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Let Disney Craft You a Special Order CakeHi Everyone! I’m going to switch gears again this week to discuss a great, “crafty”-type option at the Walt Disney World Resort® in Florida: Special Order Cakes.

If you have seen any of the specials on Food Network, the Travel Channel or Destination America, you know that you can order gorgeous cakes for weddings, vow renewals and parties that you may book at Walt Disney World®. But, did you know that Disney allows anyone to special order a cake for ANY occasion while visiting the Parks and Resorts? And you don’t even need to make a special trip to BoardWalk Bakery to order one?

While you may not want to go as big as a wedding cake, maybe you have thought about ordering a cake featuring your favorite Disney character or Walt Disney World® attraction for your celebration.

Walt Disney World®’s wide variety of cake options begins with their “Celebrate Today” cake. This cake is always available at the podium of any table service dining location Parks and Resorts-wide (except for Victoria and Albert’s). But with advanced notice, you can order custom-made cakes with your own specifications in a variety of budget options.

You don’t even really need to know exactly what you are looking for to allow Disney to “craft” for you. Simply call Walt Disney World®’s Cake-Ordering Hotline at 407/827-2253. Then just follow the Cake-Ordering Hotline’s prompts and that’s it! The coordinators are fantastic to work with.

To celebrate our first anniversary, I wanted to surprise my husband by special ordering a mini-version of our wedding cake for just the two of us. When I called the Cake-Ordering Hotline, they offered SO many options for us, I couldn’t believe it. They can do anything you like: buttercream, fondant, sugar work, cake toppers, edible printed graphics, Characters, icons, attractions, locations, flavors, flavor combinations, multiple cake layer flavors…you name it!

And the above photo is our result. I had reservations at the Yachtsman Steakhouse at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort, and it was delivered right to our table at dessert time. No hassle, no fuss.

Trust me, our mini cake not only looked like our wedding cake, it tasted like it, too. It was one amazingly delicious cake! The whole experience was worth every penny. So, now it is a yearly tradition for us that we will be carrying on with other members of our family while visiting Walt Disney World®.

If you want to look up some some ideas online, feel free to do a basic Internet search under “Disney Cakes”. Once you’ve collected your favorites, I know it will be no time before Disney crafts your own special order cake from Walt Disney World®’s Cake-Ordering Hotline. Call them well in advance of your stay at 407/827-2253.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with if you choose this option during your next visit to the Walt Disney World® Parks and Resorts.

Enjoy your day and plan away!


(Photos and Photo Edits are by Fran Cassano.)


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9 thoughts on “Practically Perfect Disney Crafting: Let Disney “Craft” You a Special Order Cake”

  1. DisneyGirlRuby says:

    Very beautiful, Fran! I know a lonnngggggg time ago I saw a tv show on the food network and it was about Disney weddings and it showed a woman making a cake and she put little stamp imprints of gold Mickeys and Minniesto border the fondant! Then if you looked close enough, she said you could see hidden Donalds and goofys! Disney makes everything special so im not surprised how beautiful the cakes are!
    Another great post- Ruby 8;)

  2. Caitlin Corsello (giantnfl) says:

    Fran, I love this! I am a huge baker and I had no idea that Disney makes specialty cakes for guests. I’m definitely going to have to look into this next time I’m in WDW!

  3. Fran Cassano says:

    Thanks Ruby! I remember that segment, too!

    I know this isn’t a typical crafting post, but I also love showing readers the wide variety of options out there for them to express their creativity while in Walt Disney World, too.

    Hope you are having a great week! : )

  4. Fran Cassano says:

    Thank you, Caitlin!

    Awesome! I had no idea you were into baking, too!

    I hope you do look into it. Wouldn’t it be fun to in corporate one of your photos onto a cake?! Let me know what you come up with 🙂

  5. Anne says:

    Wow! I did not know this and I am so glad you shared it with your readers. I know lots of people who regularly celebrate anniversaries and birthdays at WDW. I will be passing this on for sure.

  6. Fran Cassano says:

    That is SO nice of you, Anne! Thank you! 🙂

  7. clif bloemendaal says:

    I/we were staying at Animal kingdom lodge(just a fantastic place, just WAY to much walking) anyway, it was my son’s 10 B-day. went to the MARA to order a cake, it was late 6:30pm or so wanted it at 10 pm or so.The so-called manager said we NEED 24 hours!!and then just walked away?? So, went right next door to BOMA(great food!)and talked to a Real manager. He said, what size cake? what kind of cake? do you need plates? do you need B-day candles? I was floored with this amount of understanding! Had my cake in under 20 min!! with icing saying Happy Birthday corwin! Disney magic!! I am sure that this is not common, but it saved the day!(grand parents said they took care of this, they were staying at kindi lodge) so yahoo for cake!

  8. Fran Cassano says:

    Hi Clif,

    I am so happy to hear that Boma helped you all out. Since quick service locations like The Mara don’t typically carry a podium cake (or similar), it sounded like Boma really plussed your experience. Your son must have been so happy!

    I love that the manager at Boma really customized what you needed on the fly like that. That really is some Disney magic! Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂

  9. clif bloemendaal says:

    It was just fantastic.I understand disney better now. my son ad grandparents were thrilled!