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Listener Email: When to visit, best places to nap, best lounges, the Yeti, how to share your love of Disney

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s episode of the WDW Radio show. Thanks for listening! Be sure to tune in next week!

– Lou Mongello

QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is your favorite lounge in Walt Disney World? Share yours in the comments below!




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12 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #402 – Listener Email: When to visit, best places to nap, best lounges, the Yeti, how to share your love of Disney”

  1. Melanie says:

    One of our most favorite places for napping with our kids is a ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad!!! Since our 1st was born this has been a go to napping place (as well as the stroller!) We just went a little over a week ago and now that our kids are beyond stroller days (13,11,& 8) this was still a perfect napping spot! We rode for a least 5 full times around and it was just what we needed! Even the adults got a little cat nap 😉

  2. Melanie says:

    PS- Congratulations on another award! You truly deserve it and listening to the end of the show shows you how much you mean to so many people! We wished we could have been at the World at the end of April instead of beginning to give you a hug. Yet we did head to the Tangerine Café and had a schawarma platter in honor of Age of Ultron!

  3. Tom Berowski says:


    I can’t believe you and Becky missed this one. A favorite of ours is the lounge at the California Grill. Not only are there interesting drinks, but the CA Grill menu items are available, and of course the fireworks viewing.

  4. Stephanie L. says:

    Hi Lou!

    I’m a long-time listener and I love your show! I have to admit though that my favorite episodes are when your family joins you, and your wonderfully articulate children help with the food reviews. I think it’s great that you are raising them to be “foodies” like yourself! Their colorful descriptions always bring a huge smile to my face.

    I truly enjoy your reviews of the various WDW lounges and my husband and I find ourselves spending more time in them each time we go down (we are AP holders), especially the ones that offer food as they are a wonderful way to end the day and have a nightcap and bite to eat before going to bed.

    On episode #402, you asked listeners for suggestions on lounges to review. While although we truly love Martha’s Vineyard at the Beach Club Resort, it is not the one I am going to suggest. The food selection is limited but it is still a hidden gem that many people pass by. I think the main reason is people feel that it may be “stuffy” and require a dress code. On the contrary! It is a great place to sip a drink and watch a sports game on one of the many TVs, or perhaps a game of jeopardy. And it is rarely busy.

    But… no! The lounge I am going to recommend for review (if you haven’t already) is Crew’s Cup Lounge at the Yacht Club Resort. Holy Cow the food is delicious!! Not only is the ambiance inviting with warm lighting and even warmer wood tones, it mimics a rowing club with mounted oars along the walls and a full crew boat mounted from a dark ceiling. So warm and cozy. While sipping a libation awaiting your food, one can watch the butchers from the adjoining Yachtsman Steakhouse hand-cut steaks in the dry-aging room. You can relax on a comfortable couch or chair, or take a seat at one of the many booths. We find the menu extensive and more than adequate for a lounge. My husband says the “Angus Chuck Cheeseburger” is one of the best on property, and the “House-cut Truffle Fries with Roasted Shallot Mayonnaise” cannot be ignored! But my favorite offering is the “Wedge Romaine Salad with Garlic-Peppercorn Cream, Bacon Lardons, Confit Tomatoes, and Blue Cheese”. And Lou, I know I’ll have you with this…. The bacon lardons from this salad taste like the smell of the Rome scene on Spaceship Earth!! Believe it! When you bite down on these smoky-flavored lardons you will be transported through taste/smell senses back onto Spaceship Earth winding your way up the track hearing about how the Great Library of Alexandia in Egypt was burned..! It amazes me every time I enjoy this salad on our traditional last dinner before heading home to upstate NY. So I nominate Crew’s Cup Lounge for a full review and can’t wait to hear your opinion!

    Thanks again for all that you do, Lou & friends! We will continue to listen and hope to meet you one day soon!

    Steph L.
    Rochester, NY

  5. Leslie Hoover says:

    Our favorite place to get our son to sleep is the tent in the back of the Storybook Circus area, next to the character meet tent. There are usually many comfortable chairs and even outlets to recharge your phone. It is relatively quiet, or peaceful anyways, and very few people ever seem to be back there. When we were nursing, I would insist on going there for the shade and comfort of the oversized chairs and couches, especially if we weren’t close to the baby care center. There is also a drinking fountain and lots of fun small details (the stickers on the travel trunks, and one of my all time my favorite things about disney – really perfect light fixtures!). Don’t tell too many people 😉

  6. Cristabel T. says:

    Another fireworks viewing spot in Disneyland, which we found by accident really, is right next to the teacups and Alice in Wonderland. They rope off the pathway from Fantasyland to Main St. next to the Matterhorn but you get a great viewing of the fireworks and are nearly first in line for Alice afterward. Win, win!

  7. Craig says:

    Two words: Adventurer’s Club. May it rest in peace. 🙁 All of Pleasure Island for that matter. Technically not a lounge, per se, but I have not had very many opportunities to visit The World since reaching legal drinking age status. Thankfully I did before Adventurer’s Club untimely departure. I went with a game plan of visiting all the clubs on Pleasure Island and ended up spending the entire night hanging out in the Adventurer’s Club sipping on ‘Jessica Rabbits’. I am, however, looking forward to having the opportunity to visit Trader Sam’s on my next trip. Everything I’ve read, seen and heard has me very excited. Also Lou, hearing how passionately you’ve described your love of the Belle Vue lounge at the Boardwalk has made me add a visit there to my list of ‘must-do’s’.

  8. Mark K. says:

    Congratulations on winning the 2015 Podcast Award! Aside, was randomly was perusing The Budget Minded Traveler’s podcast/Facebook, and saw the “jump” on red carpet you guys did together. You both have hops (ahem).

    Love your podcast. New listener. Long-time WDW visitor. Currently listening to your “Real” World review of Epcot with your world-traveler guest (great idea, by the way). Looking forward to going back to your deep-dives on Norway and UK. As a kid, can remember going with my grandma or parents & family and if I could offer one tip to listeners, it would be to really take the time to spend time in each country and enjoy all they have to offer. Interacting with the cast members from their native land. So, you might guess the lounge I’m going to mention is in World Showcase…

    My family (12 of us in 3 groups) have WDW trip coming up in 11 days (May 8-17). If you or your team are in the parks during that time, would love to meet up for drinks at one lounge we are dying to check out. First, we are staying club level (love the perks) at Beach Club. Kids love the pool and adults love access to Epcot and jogging trail to Hollywood Studios every morning.

    The attractions in each country are sometimes overlooked, so during our last trip at end of 2013, we spent more time taking the kids into each country and they really enjoyed the attractions in Norway (got to ride Maelstrom one last time) and Mexico. You may recall that in Magic Kingdom during that time, It’s a Small World was down for refurb, so the kids really enjoyed doing the Mayan pyramid’s attraction in Epcot which is almost as awesome. While inside the Mayan pyramid, we decided that during our next trip, we wanted to eat dinner at La Cantina de San Angel. And, before leaving pyramid, we came across this almost-hidden lounge, but it was jam-packed with people having a great time! We said, “We’ve got to do that next time.” So, the lounge is inside the pyramid is on our list of “must do’s” this year before (or after) our dinner. Our nomination for best lounge is La Cava del Tequila.

    Thanks for all you do.


  9. VICTOR P. says:


    You are great! Congrats on the recent award, you truly do deserve it! My wife is expecting our first child in December, and we plan to come down around May! This will be our 5th consecutive time coming together, but our first time with a child being this is our first! This podcast was beneficial for some good napping tips, however being our child will be so young I would imagine the baby doing a lot of sleeping in the stroller.

    Great lounge: Polynesian: Tambu Lounge, one of our favorites! Comfortable, and a great atmosphere! One of our all time favorite Resorts also!

  10. Tom H. says:

    Thanks for the great podcast. My wife and I are going to Disney this fall (first time without the kids!). We’re staying off property. Are the lounges and restaurants limited to on site guests?

    Tom H
    Danbury CT

  11. annacp94 says:

    I reference to the fireworks at DL, we did watch them from New Orleans square because they started right after Fantasmic. We did not like this spot. The trees are so big it blocked the view. We also knew how cool they are from Main St., so this was disappointing.

  12. Chuck Zitta says:

    Believe it or not, we have never visited ANY of the lounges. All the years we have visited, our focus has always been on the boys, so the lounges haven’t even been on our radar. Which, if you knew my wife and I, you would think we were pulling your leg. LOL! Fingers crossed: I’m hoping, now that the boys are older, we get a few chances to visit on our own (just the two of us). I relish the opportunity to show my wife the “adult side” of Disney. And if so, you can bet your bottom dollar we will be frequenting some of the lounges. Guarantee it!

    The banter between you and Beci was extra special today. Got to hear Beci sing a little Mater, found out your “secret lounge”, AND, the best place to sit on Expedition Everest (if you keep your eyes open, that is).

    Thanks again for a very passionate, entertaining AND informative show, Lou and Beci!!!