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Plans for EPCOT always included a space-themed pavilion, and when Horizons closed in 1999, those original plans became a reality, when Mission: Space opened in that location. This week, join me for a comprehensive look at the history of the pavilion, as well as a detailed walk-through of its story, tributes, attraction and post-show. So when you hear the words “Go For Launch!”… You’ll definitely want to hang on.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show:  Would you rather have Horizons or Mission: Space?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #420 – Mission: Space DSI: Disney Scene Investigation”

  1. Ana Kurland says:

    Tough choice! I say Horizons by a hair.

    Mom2MandJ in the box.

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    I’m going with Horizons, with updates to bring it up to today’s technologies! (But then you run into the same dilemma as you would if updating The Carousel of Progress – that’s a tough call). In my opinion, Horizons seems more like a Disney attraction. Tough decision though. Ughhhhhh! Plus, Mission space gives my wife headaches. I know you have the no-spin option. But, it’s just not the same. Flip a coin??? You can eat before you go on Horizons. That’s a plus :0) Will be interesting to see what others have to say. Another super show. Thanks again, Lou!!!

  3. chris g says:

    You know I gotta sat Mission Space.
    I know people loved Horizons But I wonder how much of that is trying to keep hold of
    past memories more than how good or bad the ride really was. That first Disney Experience
    is so powerful for so many
    If Horizon’s was still around today I bet people would find it very old and dated
    Even if it were updated, it would be like Journey/Imagination. Not liking the update
    and remembering what was.
    As Walt said Keep Moving Forward.

  4. Tara says:

    Even though I’ve only been on Mission Space once and won’t go again (claustrophobia), and as much as I loved Horizons as a kid, I’d have to go with Mission Space. I think it’s a great immersive attraction like Horizons and all the other old attractions in future world were, and what attractions in future world should be.

  5. Mike Keith says:

    My heart says Horizons – back in ’89 on our first trip it was a wonderful place to be , to imagine , to consider the 21st century . My Son was 5 and wide eyed as we travelled through Horizons . When it was closed and torn down , it was traumatic . I can see why it couldn’t be updated so it had to go . I play the full ride soundtrack and have mp3’s of the sections . YET , my head says , let’s move on and Mission Space does that albeit in a more challenging way . Yes , it’s immersive , claustophobic – that doesn’t affect me but I know many have issues – yet I can’t ride the extreme version . All I would hope is that nostalgia isn’t swept aside regardless . The history elements of Disney are vital for balance . Losing the backlot tour at DHS is a shame , the Movie Ride is important and we could go through a list of experiential attractions that are all a part of the jigsaw . Curiously Captain EO seems very dated now , whereas Honey I shrank the Audience was immersive and hugely enjoyable . Lots to debate but please Disney , keep the balance , it’s all part of the magic .

  6. Chris Steiskal says:

    Bring back Horizons!