Topics in this week’s Disney news include:

– Changes to Guest Assistance Cards and the new Disabilities Assistance System
– Show Your Disney Side and “Vine Your Disney Side” User-Generated Video Contest
– And more!

Thanks for watching! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello




5 thoughts on “Video: WDW Radio LIVE NewsCast – Show Your Disney Side and more! – Oct 2, 2013”

  1. Beth Smith says:

    Love your shows !

  2. Brian Kirtley says:

    As always great information. Thank you all you do.

  3. Vincenza8907 says:

    How do people know if someone is abusing it? Just because people don’t show signs of a disability doesn’t mean they are not suffering internally. I have ms and being in the heat for an hour will give me the work muscle spasms and sometimes a knee or hip will give out. But to everyone else I look fine.

  4. TheFireClip says:

    Look i know a lot of people who send a doctor and they dont do lines at all im sorry but theres abuse.

  5. TheFireClip says:

    You send a doctor card to disney and the note says you cannot wait in lime or stand still more than 10 minutes. I know a lot that they dont do lines in rides and thats not fair. And i have family who has disabilities. But i think Disney is great to change the rules.