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In my continuing series where we highlight the life and legacy of Disney Legends, this week I invite you to join me as we take a close look at the amazing work of Marc Davis. Walt Disney’s “Renaissance Man,” his work in animation and the theme parks while at Imagineering is some of the most recognizable, remarkable, enduring and loved by generations of Disney fans. We’ll explore not only his accomplishments, but never-built theme park concepts like Thunder Mesa, and where you can find tributes to Marc in the parks.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is your favorite Marc Davis character or theme park attraction? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #423 – Disney Legend Marc Davis”

  1. William Bragg says:

    I had just commented that I was having Jim Korkis withdrawal on WDW Radio….and pow, there he is. It’s like listening to a walking encyclopedia (or vault) when he is presenting things on the show. Love the synergy that Lou Mongello and Jim Korkis generate when these interviews are conducted. Wonderful recap of Marc Davis’ key contributions to the Disney that we know today, and the influence that he will have on future Disney icons!

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    Has to be one of my all-time favorite shows! Marc Davis was a pure creative genius – with a GREAT sense of humor, which was clearly obvious through his animated movie AND theme park characters. What an incredible man. Love his work. All of it. Favorite Marc Davis attraction? Will do a top 1.5. Pirates of the Caribbean, and .5 for the Haunted Mansion – since it wasn’t 100% Marc, but without his characters, wouldn’t be the great attraction it is. Both Pirates and the Mansion are fully responsible for getting me started on my way to becoming a true Disney fan AND becoming a creative professional. This journey began 43 years ago on my first (and only so far) visit to Disneyland as a young boy. Have been to WDW many times through the years. Again, what a great show. Thank you, Lou and Jim. Looks like I have more books to pick up!

  3. This was another excellent show. Thank you Lou Mongiello and Jim Korkis. It’s interesting that Walt Disney called Mark Davis his Renaissance Man. The entire Disney theme park experiment is like a mini Renaissance. Like the Medici’s before him, Walt exercised a great effort and spent enormous sums of money to cultivate the talents of the best artists of their day. Disney Imagineers such as Marc Davis, Claude Coates, Roger Broggie et. al. have picked up the torches once born by the likes of Brunelleschi, Bernini, Vivaldi et. al. The Italians left us Florence, Venice, and modern Rome and the Imagineers left us the Walt Disney World Resort. Marc Davis’ genius adorns the Magic Kingdom. Hard to pick a favorite, but if forced too, I would choose all the lovable pirates from The Pirates of the Caribbean.

  4. Chad Williams says:

    Great show touching on the talents and work of one of Disney’s great artists. It is amazing how Marc was able to invoke such audience emotion through his animation and artwork.

    My favorite attraction depicting his work is Pirates of the Caribbean but the Haunted Mansion runs a close second. The motion, songs, lighting and sound effects utilized during these attractions help bring his art to life and enhance the experience. Thanks for another great podcast.