/ Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

Cue the music… “Here comes the bride…”

If you are just joining us, this is the third of a four-part series, in which we’ve been discussing Disney Weddings and profiling our very own Fran Cassano, who was a Disney bride.

I’ve been so excited to write this particular post for some time. Why? Because today we get to talk about your big day!!

Anyone who has been married knows that the days, even the last few weeks leading up to your wedding can be the most stressful, yet exhilarating time in your entire wedding planning process. All the moving pieces are finally coming together, and just like a giant puzzle, or a perfectly choreographed dance, everything just flows, exactly as you (hopefully) imagined it would. The months (maybe years) of planning are finally coming to fruition. Yes, there are always hiccups (like when I, much to the chagrin of our priest, accidentally forgot our marriage license the day of our rehearsal and had to bring it the next day for everyone to sign…oops), but everything works out in the end.

Fran Cassano Disney Wedding 1For Fran, it was like she was Cinderella with a Fairy Godmother presiding over the day. How would you like it if all you had to do the day of your wedding was show up? Well, that’s all she and her husband had to do. According to Fran, “On our wedding day, our wedding planner and assistant planner, officiant, musicians, set-up teams and photographer were all at the Sommerfest Courtyard when we got there. Everything was already well into being underway. So, all we had to do was just be there to enjoy the moment, the whole day, each other and our guests.” Now, doesn’t that sound nice!!

Most brides and grooms, who opt not to hire a wedding planner or coordinator, need to outline every minute of their wedding day leading up to the “I do’s”, such as making sure you leave the salon on time, making sure the limo picks up everyone they need to, making sure your flowers and photographer arrive on time. For Fran, everything was taken care of. Nothing had to be checked on. In the banquet/event planning world, there’s something called a BEO (Banquent Event Order). This is a “script-like” timeline that every member of your wedding (or party) team has a copy of, which everyone follows to make sure your day flows seamlessly. For the pros such as those on the Disney Wedding team, this BOE is the “be-all and end-all” for that day. If they are off just slightly, it has a domino effect with reactions that can alter the entire day. In true Disney fashion, Fran’s day went off without a hitch.

Fran Cassano Disney Wedding 5

So how did Fran’s wedding day actually go down? “My husband and I arrived to Epcot ahead of our guests for ‘First Look’ and other pre-ceremony photography. Our guests arrived via motorcoach through Epcot’s backstage area, which was fun for them to see. (We arranged pick-up/drop-off at each of our room block Resorts). Our ceremony was at 9am, and our reception immediately followed. Our photographer took the family photos at the start of the cocktail hour. Then she took photos of just us over at the Italy Pavilion. Our brunch was a buffet, and it was fantastic! We kept everything at the reception casual. Before we knew it, it was time to cut the cake.” The party continued into the night with an IllumiNations Dessert Party in the Italy Isola West Plaza, which the new Mr. and Mrs. wanted to provide for their guests to honor and thank them for making the trip to Orlando. It was a huge hit!

There you have it – A Disney Fairytale Wedding! Now, all that’s left is a honeymoon. Thanks, as always, to Fran and join us next month for the last in this four-part series when we discuss Disney honeymoons and final thoughts for anyone thinking of a Walt Disney World wedding!

(Photos from the personal collection of Fran Cassano.)

 “New Yorkas” Felicia and Sean are avid Disney fans.  Their first vacation as a couple was in Walt Disney World.  They were engaged there, and also honeymooned there.  After a combined 30 trips to the World, they are self-professed Disney travel agents and enjoy helping family and friends plan magical Disney vacations.