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Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Life

It’s kind of difficult to sit in World Literature class and be fully present with the teacher’s discussion when you’re getting texts from your mom every few minutes sharing her exclamatory excitement about arriving in Walt Disney World.Art of Animation Ariel

“Finally made it to Art of Animation!”


“I’m so close to Ariel I could hit her with a nickel!”

It was like torture! Well, not really, because I knew she was having a great time. But still. Trying to concentrate on Homer while real-time pictures from WDW are being delivered to your pocket it not easy.

My mom was in Orlando for work last week, and spent two days in the parks with her colleagues at the end of her trip. It was a new experience for everyone in our family—for her to be there without us, and for us to be at home knowing she was there.

Despite my immense jealousy, it was just plain cool to see what was happening in WDW right at that very second as she sent us pictures and updates. Granted, you can do that on Twitter every single day with anyone on vacation, but the personal touches made Art of Animation Triviathe updates more special. I enjoyed seeing Art of Animation’s daily trivia board, the setup of the Osborne Lights at DHS, and other wanderings.

The highlight, though—by far—was when I had an incoming FaceTime call. I accepted the request, and waiting for me on the other end was none other than the Magic Kingdom parade, happening at that very moment before my eyes. It turns out my mom was waiting to get a Dole Whip, heard the parade coming by, and got out of line to FaceTime it to me!! It was awesome, and I’m sure I frightened a few of my floormates as I sat in the dorm lobby and told them with excitement as they passed by that I was watching a Disney parade live. FaceTimeAmong the commentary my mom provided on the call included “I ditched my friends for this,” “I’m crying!,” and “The Cast Members made me get off the wall.” So, yeah. I watched the Magic Kingdom parade and then got back to my homework. No big deal.

I don’t mean to say you should hound every friend who visits WDW with requests for pictures and FaceTime conversations. Too much of that takes away from them having the vacation for themselves. What I am saying is that the next time you are in WDW, keep in mind someone you know who could use some extra magic in their day. You could be that catalyst for them, the one who makes their day a little brighter with a glimpse of their favorite place—not to brag to them about where you are and where they’re not, but to put a smile on their face.

Photos from personal family collection.

Blake is a college student focusing on Film and Creative Writing. He enjoys making his family of six watch the parade on Main Street and then sprint to Frontierland in time to see it again. You can follow Blake’s random Disney ramblings on Twitter at @olddirtyblake, or at BlakeOnline.com.



1 thought on “Finding Disney When You’re Left at Home”

  1. Dale Charvetto says:

    Great post and a really great idea to share the magic. Well done Mom! There is always time to study, but the parade only happens at a certain time of day, of course you’re going to take a break. Thanks for sharing