/ Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

by Kathy & Sean

Look where we found the magic!  At the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago at a special exhibit that celebrates the magic of Disney imagination, creativity, and entertainment.  With film clips that feature the early life of Walt Disney, props from films, and costumes worn by fan favorites, Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives is a must see for kids of all ages.

This special exhibit is at the Museum of Science and Industry through May 4, 2014.














Frank Thomas’ animation studio desk…where the magic happened! 














Jiminy Cricket in the collection of Disney maquettes. 




















Costumes from the “Jolly Holiday” scene in Mary Poppins




















Costume worn by Amy Adams in Enchanted














One of two desks used by Walt Disney at Disney Studios in California. 




















Elaborate book prop from the opening scene of Sleeping Beauty.
















Do you remember what movie this jack-in-the-box prop is from? 


Looking for Magic is Kathy @ Two Roads Photo[K1]  and Sean @ Shamrock Photo[K2] .  Kathy is a librarian, walker of many miles, and Paper Bag Princess, who dreams of having coffee with Belle at the castle and co-administering a fantasy book discussion group.  Sean is a fire fighter, pilot, and closet superhero, who would like to join the pack with Tigger to use his bouncy and fun powers to make people smile.

Kathy can be contacted at imtxag85@aol.com

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2 thoughts on “Looking for Magic: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives”

  1. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Awesome shots and I have no idea where that prop is from lol.

    Have an awesome day!

  2. Kathy says:

    I think the jack-in-the-box is from the nursery scene in Mary Poppins…I didn’t read the label at the exhibit, but it was with some of the other props from the film.