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Episode: 357 – History of the Magic Kingdom Hub in Walt Disney World – April 6, 2014

Topic: As the Magic Kingdom continues working towards the expansion of the central hub, we’ll take a look at not just what’s coming, but the history of the hub concept, going back to Walt Disney. We’ll discuss how the hub came to be in Disneyland, then later replicated in Walt Disney World, the reasons why it was created and why it works so well, and the changes that have taken place in and around the hub since 1971.

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio show.Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello – LouMongello.com

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10 thoughts on “Show # 357 – History of the Magic Kingdom Hub in Walt Disney World – April 6, 2014”

  1. Martyn (moja10s) says:

    Great show again Lou.
    Don’t forget to mention your UK fans – 102 is on Amazon.co.uk and there is a certain SINGLE reviewer on there that liked the book so much…. he bought both the download pdf AND the paperback!


    It’s the only UK review – so needs your style of encouragement to get other UK Fans to join in 🙂

  2. jill long says:

    Great show Lou. I agree with Martyn about your UK fans!!!!! They UK Market would love the book!

  3. KenLocke1 says:

    Always good stuff, thanks for the podcast. Always enjoy Jim on your show. 102 Book was helpful on our recent trip as well. We saved money on just the tip about not ordering…. oops, don’t want to give it away!

  4. Thank you for ANOTHER outstanding show Lou and Jim!!

  5. John says:

    Jim nailed it – please take him up on his idea to do a “Top 5 books you must have as a Disney fan”!

    I’d love to hear more about how they engineer the magic and one book you mentioned today sounded good but I am sure there are more.


  6. Eric F says:

    I agree about the Top 5 Books idea. Would love to hear your ideas (and others’). Thanks. Have a good day.

  7. William T says:

    What a good show guys! I love learning about ways in which Walt and the crew had to make changes right away to their Theme Parks; the example in this episode is how each of the spokes in Disneyland led to a land that was not otherwise connected to the others! So fascinating! I’m continually impressed by the stories I hear about Disney’s ability to be effectively responsive to the actual needs of the people. Great show!

  8. wayne 1975 says:

    Hi lou, a great podcast once again.
    I like when you go off subject and you and jim bought up the topic about Frozen being a hit.
    Your right in saying that the music has captured the audience , but I would like to add that the film itself is classic Disney. The animation is great and the story simple. Which i believe it what made Disney great in the past. You have to admit that the last few Disney films haven’t been the best,(but die-hard fans will always stand by the films)

    So thats it. I’m enjoying the podcasts every week which really do give me the Disney hit I need. Its not easy living in the UK but you really do bring the magic with your enthusiasm and the amount of information you know. Keep up the good work

  9. Chuck Zitta says:

    Hey Lou, Show #357 got me thinking.

    If you could design a 5th theme park at Disney World, what would the theme be and how would you lay it out (generally speaking).

    Only been listening to your podcasts for about 1.5 weeks (working my way backwards).

    Maybe you’ve already had this discussion in one of your shows???

    Fun to think about.

    Have a great day!