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PPDC Pearl Diving at EpcotHi Everyone! I’m always on the lookout for crafting opportunities in Walt Disney World. Sometimes this inspiration pops out where I least expect it.

This time last year, I was walking around the Japan Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase. I walked into the Mitsukoshi Department Store, which I never really did in the past, save for a mission while playing the former Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure. And there I saw it! “Pick-A-Pearl” Pearl Diving! Right in the center of Mitsukoshi, there is a long counter of tanks containing countless oysters!

I had to do this. The only time I ever did before was on Premiere Cruise Line’s Big Red Boat as a kid. So, in my mind, it was no accident I discovered this as another Disney experience.

When I “dove” for my oyster, a Cast Member beat on a mini taiko drum, like a tiny version of Matsuriza outside. She cracked it open and revealed its contents: a perfect, white pearl. I had the choice to keep the loose pearl or walk over to the other side of the counter to select a setting. And here is where the “crafting” begins.

Diving for one of these cultured pearls is right around $17.00 each (at the time I did this). It doesn’t matter what size pearl your oyster contains. Settings are an additional cost, which start at right around the same price. For example, if you would like pearl earrings, you would pay $34.00+ for the two oysters and an additional cost depending on your settings.

I chose the Cinderella Coach (shown with my photos). If you flip it upside-down, it is a Hidden Mickey. I loved that setting as soon as I saw it.

Placing the pearl takes some time, so it’s a great chance to browse the store, see the Pavilion exhibits or even snag a kaki-gori or sake.

The idea of “pearl diving” is not new to Disney Parks. According to the D23 article, Pearl Diving at Disneyland?, at one time an entire Japanese-themed area was proposed for Adventureland in Disneyland. This was to “include a pool where divers would bring oysters up for guests and have them set into jewelry in an authentically Japanese merchandise area”. This plan surely influenced the present form over at Epcot’s Mitsukoshi Department Store.

While this “crafted” option might be on the pricey side, you will be getting a truly one of a kind souvenir~one you helped to create. It is also uniquely from Epcot and, in essence from, Japan.

So, enjoy your day and “dive” in next time you are at the World Showcase!

This is the first of two posts focusing on crafting necklaces. So, please stay tuned for the amazing Bead Necklaces found over at Epcot’s Outpost!

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All photos are by Fran Cassano.

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6 thoughts on “Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Diving Into Necklaces!”

  1. DisneyGirlRuby says:

    Oh my goodness Fran! I did that last year but didn’t turn it into a necklace, but next year I want to take it back And turn it into one!!!!!!!! I thought it would be nice to be able to bring it out and touch it but I like the idea of a necklace a lot more now. Thanks for the GREAT photos and I <3 ur blog. (Crafting is one of my favorite things to do) your ideas are soooo cool!
    Have a magical day! – Ruby;)

  2. Steamboat Eddie says:

    This is definitely one of the unique things to see when in the Japan pavilion. The Cinderella Coach doubling as a hidden Mickey is so cool.

    Have a great day!

  3. Fran Cassano says:

    Hi Ruby and Steamboat!

    Ruby, you are SO sweet! Thank you for brightening my day. I hope you do turn your pearl into a necklace. Let me know what you select as your setting!

    Eddie, I’m glad you think so : )

  4. Joy says:

    Hey Fran!!! It’s Joy from the bus and WDW Radio meet up at Wine and Dine!!! If you are able to get my email address from this system, pls keep in touch!!! YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!

  5. Nancie says:

    I did this for the first time in April, it was so much fun! I too chose a necklace (the oyster shell), my aunt decided to do this as well and her oyster had 2 pearls! Needless to say she chose to make hers earrings. I hope this sticks around, I want to “dive” for pearls again!

  6. Fran Cassano says:

    Joy!!!! OMG, it was SO awesome to meet you! Yes, I will ask our Editor to send over your email address. If you are on Twitter, you can request to follow me: “at” FransPhotoBook.

    And it’s YOU who are the rock star, lady!