/ Thursday, October 17th, 2013

by Benjamin Greenberg

In one of our closest “Would You Rather” polls the readers said they would rather ride the Living with the Land greenhouse than take a ride through the neighboring Seas with Nemo and Friends and walk through the aquarium. Caitlin mentioned that while she loved both pavilions, the Living with the Land was one of her favorite things in Epcot. Ruby also said “The greenhouse is one of the coolest things in Epcot.”Land

Living with the Land opened as Listen to the Land on EPCOT Center’s opening day, October 1st, 1982. Little has changed other than adding one more show scene, the removal of Robert Moline’s classic song “Listen to the Land”, and the change from having a cast member lead the tour to an audio track onboard. The premise of the attraction is to showcase the environmental process and origin of our food supply, in order to gain an appreciation of how humans live in harmony with the land.  The ride starts off with dark ride features presenting various agricultural settings including the rainforest and prairie scenes. Then the ride quickly reveals the interior to the Land Pavilion’s iconic greenhouse. In the greenhouse we get a first hand look at science’s latest and most efficient agricultural techniques including hydroponics and aquaculture. For those who can’t get enough of Living with the Land they should consider looking into taking the Behind the Seeds tour. My favorite part of Living with the Land is being able to know that this is how Epcot secures the freshest ingredients for some of my favorite foods in the entire world.

While this week Living with the Land proved to be more popular in our poll, the Seas with Nemo and Friends also is an impressive pavilion. The pavilion opened in 1986, as the Living Seas, and at the time had the largest salt water tank in the world. There was a preshow called the Seas about the formation of the Earth’s and there was a hydrolater “elevator” down to sea level. You then boarded sea cabs going through the coral reef exhibits ending at the Sea Base Alpha walk around exhibits. The Seas with Nemo and Friends refurbishment made the old attraction more accessible to children, added show scenes featuring the stars of the Disney Pixar hit Finding, and culminates with the final aquarium scenes in which the aquarium fish swim with Nemo, Marlin, Dory, and the rest of their friends.  The 5,700,000 gallon aquarium is certainly breathtaking and if you are into SCUBA diving you should certainly consider looking into the DiveQuest tour. The Seas also offers a tour focused on dolphins called Dolphins in Depth and the EPCOT Seas Aqua Tour for those interested in diving with a SCUBA Assisted Snorkel system.


This week’s options are… would you rather


Option A:  Have a Napoleon and an Éclair at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie


Option B: Savor Schoolbread and a Troll Horn with cloudberry and whipped cream filling

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Benjamin Greenberg is a sophomore at the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, who is passionate about Walt Disney World, the Walt Disney Animation Studios, and Pixar. He is proud to play offensive line for the Cornell University Sprint Football team and is the recorder for Sigma Nu Gamma Theta Chapter.



4 thoughts on “Would You Rather… Disney Edition–Week 5”

  1. Jody Wecker says:

    Although a tuff choice for sure,having a Napoleon and Éclair at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie rivals sitting in a café in Paris – that is how authentically delicious they are. And the remodel of the café is great!

  2. Yaelle says:

    Schoolbread! I haven’t had it anywhere outside of WDW so I associate it with Epcot. I have had eclairs elsewhere (my most special eclair was from Harold’s NY Deli after the WDW Radio meet in June).

    A side note about Living with the Land is that yesterday I almost felt as if I were at Living With The Land. Grand Central Station was showcasing American Made and there was a display of hydroponic agriculture which will always make me think of Living With The Land.

  3. Anne says:

    I have never been to EPCOT without having a Napoleon at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. I will admit to having taken one (or two) back to the resort room frig for eating on days I’m not at EPCOT. It is simply exquisite, decadent, sumptuous, etc., etc., etc.,… I can tell you that it never disappoints! Without question, it is “the one” I would choose above any I have had anywhere else… and I have had many, many variations over the years. The Éclair is also delicious as are the tarts, the cheese cake, the raspberry schuss, … everything! It’s pretty obvious what I voted for in your poll.

  4. Catherine says:

    I live in New York so there are awesome pastries all over the place….but a schoolbread?? Only in Epcot my friend!