/ Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Amovingloha! Serving in the military often means moving your family from one place to another every few years. It just so happens that it is moving time for my family and me. We are in the process of a Permanent Change of Station, or PCS as it is known in the military. Our household goods have been packed up these past few days, and are on the way from Hawaii to North Carolina. It will take about two months for the household goods to arrive. In the meantime, we are wrapping up things in Hawaii, and will be leaving early September.

One of the positive outcomes of a PCS move is time off. We are set to fly into California, and then drive across the country. We will be taking our time, and I’ll have about a month off to travel and enjoy the trip before I need to report in at my new unit. This is the perfect opportunity for us to check out Disneyland® Resort. The family is looking forward to visiting The Happiest Place on Earth.

Once I get to North Carolina and my family gets settled back into a normal routine, I will be back with my regular bi-monthly column. Until then, I’d like to hear from more of you. What sort of topics would you like to see me cover? Send me an email or Tweet me and let me know!

(Photo from the author’s personal collection.)

Joshua Shusterman is United States Marine and has been stationed in both North Carolina and Hawaii.  He is an avid Disney fan, and has taken several trips to Walt Disney World® as well as Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.  He has extensively researched military discount programs and offers from The Walt Disney Company, and loves to spread the word to his fellow service members.  He can be reached on Twitter @JLShusterman or email at JLShusterman@Gmail.com.



4 thoughts on “Military Mouse: Moving Time”

  1. Jenna says:

    Safe travels! We know all too well the stress that comes with PCS’ing, so enjoy Disneyland! And feel free to post Disney food photos!

  2. Linda A Raymond says:

    Hope you have a wonderful, happy and safe trip. We have been retired for sometime now, but do remember our PCS moves, exhausting and exciting all at once. Have a fantastic time at Disneyland. I am sure you will be making many more trips to Walt Disney World., now that you will be over here on the East Coast. Enjoy your time off. Will be looking forward to your return to your column.

    Peace, Love & MICKEY MOUSE

  3. Evi says:

    Safe Travels!!

  4. Sharry says:

    Wow what an opportunity to sight see for a little bit. Plus now you’ll be closer to the World. Might be worth getting the annual passes?