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My first official runDisney event was the Happy Haunted 5K in 2012.  You can read about my experience here

After running the Happy Haunted 5K in 2012, friends were asking me what race I was going to do next.  I had not considered actual running.  We had power walked the 5K.  My friends were telling me that I should run the half marathon in January.  Really?  Were they crazy?  Was I?  Could I do that?  Of course they got into my head.IMG_2302

Once I was home I figured the January half marathon was too soon for me.  However… the Princess Half Marathon would give me an extra six weeks to train.  By no one’s standard but my own I figured that I would need to be running at least six miles before signing up for the race.  The other seven would come as I continued to train through the winter.

I had a couch to 5K app on my phone from a previous attempt at running.  So, I started actually training to see if I could come close to running six miles.  Over the next few weeks, my distance went up and my pace went down.  These were both good things.  Reality check – I was running over a 14 minute mile.  I was certainly not passing anyone on the road.  I knew this run was for me.  I was not concerned about being fast, just being better than my last run.

November 19th, 2012… I was up to 4.7 miles and around a 12 ½ minute mile pace.  I had been checking the runDisney website and… the Princess Half Marathon was over 95% full.  It was time.  Register, or don’t.  I registered and knew I had a lot of work to do!

The following weekend, I ran six miles!  Talk about motivation!

My rules for myself… Do not die… do not get hurt… do not get swept!

Around this time I also looked into the Galloway running program.  I’ll admit I need the recovery of the run walk run method.  Galloway also gave me the training schedule I desperately needed.  Two shorter run days for pacing and one long run day each week made sense to me.  After reading online… a lot… I figured out that my goal for the half marathon day should be about a fourteen minute mile.  That would allow for the crowd of runners, any breaks I would need, and a time cushion before “the sweepers” (((shudder))).

I ran on Thanksgiving… I ran on Christmas… I ran on vacation… twice!

IMG_9731In December, I found out a friend of mine was looking to keep up her running over the winter.  We decided to do our long runs together.  You can’t skip out on the run when someone is waiting for you.

On February 1st, 2013, having just run fourteen miles with an average pace of 12 min/mile, I thought about how great it was to achieve that distance running.  Wait… did I just say I enjoy running?  For the record, I do NOT call myself a runner.

So, telling my story is really a way to get you to tell YOUR story.

If you are a runner… what runDisney race(s) have you done? How did you get started?  Do you have any rules for yourself?

If you don’t run… would you walk a 5K?  If so, which runDisney 5K would you like to try?

Liz has been visiting Walt Disney World since she was five years old.  She is always looking for a nook or cranny of Walt Disney World as yet unexplored.  When not in Walt Disney World, Liz is a teacher in the Chicago suburbs.



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  1. Fran Cassano says:


    You might make me into an actual runner one of these years! Talk about a shot in the arm inspiration!!!