/ Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

I’m at that point.  It’s Sunday as I write this and I leave on Thursday.  That’s four sleeps, three days of work, two short (six mile) race prep runs, and one packed suitcase between me and Walt Disney World!

So, I started thinking… what do YOU do those last few days?  What are your routines?  Do you pack days ahead of time or at midnight for your 6 a.m. flight?  Are you a “print magical expressevery document” or an “if it’s on my phone I’ll be fine” person?  Technology has made me a paperless boarding pass girl!  Also, my ADRs are in my “notes” app.  That way I don’t forget them!  What other time savers work for you?

What’s in your suitcase?  Do you wear all Disney shirts, all the time?  Do you only wear gym shoes?  I always struggle to balance the “look cute in pictures” with the “I’m on vacation” look when packing.  How much do you pack?  I struggle to not over pack… especially shoes!

While many people will drive to central Florida, I fly.  When I’m too excited to sleep, I have to decide how I’m going to entertain myself on the plane. What are your “must have” tech devices on vacation?   I don’t usually bring my laptop.  I do have an iPad so that usually has a few videos to occupy the time.  Can you sleep on the plane?

Please share what works for you!

I guess I should… um… err… go pack?

Liz has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was five years old.  She is always looking for a nook or cranny of Walt Disney World as yet unexplored.  When not in Walt Disney World, Liz is a teacher in the Chicago suburbs.



3 thoughts on ““My Little Corner of the World” (from 1,159 miles away): I’m Too Excited to Sleep”

  1. Billy Latta says:

    I pack DAYS ahead–haha. The anticipation is too much for me not to “get in the zone” and start getting ready 🙂 I liked to print everything in the past, but the smartphone has made it super convenient to compact all that information in digital form which is wonderful.

    Naturally, I bring some of my favorite Disney shirts. My New Fantasyland shirt is a must for my MK day and it’s always good to have an Epcot shirt which is good for all occasions :-P. Usually I stick to comfortable and solid color shirts because then you can still get very nice looking photos. A solid color polo is always nice and comfy to have on in the parks. As for shoes, I go with whatever feels best for lots of walking; usually that’s a running shoe or a cushioned sandal for me. I’m siding with comfort over style though.

    Leave that laptop behind, bring plenty of spontaneity with you, and embrace every minute you have here in the World! Have a blast Liz!

  2. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    Days? I’m usually packed a month ahead of time. I’ve got everything printed out and kept in an orange folder.

    I always bring my Box People shirt and my custom made Tinker Bell Ariel and Backside Of Water shirts as well my Magic Kingdom and US Navy sweatshirts in case it gets chilly.

    I don’t own a laptop so thats a non issue

    Only tech device I bring is my phone (non smartphone)

  3. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    I take that back I do bring my MP3 Player to listen to some Disney music on the plane