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After the recent Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend and Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend in Disneyland, I’m sure you’ve heard the hype, seen the photos and read the stories. But you may not thinK that you can, will or should participate in a runDisney event for one reason or another. This week, we’re going to share 10 Reasons Why You Should (and can!) runDisney! Whether you’ve never run before or have just finished another Dopey challenge, we have tips, training, what to expect, some things you might not expect and much more!

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: Have YOU participated in a runDisney event? Share your story in the comments below!

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11 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #434 – 10 Reasons Why You Should runDisney”

  1. Chuck Zitta says:

    I was a serious, 6 day a week runner 30 years ago, ran in junior high and high school, plus several years afterwards. Unfortunately my knees and one hip can’t take the pounding anymore when running for any sustained amount of time. However, I do a lot of walking and recumbent biking, cause I still gotta get my cardio fix. If I could walk the 5k and not get swept, I would definitely be up for it! Then do some cheering for the other races. Miss running. Really enjoyed it. So, no Disney running events for me. Unfortunately. (Insert sad face here). Sounds like a blast, and it’s for a good cause. All the better. Now a days, I play a lot of golf (played that in high school as well). If there were a WDW fundraiser golf event; now, there’s something I would be up for! And golfers are always ready to play for a good cause ;0) Thanks again for another terrific show, Lou!!!

  2. Crissy S. says:

    If I knew I could run with the WDWRadio team, I would do it!!

  3. Teresa K. says:

    This for the show Lou! I LOVE runDisney. I started running about two and a half years ago and when I began my husband said it was a thinly veiled attempt to eventually run at Disney. While not true, once he placed the thought in my head, it would not leave. I signed up for the Princess 10K in February 2015. Shortly after registering our daughter told us that she wanted a registration for Expedition Everest as her Christmas present. So within a few months, I had gone from no races to being signed up to run two (our daughter HAD to have a parent with her, right?!?).

    The Princess 10K was an amazing experience. I was floored at how much fun I had that weekend. Without a doubt, I became a runDisney nut. I was so excited to introduce our daughter and our friends to runDisney when four of us ran the final EE 2015. A year after running my first runDisney event, my husband, daughter, three friends and I will be heading down for Princess 2016. My husband, daughter and I will do the 5K, and then two of our friends and I will participate in the Glass Slipper Challenge. Our third friend will run the 10K on the second day. With less than a month to go, I am SO EXCITED to get there and get started on my quest for GSC.

    Thanks again for great show!

  4. Louis Passauer says:

    Chuck, I believe Lou’s time for the 5K was about 58 minutes as he walked and took photos etc. if you can walk a 5K in an hour you are most likely fine, although Disney publishes a 16 minute per mile pace I know people go over for 5K.

    Chrissy S. As I stated on the show I ran with 3 people I had never met before marathon weekend. We love running with people and new runners are always welcome. There is typically almost always someone in your corral to run with.

  5. Ivonne Macewen says:

    Sorry I missed the show but I felt compelled to answer. People will never know a race until they join a Disney race. I had my soul found purpose at my first race with the Arthritis Foundation. My doctors had adviced me to not run, or walk long distance. I suffer from autoimmune arthritis among other things and take chemo. I did not take the news sitting down 😉. Then I volunteered at a marathon and met a sweet couple who informed me about the Disney Run. I knew I had to look it up. Trying to sign up for my first Disney Run in September 2015 I was not,optimistic 1. That I would finish 2. That I,would even be able to get in to sign up. So as I expected I didnt get through but I could not give up. I found the run for a fundraiser and low and behold I found a lovely organization. Signed up for the 10K. I thought I had lost it. Ha ha up to the day of the race I was so fearful of keeping the required pace. Everyone warned me that I must and they don’t care about disabilities. Its a timed race.
    My doctors had noticed,that I was not giving up to Run Disney. They put me in physical therapy. My therapist gave me running points. I did most my training on bike. My docs made sure to keep my inflammation down thru meds. Race day arrived and I GOT MY FIRST RUN DISNEY 10K medal!
    NOW I was hooked! So in February I will attend the RUN DISNEY PRINCESS RUN 5K. I’m not in such good health but I will finish. 😊 In May I am signed up for Tinkerbell in Disneyland and that’s a 10K. Thank God for my docs and physical therapist and all who help me cross that finish line! ❤️ I am blessed.

  6. Peter Wade says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this episode! I’ve done the full in 2006, goofy in 2009 and 2013, the dopey in 2015, tower of terror twice (please bring back runDisney!), wine and dine half once and did the dumbo in California also in 2015 to complete the coast to coast. Ido do every Disney race if I could live closer and have the money. I feel very fortunate to have done this many, and can’t wait until next race 2017 wine and dine. Any time I listen to Lou I get pumped up to come to Disney, but his run Disney shows always are my favorite (along with star wars). If gig ever get a chance to even walk a 5k Disney race, you won’t regret it. Tons of characters and entertainment, decent post race food, but the absolute best shirts and medals. I even did a marathon as part of goofy in 2013, was sick the entire time and drove myself to a doctor right after the race, and wouldn’t change a thing. It was still fun. Thank Lou for all you do, enjoy your show!

  7. Jared T says:

    Can anyone tell me where the music comes from that opens this episode? It’s the triumphant sounding orchestral piece that’s playing as Lou intros the panel.

    Any info is much appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Louis Passauer says:

    The music comes from the original motion soundtrack to “Rudy” by Jerry Goldsmith. The music throughout the soundtrack is excellent and you hear the same melody done differently throughout. However the piece Lou used is from a song called “Tryouts” and is approx 2 minutes into the track where he picks it up.

    Also if you like that track another good one is a song called “Flying” from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to “Peter Pan”.

    Hope this helps,

  9. Mike says:

    Hey Lou,

    Listening to your podcasts inspired my wife and I. I have major knee issues and she has a really bad back. But for our last anniversary, we took a DCL trip and ran the castaway 5k. We loved it and I am seriously considering running a longer rundisney race. Will there be a “tomorrow land” / virtual race again this year? We enjoy your show!


  10. Kelly says:

    Hi Lou,

    I started running because I could do a RunDisney race. The Happy Haunted 5K in 2013 was my very first race and my incentive to start running. And I’ve been running since. For the Start Wars Dark Side, I am doing my first 10K and my husband is doing his first Half-Marathon.

    We love your show. And have dinner with you almost every Wednesday night.

    Thanks for all you do!

  11. William Bragg says:

    Love sporting my WDW Radio Running Team shirt and telling people about what it supports.