/ Friday, January 17th, 2014

2014 AnniversaryDuring the weekend of February 1, the WDW Radio family will gather, virtually and in person at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, to celebrate 7 years of togetherness.  On the evening of January 31, Lou will host a private event at Walt Disney World to celebrate and remember the past 7 years.

During the anniversary party, Lou will record a segment for the WDW Radio Show, in which he will share his favorite memories of the past 7 years–but he wants YOUR ideas to incorporate into the show!  Please comment below with your favorite memories–whether it be a guest from the show, a moment LIVE in The Box, a Tweet, a blog, or an event “On the Road.”  We will select some of the memories submitted to be shared on the show.

But wait! There’s more!  Five people who comment below will be chosen at random to receive a special WDW Radio prize pack, including a 7th anniversary souvenir.

Thanks in advance for helping us to celebrate this milestone! We couldn’t have done it without you!



35 thoughts on “What is Your FAVORITE WDW Radio Memory?”

  1. Jim O'Neil says:

    I think my favorite memory was being on our first cruise and seeing Richard Sherman perform live. All of those songs from my childhood that I knew so well…just brought a flood of memories and emotions. Hearing his stories about working with Walt was wonderful. And now just recently seeing “Saving Mr. Banks” I turned to my wife and said, “I’m sure we’re the only two in the theater who’ve heard him sing that song live when Jason Schwartzman was singing Feed the Birds.

  2. Ruby R. (DisneyGirlRuby) says:

    My favorite memories of the past 7 years of WDW Radio are the NJ WDW Radio On the Road Event when we played WDW Radio Let’s Make a Deal and recorded the LIVE broadcast!! The whole weekend was filled with all the food, prizes, food and fun anyone could ever ask for and I’ll never forget it. I also love the sixth anniversary show recap video and the podcast when Jim Korkis talked about when he played Merlin in the parks!

  3. Laura says:

    My favorite WDW Radio Show memory would have to be the meet and greet my daughter and I attended! It was our first and it was held last year in NJ! My daughter had an awesome time she played games and even won some prizes in Lets Make A Deal! Will would do it all again in a heart beat! Thanks for providing us with such wonderful memories! I almost forgot my daughter Anna and her friend presented Lou with a pork roll athlete T-shirt, they thought that was just the best! Thanks again!

  4. Laura says:

    More meet and greets on the east coast please!

  5. Teresa says:

    My favourite memories were created during the WDW Radio cruise on the Disney Dream. My family had so much fun doing the scavenger hunt and we were thrilled when we came in second! It was also exciting for us all to meet Lou in person when he came to our table at dinner one evening. Cruising with Disney is good, cruising with WDW Radio is AMAZING!

  6. My favorite WDWRadio memory if it serves me right, has to be DSI Investigations.

  7. OlUncleOrville says:

    I remember a couple of months ago Lou said that there wouldn’t be a show that night. However there still was a Box party as always. After people found out that there wasn’t a show some left. As we were chatting away in the Box, Lou came on. That was one of the best surprises in my opinion. It always pays to stay in the Box! Thanks for the surprise Lou!!!

  8. CriesDuringWishes says:

    Fav guest on a podcast: AJ from DFB
    Fav live moment in the box: When Lou told Makattack she was going on the cruise
    Fav event: Games at the NJ meet 2013
    Fav blog(s): Meet The Box People

    Here’s to many more memories still to come <3

  9. James Anderson says:

    Favorite moment was the 40 hour live show and watching Wishes from the top of the train station. It was my first time meeting most of the WDW Radio crew and I have a great “E-Ticket” sticker as a souvenir!

  10. Felicia says:

    My favorite WDW Radio moment was the interview you did with Julie Andrews. She’s so incredible and inspiring. So cool!

  11. Felicia says:

    Oh, and running into you on our Honeymoon outside the Magic Kingdom in WDW! The icing on our wedding cake!

  12. Makena says:

    A lot of memorable moments happened! Hm. There was finding out I was going to be on the WDW Radio Cruise 2.0, hearing Richard Sherman live,the NJ Meet where I won the trivia contest and met so many new friends, and I have had my fair share of fun writing for the blog are jut a few that come to mind. Here’s to more memories!

  13. Debbie Rhea says:

    Loved meeting so many box people and especially Lou and Beci on the WDW Radio Cruise 2. It was the first cruise for my daughter Paige and I and it was so special. Of course my favorite memory is the WDW Radio tribute to my son Nolan Woodall. How wonderfully special it was for all of us! I have watched it many times and will treasure it always. It brings joy and peace knowing so many friends cared and will not let him be forgotten. I did not watch the whole 24hr or 40 hr shows but love the memories of checking on Nolan as he made it thru them. He stocked up on food and drinks, he laughed and shared moments with me. He was truly happy with his friends. For that I am forever grateful. ♥

  14. Zac Brown (redheadbrown) says:

    The 40 Hour Show has to be the best. It will be hard to top.
    It was like watching the Avengers movie: All these wonderful inside jokes, guests from past shows, random giveaways, ect all coming under one umbrella and creating a 2 day event that none of us will ever forget.

    I remember sitting on the back row of church with one ear bud in, listening to the craziness. Every time Tony would sing or Scott would say “That guy owes me money!” I had to muffle my chuckles for fear of getting nasty looks.

    The past 7 years have been wonderful. Here’s to seven wonderful more!!

  15. Craig Hargrove says:

    I love the video Lou did on watercraft at WDW. At the end Lou is singing music from JAWS and I think it’s Beci who reminds him that his character gets eaten by the shark. I’m not doing it justice, so look it up. I also have to mention the video of Lou eating around the world. He takes us to one of his favorite pavilions Japan. He then proceeds to eat “little mini red crab things”. Thanks for all the memories Lou, you are a incredible individual.

  16. Scott Mohla says:

    The first time Lou interviewed Richard Sherman then going on the WDW cruise with my father to see Richard Sherman live in person with a group that gets it and be among fellow Disney fans. Great memories all because of WDW Radio thanks for 7 great years to all of the TEAM

  17. Tom Beadle says:

    My favorite memory, go with me here… two words… Disney Legends. I loved the interview with Julie Andrews, and of course being on the WDW Radio Cruise 2.0 with Richard Sherman.

  18. Nicole DeMeo says:

    My favorite WDW Radio memory is definitely when my husband and I drove down to Orlando last year, for our 1st Anniversary trip to Walt Disney World, from our home in upstate New York. We listened to just about every single one of the podcasts!!! It sure made our 24 hour trip a whole lot easier and we felt like we had just got our Masters Degree on Walt Disney World. Thanks for all the knowledge!

  19. Fran Cassano says:

    I have too many favorite WDW Radio memories to name, so if I have to pick just one, it was Richard Sherman’s concert on the WDW Radio Cruise 2.0.

    But Lou, thank you for ALL the memories~from E-Ticket events/trips to Box moments~that you facilitate for us!

  20. Lisa S. (elbug10) says:

    In no particular order, here are my Top 7 (or so) favorite WDW Radio memories:
    1. Meeting Lou and Beci for the first time in person at the December, 2011 MoTM. The Nutella Waffle didn’t hurt. Actually, I’d met Beci earlier in the weekend and she brought me over and introduced me to Lou. Hugs followed, of course
    2. The 2013 NJ Meet and (almost) beating MakAttack98 in the Trivia challenge (I had no idea I knew so much useless knowledge, lol)
    3. Taking my first cruise with 500 or so of my closest friends on the Dream in 2012
    4. The Incident
    5. When Lou took the Box to Ft. Wilderness and we lost Otis
    6. overnight during the 24 and 40 hour shows when everyone got punchy, Storytime with MoJo, Everything you never wanted to know about National Parks, and of course, Olga Stories
    7. Krisbee’s microwaave fire during the Food and Wine event at Swan and Dolphin and how focused Lou was on eating, lol
    8. Mr. Lou’s Wild Ride
    9. Wednesdays. Box People <3
    10. Richard Sherman on the Cruise. Still makes me cry thinking of it.

  21. Allen Barbee says:

    My favorite WDW Radio Show memory is the show about the Top Ten SMELLS! I have always said that there were certain aromas around the parks, and people thought I was nuts. But they are there and I always felt comfort when I went to certain rides and areas and smelled that familiar odor. From the water at Pirates of the Caribbean to the popcorn on Main Street USA, you know you are “home” when you have the familiar scents. Thanks for the memories and thanks for all you do!

  22. Shelley J @Luvlifeinfl says:

    For all the years I would be in the box, my chance to meet Lou & gang face to face while they were meeting up at the Sunshine Seasons a few years back, as I stood there in amazement that an icon like Lou would take the time out of his day for others is so humbling, once I spoke to Lou, his demeanor was so thankful and I was made to feel like I was part of the family. I also so touched on how Lou took the time to speak to my daughter and he even gave her an edition of Celebration Magazine, I then start subscribing too, but again Lou has been the greatest leader and rep for this Disney community to keep peace and harmony.

    Thank you Lou for being that strong pillar of encouragement!

  23. Andy Hudson says:

    My favorite WDW Radio Memory is actually comprised of all of the very entertaining Disney Scene Investigation episodes featuring Jeff Pepper. Those are my favorite episodes. Very entertaining and always educational. Lou and Jeff made a great on air team. It would be AWESOME if Jeff and Lou could do another DSI for the 7th Anniversary show.

  24. Lydia Brocklehurst (2BusyPlanning) says:

    My favorite LOU moment: I attended the 2011 Disney Parks Blog Trick or Meet-Up, Lou was also there. We were on the same bus as we headed over to the Magic Kingdom from the Blizzard Beach parking lot. I was dressed up as Maleficent with full face make-up and I wanted to meet Lou so bad, but I looked like an idiot!!! I missed my chance and kick myself for not saying ‘hi’ anyway. I look forward to getting another chance someday! Love the show, I never miss it 🙂

  25. Brian says:

    There are so many great episodes from the show that it is hard to choose, so I won’t. My favorite memory is from meeting Lou in person at Star Wars Weekends this year. My previous trip back in 2010, I had just missed out on the Meet of the Month by a matter of hours (I arrived in FL too late that day to make it). I made a point of making it to the meet this year. I got a chance to talk to Lou for a few minutes and he was just as nice as he is on the show.

  26. Paul in CT says:

    My favorite WDW Radio memory has to be Lou’s interview with Richard Sherman. I found it so interesting that I had to stay in my car listening to the end of the podcast making me a bit late for an appointment. It was the perfect example of how well Lou prepares for his interviews. He brought out such wonderful memories from Richard. Although he has had many great interviews since, that one stands out in my mind and, I know, for many others as well.

  27. Mark Vitek says:

    September 2009 at the D23 Expo…the birth of the “Box People”. 😀

  28. Tim Bigonia says:

    My favorite WDW Radio memory happened in the early fall of 2010 or 2011 – it was Lou’s Father’s Day episode, but it took me that long to listen to it. You see, listening to the show at work came sporadically, so there were times I was quite behind in my podcast adventure. Finally, after several discussions with my sister-in-law about some past podcast that I just “had to listen to” sometime soon, I finally did, in early fall. When it came time to close the show, in typical Lou-fashoin he turned over the audio to voice mails as I listened with my earbuds in while working. Then suddenly, a familiar voice came on – it was my wife’s! She was going on about how I loved to listen to Lou at work and how I was born on Father’s Day, she and my three amazing kids proceeded to wish me a (surprise) Happy Birthday! Admittedly I teared up, right there at work, cautiously wiping my eyes as the shock wore off and a smile as big as The World itself came over my face. It was so unexpected and so amazing — I still have that podcast to this day. So Lou, Happy Anniversary and thank you – thank you for the show and all the info you share, thank you for making our Disney experiences even more magical than ever, and thank you for making it possible for the most amazing family in the world to bring a grown man to tears… at work!

  29. Cathy Mawhinney. (Kate52) says:

    So many great times, it’s hard to pick one. But I’m going to go with the last hurrah at the Adventurer’s Club. What a fun night. The “members of the club” put on an incredible performance. No one wanted to leave. In fact, I think I remember Lori chaining herself to the statue in the lobby. Not sure though…..there were adult beverages involved.

  30. Matthew says:

    Lou I posted this at my blog, might as well repost it here as my favorite WDW Radio memory. And it has to do with your first WDW Half Marathon recap back in 2008, and me cornering you on Main St. during the Marathon where I said the following:

    Hi Lou. I’ve been bumping into you all weekend. I’m not stalking you; I SWEAR! Anyway, yesterday I ran my thirteenth Half Marathon here. I ran my very first Half Marathon at Disney as well, two years ago. And I was inspired to do so after listening to your podcast back in 2008 when you talked about your experience doing a Half Marathon at Disney. I listened to your enthusiastic description of the event and thought to myself, “Hey, maybe that’s something *I* could do…” I was never a runner, ever. I was almost 300 pounds and far from an athlete. Your show helped inspire me to take up running to improve my health and save my life, and I really want to thank you, for everything you do with WDW Radio.

  31. JamesD (dzneynut) says:

    This probably qualifies as an early memory, but one of my highlights was during Mousefest in Dec., 2006! Lou had planned several meets that week, one of them being a late-night Epcot meet to catch IllumiNations. As it turned out we also were in store for something special! NASA, as it turned out had a night launch planned for that same evening, and we were in the perfect spot! My son-in-law kept us up-to-date about the countdown over the phone. We had gathered along the Promenade at Japan, so we knew to look east over China, but when the time came for the launch, we had no trouble seeing it! Suddenly the night sky in that direction just lit up like the sun was coming up, and then it died down. A few seconds later, there was the fireball, rising in the sky above Epcot. We watched in awe for what seemed liked forever. You see, I worked for NASA, and I was very proud to share that moment with so many Disney friends!
    This was one of many great memories from the MouseFest days, including winning some of the early TriviaFests! We sure miss those days!

  32. Todd Breaux says:

    I don’t have one favorite memory but all the food reviews where Lou is live in the restaurant eating and tasting the foods, like the recent episode at the Rose and Crown. That is my favorite memories.

  33. Emma Godbold (pinkemmauk) says:

    It’s difficult to choose just one and I’m tempted to say my favourite WDW Radio memories are the podcasts I’ve featured on 😉
    But I think the Wednesday evening I spent with Lou and the gang in Epcot talking to the box people is my ultimate WDW Radio memory. I’ll never forget the box people getting me to pronounce words in my accent and then getting Lou to repeat them in an English accent too!!

  34. Chris Raynak says:

    Hearing the very first “Top Ten” with Lou and Tim 🙂

  35. Ana Kurland says:

    My favorite Lou moment, meeting him at DTD after years of listening to him in MouseTunes and posting in the old trivia boards. I wore my DW Trivia shirt!