I get to experience when I work at Walt Disney World Resort.Saratoga Springs - Pool 1

Cast Members spend a lot of time together (most especially during the holiday seasons) both on and off stage. Your work locations become a sort of family. Naturally, there are moments with hiccups and frustration; however, like all families, there are so many memorable moments and fantastic memories we build to make each day significant. It’s certainly a true statement for the Cast Members working in the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) Region—Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Disney’s Old Key West Resort.

It’s a pleasure to be with the DVC Region as a Lifeguard this fall. The DVC Vision states it simply, “We are family serving families.” It takes a lot of people cooperating together with a common goal to bring the show together for everyone. That means the Lifeguards working with the other areas of Recreation such as Children’s Activities and Lake Patrol. Then there’s Custodial who always helps straighten up the pool deck. Housekeeping teams right up with Custodial to make the all the rooms look and feel welcoming. Naturally, we can’t forget the importance of the Front Desk, bringing everyone into the resort and answering majority of our phone calls and questions once checked-in. That’s not even branching into Parks, which supply tickets, merchandise, PhotoPass, and so much more. We’re glad to make it happen!

Saratoga Springs - Pool 2The “Ah-ha!” moment is when you can stop, observe, and see the operation carried out with marvelous uniformity. Each person is connecting, synchronized, and the reality sets in that each part of the body is doing its part properly. And that applies on a much larger and grander scale here with The Walt Disney Company, in your own work places, or at home with your family or friend/support groups. Each of our different groups or us is only a single contributor/part of a much larger body and a grander commonality. We must each do our part the best we can in correspondence with one another in order for the body to be its best as a whole.

I see it most frequently when I am on stand guarding around one of the resort’s main pools. When have you seen your home, work, or other supportive family function at its best? What have you noticed works best to reach those moments? And what can and will you personally do to see your part be stronger for the betterment of the entire body? The challenge extends beyond The Place Where Dreams Come True 😉

(Pictures from personal collection of Billy Latta.)



Billy is a recent graduate of Malone University in Canton, OH. He participated in the Fall 2012 Disney College Program as a lifeguard at Disney’s Old Key West and Saratoga Springs resorts and will be returning as a lifeguard for the Fall 2013 Disney College Program. When not spending time at WDW, Billy is home in Metuchen, NJ with his parents and brother (who is also participating in the Fall 2013 DCP). Billy enjoys running, traveling, listening to podcasts, and keeping up-to-date on the latest Disney and entertainment news.



2 thoughts on ““Billy Outside the Box” – A Family of Many Members”

  1. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    Hi billy! Great post, Nice meeting you at the nj event!
    Have a magical day!- Ruby;)

  2. EdisonDave says:

    Great insight, Billy! I am lucky enough to teach at a small Catholic elementary school where we have a very similar “family” feel. Everyone on staff, from the teachers to the pastoral staff, to the supervisors to the custodian all help each other in many little ways all day long. It sure makes work a lot more rewarding when you have people watching your back and helping out – not because they have to – but because they genuinely care about you and what you are working towards as a staff.