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Join me this week as we look to the year ahead, and our Top Ten Things We’re Looking Forward to Experiencing in Walt Disney World in 2016. With so much to see, do and eat in the next 12 months, we’ll look at what we’re anticipating most and why, and then ask you to share yours as well.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What are you looking forward to most in Walt Disney World in 2016? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #432 – Top Ten Things We’re Looking Forward to in Walt Disney World in 2016”

  1. William Bragg says:

    Looking forward to seeing these new/updated attractions start to open up to the public. I feel like the next 3-5 years will be like a renaissance for Walt Disney World…by the 50th anniversary I believe all of the major refurbs/additions will have been implemented and it will be quite the cause for celebration…2016 is the start of the unveiling.
    Also looking forward to following the adventures of Lou and WDW Radio as these changes take place over the next few years.

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    Cream spinach for Timmy! Good one. For 2016, just looking forward to experiencing all that is WDW through your fantastic show, Lou!!! Thank you.

  3. Andrew Prince says:

    Awesome job Lou! Hope the predictions come true!

  4. Sue Clarke says:

    Can’t wait for WDW in May so I can spot all the trivia you’ve highlighted in your shows espevially buildings in Hollywood Studios & Magic Kingdom. It’ll give my visit an extra dimension. Thank you!

  5. Megann Eichner says:

    Looking forward to our Star Wars cruise on Jan. 23!

  6. Mandie says:

    Just started listening….I would love a Dole Whip. Can you find a way to send one up to NY?? Lol.

  7. Dean Finder says:

    People aren’t upset about Frozen replacing Maelstrom because they don’t want characters in World Showcase – they’re upset because World Showcase is based on places that actually exist. Arrendelle does not exist on a map of the world, so it should not be World Showcase. If Disney Parks had promised the new ride would be “Anna and Elsa take you through the mythology, history, and reality of Norway,” there would have been little protest. Instead, Disney promised it would be based around the film, with barely a glance to the places they borrowed from (which isn’t even exclusively Norwegian).
    Again, few people object to characters in WS. You saw that with the enthusiastic reaction to the new AAs in Mexico – they add to a story set in the real country of Mexico.

  8. Nick Salcedo says:

    Love the show Lou! so many great things happening at WDW now as well as within the next several years and with my two little girls…so much more of a reason to keep going back. One thing I am really looking forward to is everything happening at Animal Kingdom. We are scheduled to be down at WDW in May of this year and I hear around that time the River’s of Light night time show is going to open up in the spring of 2016. Does anyone know of when this is going to be opening up? would love to check it out while I’m down there, I just hope my trip is not too soon to miss it.

  9. Bradley M M says:

    Lou, I totally agree with you that Downtown Disney/Disney Springs is undervalued by many guests. I go anytime I’m in Orlando, whether I am going to the parks or not. It’s a great way to get a Disney fix for an evening. My wife and I go as soon as we arrive before a week of park visits or on our way through town. I cannot wait until they open up the new renovations/additions in Disney Springs!

  10. Bonnie OKane says:

    I am most looking forward to seeing my family in Walt Disney World during their first trip to WDW during the Flower and Garden festival.