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Caitlin CorselloWhile most people automatically think of Disney World as the happiest place on Earth, WDW also has its fair share of spooky attractions to experience. With Halloween coming up this week, be sure to stop by these rides if you are in the parks (or watch videos on YouTube if you are at home!) to make your holiday even spookier!

Haunted Mansion – The ultimate spooky WDW attraction features those swinging 999 happy haunts socializing, playing tricks, and even following you home if you aren’t careful! From the moment you approach the mansion and hear that classic dog’s howl, you are in for an eerie experience. Some of my favorite spooky moments include Madame Leota’s animated tombstone, the attic scene featuring the murderous bride, and the ghosts that pop out from behind tombstones in the graveyard. After each ride, you’ll always be encouraged to hurry back and enjoy the spookiness again!

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – Perhaps the pinnacle of what I like to think of as “suspenseful spooky,” this attraction clearly alerts you to the fact that something terrible happened at the Hollywood Tower Hotel on that fateful Halloween night in 1939. From the crumbling façade to the eerie walk through those foggy gardens, before you even enter into the building a sense of foreboding hits you. The lobby itself is masterfully done by the Imagineers to further enhance that feeling of spookiness and once you board that service elevator, there is no turning back!

Pirates of the Caribbean – While most of this attraction shows our favorite swashbucklers causing having in the town and making away with their loot, the first portion of the experience can definitely be dubbed as creepy. As you make your way through those dimly lit caves, skeletons appear around you, a man warns you that dead men tell no tales, and now you also hear the beautiful but eerie songs of the mermaids. This show scene is one of my all time favorites in WDW and it definitely counts as being spooky.Caitlin Corsello

Great Movie Ride – This attraction features some cheerful and boisterous scenes such as Mary Poppins, but it also turns dark very quickly as you make your way through the ship Nostromo from Alien, continue through abandoned and cursed temples, and finally face mummies and skeletons of old Hollywood movies. These few scenes range from overtly scary (the attacking alien) to subtle and eerie (the original horror movie scene). If you are looking for a dose of Hollywood scares, The Great Movie Ride is the place to be.

DINOSAUR – This attraction creates a primal sense of fear in every rider as you truly believe that you are trapped in the past, dangerously close to a massive asteroid impact which can end your vacation a little prematurely. Not only are the dinosaurs scary, the concept of being out of control in another world and another time is enough to scare any person.

So there you have my favorite “spooky” attractions of WDW! While some of these might be a little too scary for young children, they are definitely the ones to visit to turn your Disney day into a spookier one. Like I said earlier, if you are stuck at home on Halloween like I am, be sure to watch some ride through videos on YouTube to get your Halloween Disney fix at home!

What is your favorite spooky attraction at WDW? Did I leave something off my list? Be sure to let me know in the comments below, I would love to hear from you!

*Photos are all from my personal collection.

Caitlin Corsello was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Adelphi University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in 2012. Her love for Disney started as an infant and has continued to grow with family vacations to Disney parks almost every year since. She holds a particular interest in WDW’s parks and attractions, never passing up an opportunity to visit. She looks forward to continuing to explore and learn about all things Disney and to share that passion with readers.



4 thoughts on “Disney From The Twenty-Something: Spooky Attractions in WDW”

  1. James says:

    Maelstorm with the Trolls is quite a spooky experience. I also think until it was removed that Snow White was a fairly scary attraction in parts. Hoping some of that scare factor will be added to the Mine Train Coaster. Heard a lot of the props were kept.

  2. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    I would say you left off Snow White (my old favorite attraction) but since it’s extinct it doesn’t count…. I would say a spooky scene (not necessarily attraction) Is The part when your just about to go down the biggest drop
    In splash Mountain

  3. Peyton says:

    I agree with all of these! Disney takes the cake when it comes to visuals and sounds which gives all of these attractions so much character.

  4. Caitlin Corsello (giantnfl) says:

    James — Maelstrom is a good one! Thanks for adding it.

    Ruby R — I miss Snow White too, and that was definitely a spooky one. Good thinking on the scene before the final drop on Splash Mountain!

    Peyton — Gotta love those Disney details making each scene look perfect and feel completely real.