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Editor’s Note:  Lou’s email inbox is often full to overflowing with questions from listeners.  As such, he has enlisted the WDW Radio Blog writers to assist him in answering some of your questions.


Todd here. You don’t have to read this on the show, as it sounds like I’m a loser (unfortunately). But I had a question for you. I was supposed to be going with a friend to The World in November, but now that person has backed out and it’s been impossible to find a replacement. So, as it were, I’m not passing on this opportunity, as I love going to Disney World. So, I was wondering, do you have any tips for going solo? I’ll be there the 12-19th. I know I won’t get bored, but going by myself could probably get overwhelming. Any suggestions on how to make the best out of this situation? I have a 5-day Park Hopper pass and am staying at Art of Animation. Thanks for any advice and I absolutely love the show.


Mary Poppins - BlakeHi, Todd! My name is Blake, and I’m part of the WDW Radio Blog team. Don’t worry one bit; you’re not a loser at all. Traveling solo to Walt Disney World is actually more common than you’d think, and offers a multitude of opportunities to make this completely unique from any visit you’ve had before. I took a solo trip this past January myself and had the same trepidation you did.

First and foremost, rid yourself of any insecurity you may be feeling. You won’t be treated any differently because you’re visiting by yourself. If anything, you’ll receive an even greater royal treatment than you ordinarily would. From Cast Members to characters, you will have a blast. From a touring perspective, you’ll find that you have a lot more freedom to go with the flow. In traveling with other people, many plans need to be set in stone early on and can be difficult to change, whether it’s FastPass+, dining reservations, or simply choosing what to do and when. By yourself, it’s realistic and enjoyable to have the freedom of not being restricted to a concrete itinerary. If you want to change things up as you go, that’s possible because you’re only accommodating one person.

WDW Radio has dived deeper into this topic in the past, and I would definitely encourage you to check out these resources. They are full of great information!

  • Earlier this year, Lou discussed visiting WDW solo in Show #441.
  • Kendall wrote a post in 2014 about some big decisions you can make as a single traveler and the experiences at your fingertips.
  • I wrote in further detail about my recent solo trip a few months ago, including the unexpected benefits of being by yourself.
  • Lastly, below I’m embedding a travelogue I pieced together of some of the relaxing sights and sounds I was able to soak in because I was by myself and didn’t have an agenda to keep.


I hope this was helpful to you, Todd, and all of our readers who are considering a solo vacation to Walt Disney World.

(Photos and video from the author’s personal collection.)

Have you ever taken a solo Disney trip? What tips would you give someone who is thinking about it?


Mickey - Blake


Blake graduated Appalachian State University studying Electronic Media Broadcasting and Film. He is currently a participant of the Disney College Program. Blake’s favorite attraction is the hub grass. You can find him on Twitter @blake_242 or at BlakeOnline.com.



5 thoughts on “Lou’s Inbox: Solo Walt Disney World”

  1. Ana Kurland says:

    I’ve done it. It was not a problem. I made dinner reservations at the Japanese steak house and the Germany place, so I would not have to eat ‘alone,’ but otherwise I had a ball! I went where I wanted, when I wanted, started as early as I liked, stayed as late as I could and stopped and watched the little things and side shows that you miss when going commando with my family. I was in Orlando for a conference and stayed 3 days extra. Go for it!

  2. Melody Vilt says:

    Todd – had to laugh at your question because I said almost the same thing – I told Lou not to read it on the show because I would sound tragic! LOL! I am a passholder and live a couple hours away, but don’t have a lot of passholder friends. My daughter and I both are, but she isn’t as available and can’t go as often as I would like to. To be honest, I haven’t tried going solo yet, but I’ve received a lot of good advise from Lou and his team and I guess it’s not a big deal at all – almost better is some cases. Good Luck! And November is a great time to go!

  3. Stan Solo says:

    I went on my first Solo trip this past February and had a blast! I was able to go where and when I wanted. I didn’t have to wait for anyone in the morning or slow anyone down. At Animal Kingdom I spent about 20 minutes watching a little bird build a nest. There is no way anyone in my family would have the patience to watch that type of thing for so long. On many of the attractions you get on faster if you are going solo I bypassed a huge line at the Great Movie Ride for example.

    My daughter and I usually go together and go from rope drop till they kick us out. On this trip one day I was very tired and actually went back to the resort for a nap in the afternoon for the first time. I didn’t have to feel bad at all where as if my daughter was with me she might not have wanted to go back.

    A piece of advice is to not be afraid to talk to strangers. In EPCOT on my very first attraction of the day I met a couple from Australia it was their first trip to the US, after we got off we went on the next one together (Figment). We ended up spending the entire day together and didn’t part ways until 2am. We are now Facebook friends and still keep in touch.

    I was hesitant at first just like I think most people would be and didn’t do any sit down meals but that was also part of my saving some money plan

  4. Kris Banas says:

    I went on a solo trip to WDW back in May of 2013. I can’t believe that was 3 years ago already. I had a great time and did lots of princess things that I can’t normally do husband is with me. It was flower and garden time the 20th anniversary and I really enjoyed that for the first time. Got to get together with some friends and had lots of great dinners and really enjoyed myself. The second solo trip was October of 2014 after I was in Orlando on business. I extended my stay in town and checked in at Disney for 3 days. I got to attend Mickey’s not-so-scary Halloween Party and even though I was alone I still had a lot of fun.

  5. Jodi says:

    I’ve traveled by myself & I like it just as much as traveling with my family! I do miss them while I am there because things bring back our great memories together but I do enjoy just being able to do whatever I want!