/ Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

by Ruby

My family and I just came home from our trip from WDW and it was amazing…like always! But one thing that made this vacation special and very different from our other Untitledones is that we got the Disney Magic Bands! Our whole family loved them! Now I am going to talk about our great and enhanced experiences with the Magic Bands.

So, when you are just about to open up the box with your Magic Bands inside…it’s pretty exciting! First of all, the bands are all laid out and when you open them up and look inside your name is right there on your band! (There’s that personal Disney touch again, even the littlest things get you excited.) Also, if you look there are directions inside the box to show you how to peel off the outer gray part of the band to make it smaller. Eve and I did that and it helped a lot. You can also get attachable thing-a-mabobs that you can put on your bands called BandIts and covers, too. I liked the covers, though I didn’t buy them and the BandIts aren’t a favorite of mine, either but they seemed to be popular, especially the “Incredibles” pack. (I guess families share the pack)

Your Magic Band is your room key and that’s really cool because it’s just right there on you. And when checking in, the 2lady at the desk gave us little glow in the dark charms to slip on our bands…so cool! (I liked them better then BandIts.)

Now instead of getting your park ticket scanned you just scan your fingerprint and hold up your Magic Band to a little post with a Mickey head on it. When your Mickey head glows green your free to go! When it turns blue it means you probably scanned the wrong finger. Get in the habit of always wearing it on the same hand. (They can rescan your fingerprint again it really annoys you) The bands make it so convenient because all you have to do is hold up your wrist instead of constantly taking your ticket in and out of the bag! I wanted to mention something else, too. Do bracelets annoy you or do you just not like things on your wrist? Well, my sister got annoyed by the Magic Band rubbing on her, so in the middle of the trip, she attached it to her pin lanyard so she wouldn’t lose it and it wasn’t bothering her anymore! Smart, right? So that’s something to think of…

Next I will talk about my favorite part of the Magic Bands…Fastpass reservation…that’s right you heard me. Now with the “My Disney Experience” app, you can reserve up to three Fastpasses a day on your phone!!!!!! Just like a regular Fastpass but virtual! And if you can’t make it to your reservation in time, go on to your phone and change it to a later time! How convenient, right? You can even reserve a great place to watch parades. Here is a list of places my family and me went with our Fastpasses.


1. Expedition Everest

2. Toy Story Midway Mania

3. Test Track

4. Princess Fairytale Hall (Rapunzel and a friend)

5. Princess Fairytale Hall (Cinderella and a friend)

6.Toy Story Midway Mania (Again.)

7. Ariel’s Grotto

8. Lights, Motor, Action!

9. Nemo the Musical

10. Epcot Character Spot


It was awesome not having to wait an hour for Test Track or Toy Story…

Another great part about our trip was the fact that we got the free dining plan and the Magic Bands. Buying snacks and eating at restaurants has never been easier! You just say “I have the dining plan” and where you would swipe your credit card you tap your band on that little Mickey head again and put in your pin code…“Voila!” you sit down and eat! Another great perk is that you can get the Rapid Fill cups for free! (They are awesome)2013

And if its possible, there is even MORE things you can do with the Magic Bands! You can link your credit card to it and instead of showing your park ticket when trying to get into other Disney resorts just let them scan your band. And if you have Disney Infinity, you can unlock the Fantasyland Dragon with it!

It’s amazing what Disney is coming up with these days…Magic Bands remind me of when I was amazed at talking Mickey and the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom! And to think that there are going to be even more improvements, not just in the Magic Bands, but Disney’s use of technology everywhere!

Did you get the Magic Bands? If not, do you want them, if you did, do you like them? What’s your favorite part about them? Tell me in the comments below; I’d loved to know! 

Love, Ruby

Ruby is an eleven year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney.  In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing and writing.  She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!



10 thoughts on “Disney MagicBands: From a Young Fan’s Experience!”

  1. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I have a trip coming up in January. I’d LOVE to get a Magic Band.

  2. Fran Cassano says:


    Excellent recap! I LOVED using the MagicBands and I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as easy as it was…even as Annual Pass. It worked perfectly.

    Glad you had as much fun with yours, too!

    p.s. I agree. The slider charms are more fun!

  3. I’m so proud of you. You made so interesting about Disney. I can’t believe my Ruby not only for your singing so well your writing skills are wonderful .love you so much mimi ♥

  4. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    Hi Fran! I’m glad you liked the magic bands, and Tony YOU MUST get them for your trip in January, it’s a whole new level of Disney magic! Thanks Mimi!
    Have a magical day. -Ruby;)

  5. Alyssa Cucci says:

    Hi Ruby!
    Its Alyssa your cousin. I enjoyed your blog post and excited to read more about WDW.

    Anyway… I would like to get to know you. I have a Gmail, Skype, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can get all of my usernames from your Aunt Joanne( my grandmother). Also I love your singing I have seen one of your performances on YouTube. Well hope to hear from you soon!

    ~Alyssa your cousin from the AZ

  6. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    Hi Alyssa! I’m glad to hear you liked it and keep reading WDW radio! I’ll get in touch soon!

    Have a magical day! – Ruby;)

  7. Dale Charvetto says:

    Great post Ruby, some very interesting views and ideas. I’ll be taking my kids in the next couple of years so I’m hoping that the magic bands will be completely deployed by then. I remember how great it was when we had keys to the magic. My wife and I called them pinky because of their colour. This is just going to blow our minds. Look forward to your next post. Dale

  8. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    Awesome, Dale! If u liked the keys, the Bands will BLOW your mind! If your going in a few years, the bands will have so many new features (that’s what they say) and will make a better disney trip for u and your family. Thanks for commenting, I’m glad u liked it:)
    Have a Magical day! – Ruby;)

  9. Alyssa says:

    How are you? Have yu seen your aunt Joanne yet? She’s in Jersey right now well she should give you my phone # when she sees you. But only call me from 3:15 to 7 pm cause I have school.

  10. Alyssa says:

    And those times are in my time for u they would be 6-10 pm