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Caitlin CorselloEarlier this year, I wrote a post about some of my favorite Hidden Mickeys to look for while exploring the parks. I got such great feedback from everyone that I thought it was definitely time to post a follow up adding even more Hidden Mickeys to search for!

Hidden Mickeys can be found virtually everywhere throughout Walt Disney World in décor, designs, strategically placed props, and lighting and usually are subtle to the point of many guests not even noticing them until they are pointed out. They can also vary depending on the angle that Mickey is presented- the classic silhouette featured three circles depicting Mickey’s ears and head, but he can also be shown in profile or even laying on his back and looking up at the clouds! Sometimes, Hidden Mickeys aren’t Mickey at all but rather another character such as Tinkerbell or Donald. While Hidden Mickeys range in size, shape, character, and even difficulty they are all fun to find.

I love looking for Hidden Mickeys as I find it a great way to slow myself down in the parks and really take the time to examine and appreciate small details and aspects of the parks that would normally be overlooked if I were just rushing from one attraction to the next. Searching has helped me discover some of my favorite spots in the parks, and I definitely encourage you to slow down your park days and spend some time just exploring and taking in those small details- you never know, you could be a master at finding Hidden Mickeys!

So let’s check out some great Hidden Mickeys to search for throughout the parks. Like in my previous post, I will not be including any photos to accompany the Hidden Mickeys mentioned as that would ruin half the fun of finding them on your own!

1. Haunted Mansion – While approaching the endless hallway where you can find the happy haunt eerily suspending a candelabra in midair; be sure to check out the chair to the left of the hallway’s entrance. That abstract design can resemble a certain duck we all know and love.

2. Splash Mountain – Once you enter into the Laughing Place scene where all of the critters are happily fishing their day away, keep your eyes peeled for a fishing bobber which seems to have grown some ears and formed a classic Hidden Mickey.

3. Carousel of Progress – Located in the rear of the final, modern day scene look for an abstract painting which showcases a certain famous mouse in his role as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. (This one can be a little tricky and is usually seen better if you are sitting to the left of the stage!)

4. Garden Grill – This is hands-down the most difficult Hidden Mickey to spot on this list. Look for the mural featuring lush greens and focus in on the left hand side. There is a Hidden Mickey hiding behind the leaves of a plant with his head tilted slightly to the side. Don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with this one, I had to stare at it for quite some time before it finally clicked for me.

5. Mission: SPACE – After being strapped into your ship and right before you are repositioned to face directly up the gang plank, look on either side of the loading dock shown before you. Nestled into the metal work there is a classic Hidden Mickey which blends in so well it took me dozens of rides before I even noticed it!

6. Maelstrom – In the massive mural located above the loading dock, search for a Viking ship being rowed through some rough seas. One of those Vikings has some pretty iconic head gear on.

7. Great Movie Ride – While passing through the Indiana Jones scene, turn your attention away from the Ark and to the left hand wall of the room. Located within all of those ancient hieroglyphics are a Hidden Mickey and Donald.

8. Muppet Vision 3D – Assuming you survive the canon blast at the end, keep your eye focused on the background of the scene as Kermit slides forward on the fire engine’s ladder. A guest is walking past with a pretty recognizable classic balloon.

9. Toy Story Mania – This classic Hidden Mickey is hard to find in that it goes by very quickly- you may need to ride several times to spot it. As your car spins around from the final shooting scene towards the screen which displays your scores, look for a sign that reads “Circus Fun!” Pay attention to the exclamation point’s dot which appears to resemble a certain Mr. Mouse.

10. DINOSAUR – After boarding your Time Rover and passing through the seatbelt check, you enter into an industrial looking area right before moving into the actual time travel hallway. Located on the left of this room is a white board filled with drawings and scribbles from the dino lovers at the Dino Institute. Some of them like to be pretty silly, so look for a drawing which looks more like a classic Mickey than any dino I know.

11. Kilimanjaro Safaris – When your safari vehicle comes up to the flamingo area, pay close attention to the island that the birds are standing on. It is shaped like a classic Hidden Mickey and is actually the second largest Hidden Mickey on property. What is the largest, you ask?

12. Expedition Everest – The largest Hidden Mickey can be found right here alongside that fabled yeti. However, this Hidden Mickey is one that can’t be found while you are in the parks as it is comprised of the actual track of the attraction. Once home, use Google Maps to zoom in on the attraction and look closely at the right hand side of the mountain as there are two loops which for the ears of the biggest Hidden Mickey at WDW!


And there you have some more of my favorite Hidden Mickeys! While these are great ones to find, there are hundreds more located throughout the parks and resorts and it is impossible to find them all. That being said, I would love to hear from everyone what your favorite Hidden Mickey is, so please let me know by sharing it in the comments below as I would love to hear what you have to think!

Ever found any of these Hidden Mickeys? Which is your favorite one at WDW? Be sure to let me know by leaving a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

*Pictures are from my personal collection

Caitlin Corsello was born and raised in New York. She graduated from Adelphi University with a Masters in Mental Health Counseling in 2012. Her love for Disney started as an infant and has continued to grow with family vacations to Disney parks almost every year since. She holds a particular interest in WDW’s parks and attractions, never passing up an opportunity to visit. She looks forward to continuing to explore and learn about all things Disney and to share that passion with readers.



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  1. Richie McNanna says:

    Oh my God! I want to see the one you note on Maelstrom…mainly because I love the ride 🙂

  2. DisneyGirlRuby says:

    Cool, never knew that there could ever be a hidden Mickey so big! I know that there is a hidden Mickey in the TTA on a lady’s belt in the salon scene. There is also one at rifikis planet watch inside the murial of the aninals, one is located in an ostrich’s eye. Please write a part 3!!!

  3. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Awesome list, definitely want to hunt them down next trip.

    Catcha later.