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TOPIC: Last week, I surprised my kids with their first-ever trip to Disneyland, and after a few days wandering, exploring and enjoying Walt’s original park, we narrowed down a very long list that includes everything from attractions to resorts, food and much more to our 10 Reasons Why Every Walt Disney World Fan (and Family) Needs to Visit Disneyland.

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio show. Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello

QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is your favorite part of Disneyland? What?! You haven’t been? Why not? Leave your answer in the comments below!

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My first WDW Radio “Why every Walt Disney World fan needs to visit Disneyland” podcast from 2008

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19 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #385 – 10 Reasons Why Every Walt Disney World Fan (and Family) Needs to Visit Disneyland”

  1. Megan Cook says:

    Pirates of the Caribbean is very unique and a tad different at DL as oppose to its counter part over in WDW. I also LOVE the Hunted Mansion Christmas Makover featuring Jack Skelington! Oh and of course CARS LAND!

  2. Jessie Klink says:

    ok so I have been going to disney world since age 4 and am now 33 and take my young boys there almost every year as a single mom-we obviously love it!! In fact, both me and my 7 year old work up this morning having dreamed about being there last night! I have never had an urge or interest in visiting Disneyland until this podcast! You have officially peaked my interest enough to wanting to go there next year instead of the world. I’m not sure why I’ve never even thought of going to the land…I guess because I’m so obsessed with the world and could never imagine taking my vacation anywhere else or maybe I felt like I was cheating on disneyworld?? Thanks for this podcast though…I’m officially hooked and planning our next vaca to the land instead of world 🙂

  3. Craig Hargrove says:

    Great Family Podcast again! Look out Tim Foster, Lou has found a new cast for the Top 10’s.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Oh and Lou you forgot the number 1 reason for visiting the land – Cap! Hail Hydra!

  4. David Gagne says:

    I was raised in FL and went to WDW (literally) hundreds of times. I loved it and so did my mom and little sister. I didn’t think anything could ever top a day at the Magic Kingdom (though I dearly love EPCOT).
    Fifteen years ago I moved to Los Angeles, got married, and four years ago had a little boy.
    We made over 35 trips to DL/CA in 2013 alone.
    Disneyland is now by far my favorite park.
    I’m currently living in FL again (temporarily) and have been to WDW about two dozen times in the last 6 months and dearly miss DL.
    You’ve inspired me to write a long post about this on my own site. I’ll try to get to it this weekend (when we’re not watching football or eating!) …

  5. Hi Lou! Great show as always! While I was listening the background sounds and songs I remembered the band The Bootstrappers (the name of the group is “The Skullduggers”) that was singing in front of The Pirates of the Caribbean when I visited Disneyland! They are really great! In your next vacation with your family to the Land, please interview them! Thanks, Luiz

  6. Austin says:

    You should have your daughter on more often. It was nice to hear a kid’s point of view on the different subjects and she is a lot like you. I have a 9 year old daughter, so I can relate some of this advice to her. Thanks.

  7. Jennifer Lambert says:

    hMy husband and I went to Disneyland and DCA for the first time in 2012. I don’t know why we had never even thought of going there before. It was Carsland that sparked our interest. We have been going to WDW since I was 6 months old; and every two years as a child growing up and now once (OK, 2-3 times) each year as an adult.
    We were so impressed with CarsLand, it really felt like we were right inside of Radiator Springs! My favorite part was at dusk when the neon lights are turned on and you hear Shaboom! playing.

    I loved comparing and contrasting WDW with the Disneyland Resort and love that each location has so many unique elements to each. While I am excited to see Trader Sam’s coming to the Polynesian; this is one of the true gems at The Disneyland Hotel; we also really loved experiencing the Nemo submarines; filling the hole for missing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I also found it special to visit the place where Walt actually was able to enjoy what he created and to experience those attractions that Walt oversaw.
    What Lou said is true; Disneyland is wonderfully accessible, we loved being able to walk just about anywhere in a few minutes and we had the advantage of going into DCA right from the Graand Californian; what a treat!
    I can imagine how large WDW must seem to those who have only visited Disneyland before. While WDW is my home; Disneyland is like going to Grandma’s house… or to Uncle Walt’s 🙂

  8. Dzneychica says:

    My favorite part of Disneyland…wow…while I love the attractions, food, and ambiance, I think that my favorite part has to be the history of the park. Disneyland is where Walt actually walked, and he had a hand in so many of the attractions there. I like being able to see a World of Color episode where Walt’s talking about something in the park…and then go and experience that exact thing. Disneyland captures a little more of my heart each time I go there!

  9. David in Niagara says:

    My wife an I are veteran WDW visitors, but in 1999 were were lucky enough to visit Disneyland, and in 2001 we were even luckier to visit Disney Paris.
    All three parks are unique in their own right, so I won’t compare, but will state they are all great.
    Even those rides that are the `same’, are different, and its important to appreciate each one for its own merits.
    The key comparison I will highlight it size. Disneyland is of course tiny compared to WDW (Magic Kingdom), but I think that Disney Paris is the perfect size, bigger than DL, but smaller than WDW.

    Thanks Lou, great work, keep it up.

  10. Lucas Heffner says:

    The lamp in the window. For me it’s the most magical thing in any Disney park.

  11. Jo says:

    Is there anything similar to Disney’s Magical Express available for transportation to Disneyland? Magical Express service is one of the things that makes a trip to WDW so trouble free,

  12. Eric"I was caught in traffic" says:

    Being from SoCal, I’m often asked by friends why I go to WDW so often? My answer is similar to why Disney fans need to go to Disneyland. It’s different. It has its own unique charm. Yes, it’s Disney, but it’s not the same. For example, POTC, the queue in WDW is much more interesting, but at DLR, the ride has those incredible drops. It’s similar, even familiar, but they are different and need to be appreciated for their differences.

  13. Dale says:

    First of all, your kids could easily be voice-over artists in the next Disney Animation film. v cute.
    It makes me smile how you were all so amazed at the proximity of downtown and DCA from the park.
    Here in Europe we have always enjoyed that at the Paris resort.
    The roaming characters is something I remember when I was there in 1980 (eek!)

    Great show Lou

  14. Lou Mongello says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comments and sharing your thoughts and memories about visiting Disneyland. It’s now a definite must-do yearly trip for me (and yeah, I guess I can bring the rest of the gang, too). Looking forward to D23 Expo in August 2015… and a few extra days in Disneyland! Hope to see you there (and YES I’ll have a meet in Disneyland during that time, and YES it will somehow involve food!!) 🙂

  15. Becky Manion says:

    I went about 10 years ago, and then again last October.

    It does seem so small, and easy to walk around. I enjoy Downtown Disney

    Myy favourite part is, I loved CarsLand! That place was amazing. Radiator Springs went right into my top 3 attractions.

    Also Main Street, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Xmas overlay at HM.

    Ghiradellis in the actual park is very nice too.

    Another favourite was World of Colour

  16. David Gagne says:

    One thing that I really can’t stress enough: It’s A Small World at Disneyland is *infinitely* better than its Magic Kingdom counterpart. And during the holidays it is downright phenomenal.

  17. Karen Klein says:

    Thanks, Lou, for your (and your family’s) insights into Disneyland. I’m a former WDW cast member, DVC owner and regular WDW visitor. After listening to this podcast, I’m now taking a trip this spring to Anaheim to experience Walt’s Disney for myself and am getting so excited to plan something new!

  18. Marla in CA says:

    I loved hearing your podcast from Disneyland. You have a beautiful family. Disneyland is the park I grew up with. Used to go yearly starting at age 5 through over teen years. It was the one place my dad would take us as a family every year. Good memories. From A, B, C,etc E tickets, monorail to the Coffee Shop to the Disneyland Hotel before returning to the park in time to see the Main Street Electrical Parade. On the way out, grabbing white chocolate from the candy shop to take home. I treasure those memories. My kids used to go to the park routinely. Now I go here and there w/ friends. But in April 2015, I go to my first trip to WDW. I look forward to my bucket list trip and I look forward to seeing Country Bear , TTA, Carousel of Progress, and Main Street Electrical Parade. All attractions, we don’t have in CA anymore. Although I am meeting a friend there, I believe my parents will be smiling from above as I re-live some memories…. even though in a different park. I believe both parks on each coast compliment each other while bringing smiles to all. Thanks for a great podcast! Hope to be able to say hello during D23 this year.

  19. Chuck Zitta says:

    Really enjoyed listening you and your family talk about Disneyland. This is where it all started for me 43 years ago! A trip with mom, grandma and my aunt. I was HOOKED after experiencing Pirates and the Haunted Mansion, among other attractions. Haven’t been back since, but really need to (and will) get back to my Disney roots. Really am looking forward to experiencing it all over again, in addition to all that is new as well (including the food). My holy grail of Disney park souvenirs is a plain white opaque glass with the Disneyland logo and my name in gold letters printed on it, which I collected on that trip. Will never, ever forget it.

    Thanks again for another terrific show, Lou and family!!!