On September 14-15, PBS will air Walt Disney: An American Experience, a 2-part, 4-hour biography that will offer an unprecedented look at the life and legacy of one of America’s most enduring and influential storytellers and business leaders. Featuring rare archival footage from the Disney vaults, scenes from some of his greatest films, and interviews with biographers and historians, animators and artists, it will tell stories about his triumphs and challenges in a very new way.

Prior to the film’s release, Lou Mongello was invited by the Orlando PBS affiliate, WUCF TV, to host and moderate a panel discussion with the Director and Executive Producer at the Garden Theater in Winter Garden.



1 thought on “Walt Disney: An American Experience – Panel and Screening (Video)”

  1. B.J. Major says:

    I watched both parts of this series on WD. I purchased the series on iTunes with the intent of watching it again, and I will. While the series has seemingly met with a lot of controversy (and even some hostilities) from some Disney fans, I consider it a MUST SEE, especially for the general public (not just Disney fans). Why? Because the early days, before Walt turned 30, is when he had some of the most serious setbacks, failures, and flops. Not to mention a father who never encouraged one artistic or creative thing that Walt ever did. Never once said to him, “Go follow your dream”. Nothing. Just work in this factory job I secured for you and be content with that. Thank goodness Walt did not listen and instead followed his desires and his heart. Here is someone who was raised in almost a poverty situation with no support – and despite popular opinion, was NOT rolling in money for more than half of his life. This is the Walt Disney that the public needs to see. This is the Walt Disney that never gave up or gave in – when he had ample opportunities to do so. He was following his dreams until the end. All of us are the better for it and we should be grateful he lived.