/ Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

You can learn a great deal about a culture through its food, and Epcot’s World Showcase gives you the opportunity span the globe through its many pavilions. Travel with Lou around the World Showcase in Epcot in Walt Disney World as he shares his Top 5 Snacks Under $5!

From sweet to savory, refreshing and sharable, you may discover a few tasty treats which are also some of Walt Disney World’s best values.

********* What’s YOUR favorite snack in World Showcase? Leave yours in the Comments below! *********

Thanks for watching!

– Lou Mongello



58 thoughts on “Video: Top 5 Snacks Under $5 in Epcot’s World Showcase”

  1. Richard Holmes says:

    My favorite would definitely be the chocolate and caramel covered grapes in

  2. Grand Master Pavey says:

    Chips at the UK

  3. Adam Smith says:

    The creme brûlée in France are amazing

  4. Lilbambina90 says:

    I want your job! So much delicious looking food!

  5. Brian Bernhard says:

    God, the pretzels in Germany are IMPOSSIBLY good! I end up getting at least
    3 each time I visit WDW.

  6. Doug Mangum says:

    I am diabetic and lactose intolerant. How about sugar free snacks and dairy
    free snacks, please. Thank you


    I love the fish and chip in England! and the noodles in Japan

  8. Sorceressofstars says:

    Really thought school bread was gross ! Sorry! But my fav is at the lil
    French. Patassrie the ham and cheese on croissant w/ that cinnamon an lil
    hit of sweet it’s the best! My other faves are the pretzels in Germany,
    slushy peach teas in china, off Epcot gelato for sure and churro


    Grey Goose slushy in front of france

  10. Malcolm Parran says:

    Automatic like. Lou is the man!

  11. dvader1005 says:

    Really love these Top 5 videos Lou!!! Please keep them coming.

  12. BbwJessie says:

    Taco salad & a turkey leg & pop corn followed by bottled water. That’s my
    cup of tea. Yum

  13. Steamboat Eddie says:

    Right there in Norway is the shaved almond covered pretzel, delicious!

    Have an awesome day!

  14. dude249 says:

    I personally have yet to try the pretzel in Germany. It sounds so good to
    have with a decent German beer!

  15. DeeDee M says:

    I like anything from the Patisserie suit me fine. Also the pretzels in
    Germany are incomparable to any other. I have to try the Kakii-Gore with
    the milk. Sounds yummy.

  16. jaycee012273 says:

    Funnel cake! The best might be over 5 though

  17. Mônica Santos says:

    Just love your Top 5 videos!!! Just keep’em coming, pleeeease!

  18. Gunnar Hays says:

    Not under 5 but the English Fish and Chips!

  19. MOJA10s says:

    Don’t forget to try a churro! Fried-dough pastry covered in sugar and has
    different dips to choose from as well. Last time I had one it was under $5

  20. bubbabouyi says:

    Egg role near jungle cruise, yummaaae

  21. Lou Mongello says:

    Top 5 Snacks Under $5 in Epcot’s World Showcase with Lou Mongello

  22. Brion Rector says:

    Love the snack videos they are the best!! Citrus Swirl in Magic Kingdom is
    still the best snack around!!

  23. Liz Brown says:

    Mmmm pretzels

  24. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou looks like he played football

  25. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou eats

  26. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou’s words flow over food descriptions like honey over the bottom of a
    freshly waxed watermelon

  27. Nico Gabriel says:

    What’s is Lou up to now?

  28. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou needs to be careful out there

  29. Nico Gabriel says:

    How can Lou be so dangerous

  30. Nico Gabriel says:

    Thinking of Lou

  31. Nico Gabriel says:

    Does Lou speak French?

  32. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou needs to learn the meaning of friendship

  33. Nico Gabriel says:

    Lou is a pretzel fiend

  34. Nico Gabriel says:

    My favorite snack is Lou

  35. Tucker St. Ivany says:

    The Macaroons at France or the Crepes

  36. brie B says:

    The shaved ice is a must and so is the bakery in France. I eat at both
    every time i go lol A melon shaved ice and an almond croissant.

  37. English For queens says:

    1) kakigori in Japan – 3.75 or 4.99 with tax;
    2) baklava in Morocco – about 3 dollars and change with tax, iced mint tea;
    3) pain au chocolat or chocolate croissant in France – 3.75;
    4) pretzel in Germany – 4.75;
    5) school bread in Norway – under 3 dollars.

  38. MakeupByLily says:

    I love stopping at the fast food place in China, and buying a fresh egg
    roll. Yum!

  39. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE! says:

    The sweet cream cheese stuffed pretzel at the american pavilion!

  40. Andrew Bielec says:

    Holy shit lower the intensity on the ducker xD lol

  41. gmunidos2003 says:

    A funnel cake is 14$????

  42. Tanya Hyman says:

    School bread is awesome !!!!!!

  43. Nataly Almeida says:

    Someone packed some serious pounds that day lol

  44. Kiara Orch says:

    Love funnel cakes , had my first at Sleepy Hollow , MK. and fell in love !
    Need to try a school bread !!! YUMM!

  45. Cara Picone says:

    My new favorite: the macaron ice cream sandwich in France.

  46. Dallas Henry says:

    I like the Chinese egg rolls

  47. Katie Kutcel says:

    You and me to down with taste of disney, all around the world

  48. Mindy Sithong says:

    I actually hated the school bread, but I loved 3 other treats in that
    bakery #3 – fresh made waffle with strawberry jam, #2 – Chocolate viking
    mousse hat and #1 TROLL HORN ( so yummy!!)

  49. Nicole Harris says:

    My favorite would have to be, those massive turkey legs you can get in
    Magic Kingdom!

  50. Ariel Czernia says:

    My favorite snack in World Showcase is those frozen tea slushies from China
    across the boat.

  51. Katie Kutcel says:

    Disney worldwide snack:sweet bread in Norway,chocolate in France,sweet
    pretzel in Germany,golden
    Bread in morocco,n’snow cream in Japan.

  52. Katie Kutcel says:

    Sweet colorful food in world

  53. Rebecca Medrano-Guerrero says:

    I was walking round Epcot watching your video looking for the places you
    suggested. The shaved ice was a big hit even on a chilly night. Thanks!

  54. Katie Kutcel says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:sweet,sour,ice,& bake. Enjoy.
    Mmmmm mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  55. Katie Kutcel says:

    Juicy and the own Serling bread

    Sugar,brownies,spicy, and. The. Owning or rolling or ratatouille or the/le

  56. Katie Kutcel says:

    Honey is pizza sticks and Reese’s bread

  57. Katie Kutcel says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:baked is;

    Norwegian salt,French Hershey,Japanese tiny jelly,
    German hot shoes loop, and Moroccan honey
    Les poiton And-rio glrero tyurio’s

  58. TheDisneylover71 says:

    Ultimate snack is cronut