/ Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Life

While perusing Google Maps recently, I made a wonderful discovery. As a theme park fan, I find it fun to look at the aerial views of the Disney parks, especially the ones I haven’t visited. Upon soaking in a bird’s-eye shot of Disneyland Paris, I noticed a blue line on the pavement. “Hmmm, that’s interesting. I thought that was only for public roads, so that you can see the street view.” Well, it is. But it just so happens that Google gave Disneyland Paris its very own walkthrough tour just like it would for any given Disneyland Parispublic street!

It’s awesome—you can walk right through the whole park. In actuality, this is not anything new, as the bottom of the screen says the photos were taken in 2008. So maybe all of you already know this and I’m just late to the party. But I thought it was pretty snazzy.

Unfortunately, Disneyland Paris is the only park to utilize the street view yet, but the idea got me thinking about a YouTube video I had once seen… which led to actually realizing there were all sorts of YouTube videos just like it: complete “walk-throughs” of the parks! Again, maybe I’m just the only remaining person on the planet who has yet to discover these, but I spent a good hour browsing through various videos—all the parks, all the nooks and crannies, complete with all the background music we love so much. Go find some for yourself—pick your favorite park area and enjoy a walk-through in the middle of your day today. It’s just like you’re there! Kind of. Actually, not really. But sort of. It’s a good mid-day pick-me-up.

Congratulations to Felicia, who was randomly selected from last week’s Finding Disney comments to win a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket! Felicia shared what type of Disney Dreamer she is and how she can relate to Mike Wazowski. Be on the lookout for future prize opportunities on other WDW Radio blogs!


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  1. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    just last night I was watching a full walk through of the Magic Kingdom taken last month 🙂