disney cruise characters - disneyFor this week, Disney Tip #99, let’s head over to the Disney Wonder cruise ship!

As the WDW Radio Cruise to Alaska sets sail in just one month from today, one tip you can take aboard if you have little kids in your party relates to meeting characters.

Throughout your voyage, there are Meet & Greet times, but they can become very busy and crowded.

The best time to see and take photos with all the characters at once is on the last night of the trip in the main concourse. Here they will bid farewell. Although the cruise is coming to an end, this is a great chance to make a lasting memory.

(Photo ©Disney)

How many of you have found it more convenient to meet characters at the end of the cruise? Comment below!

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3 thoughts on “Best Time to Meet Characters on the Disney Wonder!”

  1. Ruby says:

    Cool 🙂

  2. Sorry, but I have to disagree! While you will get an opportunity to take pictures of the characters on the last appearance, it won’t be close up,and it will be in a very choreographed presentation. Also, the odds of an individual encounter is extremely low, since the event is very well attended. Instead, look for the character breakfast in your Navigator. The characters will come to you AND it is usually a fairly sparsely attended event on the Alaska cruises, compared to other destinations. Your best bet for specific characters is to watch the Navigator for meets, and either be there early, or pick ones that occur during popular activities.

  3. Peyton Spear says:

    Derek, great tip as well! I agree that the event at the end of the voyage can be crowded but for those who may not be able to attend a character breakfast, the farewell is a great alternative based on firsthand experience. Thanks for reading!