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disney-book-club-wdwradio“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot on Treasure Island and best of all, you can enjoy these riches every day of your life.”

~Walt Disney

Welcome back, Disney fans, to the WDW Radio Disney Book Club!  For this book, we will be reading together and sharing our experiences and thoughts about Ridley Pearson’s final Kingdom Keepers book, The Insider.

Last time, we examined chapters 1-9 of the book.  Here is a recap of some of the questions as well as some thoughts from readers:

1. In Chapter 1, we read that Tia Dalma believes, “Who needs hope when there is hate to take its place.” (page 3)  What would YOUR favorite Disney character have to say in response to this?  Erin said, “‘Fate is kind, She brings to those who love, the sweet fulfillment of their secret longing.” Jiminy Cricket.”
2. In Chapter 2, Bert is amazed to see his favorite “Imagineer” Wayne Kresky.  He believes “Albert Pujols or Kobe Bryant” would have less of an impact on him than seeing such an amazing Disney personality.  Who is YOUR Disney “rock star”,who is you saw him/her, you would be starstruck?  Why?  Dzneychica responded, “I’ve had the opportunity to meet a few of my Disney idols, but the one that I would MOST like to meet is Bob Iger. My dream is to be able to learn from him and someday take over for him!”

3. In Chapter 3, we see Finn at his prom in Walt Disney World.  If you could have (or have had) your prom in WDW, where would you want it to be?  Why? Ruby responded, “My Prom would go throughout the entire Fantasyland! The theme would be (of course) ” happily ever after” and the Colors would be purple, pink and gold. Live music would be playing everywhere and you could go on horse carriage rides! The reason I picked Fantasyland is because it’s romantic and magical, exactly what my dream prom would be…<3”

4. In Chapter 8, Maybeck and Finn end up in a small library in the Archives,  if you could spend only 10 minutes in the Disney Archives, what document would you want to see?  Tara replied, “If I could only spend 10 minutes in the archives I would want to see any of Mary Blair’s artwork. Or some of the cels from ‘Snow White.’”

Share YOUR thoughts or respond to these at this link to last week’s questions.  Each of the individuals quoted here will receive a WDW Radio Mystery Ticket.  Watch your email this weekend for more information.


This week, we will be reflecting on chapters 11-15, pages 58-129 of the work.  We have posted some discussion questions below.  Please share your answers at our blog post.  Three people who comment will receive WDW Radio prize packs and will see their answers featured in next week’s newsletter! 

Without further ado, here are this week’s discussion questions.  Feel free to respond to one, a couple, or all of them in this week’s book club blog post, linked here.

1. In Chapter 11, we read that Willa feels chills when she sees the logo for Walt Disney Imagineering.  “She’s always wanted to be an Imagineer, ever since she learned about the creative team responsible for the attractions in the park.”  What would YOUR dream Disney job be?
2. On page 73, each of the male Keepers’ interests in Disney is described differently: “Philby appreciates the technology.  Finn likes the ‘magical’ side of Disney better–some things are best left unsaid and unseen.  Maybeck’s artistic eye is drawn to the models.”  With which character are YOUR Disney most similar??
3. In Chapter 14, the Keepers arrive in Disneyland and discuss a variety of attractions there.  If you have been to Diseyland, what is your favorite part of the park?  If not, what part would you most love to see?
4. Also in Chapter 14, Finn muses about how different it is to be in a park alone at night.  If you could transport yourself to any Disney park after hours, which would you choose to be in and why?
5. Throughout these chapters, the Keepers struggle with being “downgraded” from v2.0 to v1.6.  Think through some Disney attractions that have been “upgraded” over time.  Which would be one where you would be okay with it returning to its former state?  Which would be one you would NEVER want to return to its earlier condition?

Have fun… as you can see, you don’t have to be on the exact pages we are on to be able to answer!  And be sure to join us in The Box next Wednesday to discuss one of these questions as a group!




5 thoughts on “The WDW Radio Book Club: Kingdom Keepers 7–DISCUSSION QUESTIONS #”

  1. erin stough says:

    1.I would love to work in the quality control department. I have a pretty keen eye for detail and am a stickler for things being “just so.” I would love to be able to review open attractions, shops, resorts, whatever and create lists of things that need to be fixed and ensure it gets done.

    2.I really enjoy the magical side of Disney as well. It’s fun to suspend disbelief and truly become engaged in the stories the Imagineers strive to communicate with guests.

    3.Disneyland is amazing! I have been fortunate enough to visit in 2006 and many of my memories are still fresh. While everything in Disneyland is truly amazing considering the history of the place, I really loved Adventureland and New Orleans Square. To me, I felt that the music, flora/fauna, attractions, and multiple visual cues worked extremely well together. I loved the way these lands were laid out creating just enough of a sense that the vegetation was taking over the area.

    4.I would defiantly want to be transported to Magic Kingdom after hours. Even if the music was off and the attractions were not running, I would still love to be in the Magic Kingdom! I would take my time looking at all the beautiful details that make this park so special to me and then head over to a rocking chair in Frontierland and just rock the night away!

    5.I would be ok with “it’s a small world” and/or The Tarzan Treehouse (both in Disneyland) being returned to their originals. Don’t get me wrong, I think the newer incarnations are great, but I wouldn’t mind seeing the originals. I think the newest rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean is great and wouldn’t want it to be returned to the original. I especially love the mermaids that swim by your boat.

  2. DisneyGirlRuby says:

    1. I’d defenitly would want to be an entertainer at Disney World! Singing and acting are some of my favorite things ever and it would be a dream come true to do that in my favorite place in the world!!!! And if I couldn’t do that, I think it would be cool to be a princess, it would be so nice to see little kids smiling faces!
    2. I’m most like Finn, I love Disney’s magical side, it’s amazing how happy it makes the world and I really can’t imagine the world without wanting to feel that feeling. But I also love it for it’s nostalgia and how cool it is that a one mans dream made this all happen. (Pun not intended)
    3. It’s so sad…. I’ve never been to Disneyland! 🙁 but I’ve always wanted to go on Mr Toads Wild Ride or India Jones Adventure! Every big Disney fan has to go once in there life beacuse it is where it all began.
    4. The park I would go to after hours is Hollywood Studios! Imagine Tower of Terror or any of the gift shops, they would look so cool and creepy! Also of I couldn’t go to HS then I would say Epcot.
    5. I’d bring back Grande Fiesta Tour to its original state. Donald is cute and all, but I remember being little and loving the other one. I was laughing my pants off during the part when the man and woman were trying to sell you something at this market place and they were yelling after your boat “No come back!!” Etc. There really isn’t one that I would NEVER want to go back to its original version but I probably say the tiki room.

  3. Jennifer Lambert says:

    1. My Disney dream job is to be a VIP host. I would love to be the person that takes people on not only private tours, but also the guided tours of the parks. I love the trivia, the stories and back stories, and this would be a wonderful way to share my passion!
    2. I am drawn to nostalgia as well; the story telling and details that the imagineers put into their work, so I am most like Finn looking at the “Magic”.
    3. My favorite part of Disneyland is New Orleans Square. It’s unique to Disneyland and has so many details to capture. I would love to Club 33 which is also housed in New Orleans Square!!
    4. I would wander EPCOT Center after hours if I were given an opportunity. I would love to look at all of the details of the World Showcase and especially just watch the fish and sea life in the Living Seas.
    5. I would love to see Journey into Imagination back in it’s original state from the 80s! Bring on DreamFinder! And I would NOT want to rever to the “Under New Management” version of the Enchanted Tiki Room. The new “old” version is just right!

  4. Eilonwy says:

    An American Sign language Interpreter. being the means of the deaf to be able to enjoy Disney as much as I do. it’s what I am going to college for.

    I love seeing the magic of it, but I also HATE not knowing HOW they did that

    SO HARD.. I love being in New Orleans square

    DISNEYLAND because then I could learn more about how everything works. and I already know the layout like the back of my hand

    I have wanted to see “Natures wonderland” since I first heard of it. one I think that has been better since update is “big Thunder Mountain”

  5. Scott says:

    1. my dream Disney job would be with WDI, without them, none of it would be possible
    2. I love the nostalgia
    3. Main street is a fun place to be
    4. I would say epcot, lots to see
    5. I think that I would like to see spaceship earth return to an earlier version, the current one is good but I liked the last part when it was at+t, its a small world is great and I wouldn’t want to see it changed