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hourglass lake - kfFor this week, Tip #93, have you ever wanted to find a way to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet at your resort?

If you are staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, request a room that is located on a top floor and facing Hourglass Lake.

Facing the lake means you will be away from the pools located in between the buildings of the resorts, therefore reducing the noise level. To top it off, you will get an awesome view of the lake where the two resorts face each other.

You can make this request when you are making your reservation or when you arrive at the resort.

(Photo from the personal collection of Kendall Foreman.)

How many of you enjoy staying at Disney’s Pop Century Resort or Disney’s Art of Animation Resort? Have you ever stayed in a room facing Hourglass Lake? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Finding Quiet Time at Disney Value Resorts”

  1. Stan Solo says:

    We only stayed at POP once and did ask for top floor facing the lake. This is the perfect location in my honest opinion.

    Not only is it quiet, but the view of AoA in the background of the lake is amazing!

    Another extra bonus is when you are leaving the parks you can check out the lines for the buses at both AoA and POP and just take the shorter line, then if you take the AoA bus it’s just a short beautiful walk over the bridge to your room. Same goes for if you want to try out the breakfast servings at AoA, short walk over the bridge have breakfast at AoA then catch the bus to your park of choice.

    Same goes for folks staying at AoA and want to check out POP.

  2. Peyton Spear says:

    Stan Solo, I totally agree about intertwining both resorts. They both offer great perks! Thanks for reading!