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Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Life

It’s not every day that a film boasts to be “the greatest Disney animated event since The Lion King.” Yet, that’s exactly what the trailer for Frozen confidently proclaims, and if that’s true, then we’re about to enter a very thrilling season to be Disney fans.

This column is all about discovering those little moments of Disney that creep into our day-to-day routines. A huge part of that is enjoying new Disney movies when they hit theaters. They introduce us to stories and characters that one day might be part of our Walt Disney World vacation, and they are magical experiences in and of themselves.

Frozen PosterIt’s always fun to look forward to the new ideas Disney animators come up with, but there’s something different about the hype surrounding their latest creation, Frozen, in theaters November 27.

In the wake of the purchase of Pixar by Disney in 2006, Pixar leaders (namely John Lasseter and Ed Catmull) have had significant influence on Disney Animation, and it’s shown. Disney’s films have been progressively better and better, with their most recent feat being the fantastic Wreck-It Ralph. I feel like the past few years have gently nudged the idea that Disney Animation is the best it’s been in a long time. Now that that groundwork has been laid, the public can fully embrace this wonderful resurgence, and that’s where Frozen comes in.

With the unanimous praise Frozen is already receiving from early screenings and the obvious pride Disney itself has for the film, my eyes really opened up a few weeks ago to the idea that Frozen is something I should really pay attention to and soak in.  It’s not simply another movie to pump through the pipeline; it’s really a monumental moment for Disney, with its release being surrounded by two new princesses to add to the royal family and a soundtrack that’s already getting Oscar buzz. Not to mention that the original text that inspired the film, The Snow Queen, was written by Hans Christian Andersen, who also wrote another story, The Little Mermaid. You might have heard of it before.

Frozen Concept ArtI’ve been excited for Disney movies before. That’s for certain. But there hasn’t been a Disney film in my lifetime that I feel the same anticipation for as I do with Frozen. The possibilities of how this story will endure, and its place in the Disney legacy, are unimaginable. It’s very seldom that one can enter a movie theater and know without the shadow of a doubt that they are about to experience something that will make history. In the real-life story of The Walt Disney Company, that’s the weight that Frozen holds.

Go see this movie. This is the film that will define Disney for this generation.  Enjoy every minute of it.

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Blake is a college student focusing on Film and Media Studies. He enjoys making his family of six watch the parade on Main Street and then sprint to Frontierland in time to see it again. You can follow Blake’s random Disney ramblings on Twitter at @olddirtyblake, or at BlakeOnline.com.



35 thoughts on “Finding Disney in Waiting for “Frozen””

  1. Steamboat Eddie says:

    I definitely plan on seeing this film, great write up.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Don Hanson says:

    My favorite animated film is the Incredibles (hope there is a sequel)

  3. Donna says:

    My childhood favorite movie is Lady and the Tramp. My favorite Pixar movie is Monsters, Inc. Look forward to seeing Frozen, this week!

  4. Lisa P says:

    My all time favorite animated Disney Movie is Beaty and the Beast for the beautiful music and story line.

    I am excited to see Frozen though!

  5. Marilyn G says:

    My favorite Disney animated movie is Lady and the Tramp.

  6. Vickie ( LuvDisneyDogs) says:

    Can’t wait to see this film! My favorite animated film of my childhood is 101 Dalmations,with Lady and the Tramp a close second. Happy Holidays everyone!

  7. Melissa K says:

    My all time favorite Disney Movie is Tarzan, but I really love the Emporers New Groove, which I thing is really underated.

    Going to see Frozen on Friday!

  8. Joe p says:


  9. Dona says:

    My favorite movie of all time has to be Beauty and the Beast. It was the first movie I took my son Sean to. He was just a baby but my husband and older son Kevin wanted to see the movie so we took Sean. He was pretty well behaved until it got to the ballroom and he started to cry. I took him to the back of the theater and rocked him through that entire scene and he calmed down enough to see the rest of the movie.

    That show was also his first Broadway show and when he was a senior in high school he was stage manager for the show and they won a local award for it.

  10. Laura Bergen says:

    My favorite animated Disney movie is The Little Mermaid, but seeing Frozen could change that we will see!

  11. Kristine B says:

    I loved Pocahontas growing up and it’s still one of my all-time favorite Disney movies.

  12. Tony E (BacksideOfWater) says:

    Anyone who has talked to me about Disney for more than 30 seconds knows The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie Animated or otherwise. It was the very first one I remember watching.

    I still to this day don’t know why, but my mother never allowed me to watch any Disney movies or the Disney Channel. In first grade we were going on a field trip to see Disney On Ice and that year they were performing The Little Mermaid so to get us all familiar with the story we watched the movie in class.

    The Little Mermaid sparked my love of Disney so that’s why the movie, The song Part Of Your World, and Ariel herself hold a special spot in my heart.

  13. Terry says:

    My favorite Disney animated film is Sleeping Beauty.

  14. Melanie says:

    Favorite Disney animated movie (and favorite movie, period) is of course, Beauty & the Beast

  15. Linda Raymond says:

    Wow having to pick one is hard,,,,but I would say Nemo,,,,

  16. Paul Saint says:

    Being an old romantic, I have to say my favorite Disney film is Beauty and the Beast. Nothing more romantic, I think.

  17. Rob Woods says:

    We plan on seeing Frozen either this evening or tomorrow.. But my all-time favorite Disney animated feature is Sleeping Beauty.

  18. klam_chowder says:

    So hard to choose but I <3 Enchanted.

    Looking fwd to seeing Frozen!

  19. Dennis A. Matejka says:


  20. Kristen says:

    I’d have to say my favorite animated movie is Beauty and the Beast. But I’m looking forward to seeing Frozen

  21. larry moskwik says:

    Peter Pan is my favorite. it represents for me what walt disney was all about. “follow your dreams.” and never grow up.

  22. Tina Carlson says:

    My favorite Disney animated movie, although it is very hard to choose just one, is The Lion King. Love the style and the music and the storyline.

  23. Catherine says:

    So tough to choose just one! I’d have to say Alice in Wonderland.

  24. Jerry S. says:

    My favorite Disney film (leaving out all those from later bought companies) is Beauty and the Beast. I watch it over and over again.

    I am looking forward to Frozen, but I am a bit worried about the hype it is getting. Time will tell, I guess. :>

  25. Tony McDaniel says:

    Without a doubt, to this day, Jungle Book is still my favorite. Great songs & characters!

    Frozen was a good movie, loved the Mickey animated short at the beginning!

  26. emily hartzog says:

    It’s like choosing a favorite child. Not fair! I’m going with Tangled. Great music, great story, and any girl who is brave enough to paint pictures all over her walls is a hero in my book. And that frying pan? A fantastic weapon. So many great details.

  27. Born Grumpy says:

    As a kid, The Sword in the Stone. Also, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, hence the name.

  28. Jim Schuck says:

    My personal favorite is “The Little Mermaid”. It was the very first movie we bought on VHS for our first daughter, who is 22 now, when she was just 1 month old. It began a collection of movies on tape, DVD and now Blue Ray that continues to expand today.

  29. My all time favorite animated film is “Beauty and the Beast”–a timeless love story”.

  30. Grace says:

    My all time favorite Disney Movie is Beauty and the Beast. I love the love story between Belle and Adam, and the music and cast is amazing. You fall in love with the way they fall in love, slowly and wonderfully. It is such a great movie.

  31. Mojo10s says:

    My all time favourite Disney animated film is – The Lion King!
    Who cannot enjoying the great story, the fantastic songs and its sense of fun & heartbreak – all together making it a wonderful experience.

  32. Courtney Alyssa says:

    We saw Frozen yesterday and I absolutely loved it. The best and most unexpected part was the music. It was wonderful and I will definitely be buying the soundtrack!! But my ALL TIME favorite Disney animated movie is The Princess and the Frog, for the same reason. The music is wonderful and the story is beautiful. It’s a new classic!

  33. Ian Martin says:

    Part of me will always hold a soft spot for The Lion King, due to the fact that it was the very first film I saw in theaters. But without a doubt my favorite animated film made by Disney is The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The songs have such an epic and deep feel to them that not many other films do, and the story is a very mature and multi-layered one. “Out There” is still one of my favorite songs. And this is a show that I have felt for years would be PERFECT for Broadway, I hope to see Disney Theatrical make what would be a guaranteed hit out of this one day.

  34. DisneyGirlRuby says:

    Top 3 favorite Disney animated movies

    1. Frozen
    2. Beauty and the Beast
    3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

    I loved frozen SOOOO much

  35. Mary Ann Sawyer says:

    I have three favorites.
    Saw Frozzen twice already and loved it more the second time I saw it. A must see for any Disney fan