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I’ll open up the inbox this week and answer your questions about where and what to eat for a Disneyland first-timer, choosing between the Magic and the Fantasy, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Free Dining in Walt Disney World, The lost Legendary Years Resort, free dining, and a new Tomorrowland E-Ticket attraction. I’ll also look for YOU input in helping to answer a few of these questions.

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Thanks to Beci Mahnken from Mouse Fan Travel for joining me again this week!


QUESTIONS for YOU from this week’s show:

  1. What restaurant or item would you recommend for a Disneyland first-timer?
  2. What type of new attraction would you put in Tomorrowland, and what movie, etc. would you base it on?
    Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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8 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #445 – Listener Questions: Disneyland dining, Magic or Fantasy, Halloween Party, The Lost Legendary Years Resort and more!”

  1. Kim Roe says:

    Lambert the Sheepish Lion can be found on Disney Animation Collection Volume 2: The Three Little Pigs DVD. Available on Amazon and Disney Store.

  2. Chuck Zitta says:

    Wait a minute! So, Beci was in a band? I know it’s getting off topic, but would love to hear that story.

    To answer question #1: I have NOT been to Disneyland since 1973, so I’m at a loss for recommendations for places or items to eat. (bowing head in shame)

    Question #2: Let’s start with a “go with me here”. I’m breaking the rules right out of the gate by not using the designated area you mentioned in the show to start with. I’m going with a Star Wars pod race attraction, WHICH would replace the Tomorrowland Speedway. Would enclose the area and make it very immersive. Tony Baxter touched on the need for a “racing attraction” back in episode 372, which I just happened to listen to yesterday ;0) Vehicles would have to run off electricity, since it would be an enclosed environment. Similar to Test Track powered vehicles. And if a Star Wars licensed attraction didn’t work for Tomorrowland (possibly due to the upcoming development in Hollywood Studios), then let’s go with a Tron light cycle racing attraction in the same area. The area that Tomorrowland Speedway currently occupies is a very large footprint, which could use, well, “more”. As in more of an immersive environment, such as in Frontierland, Adventureland. So this new racing attraction would have shops, places to eat, etc built around it, above it, etc., to create more of an atmosphere in tomorrowland. That being said, a Tron environment would probably be a better fit from a design standpoint. And while we’re at it, could possibly fit in a Wall-E themed attraction, somewhere within Tomorrowland as well. Such as between Buzz and the Carousel of Progress? Regardless, I think a retro-futuristic city in Tomorrowland, with additional attractions, places to eat, etc. would be incredible. We can all dream can’t we? BTW, I typed in my comments above before getting to the end of your show. Sounds like we’re drinking the same Kool-Aid!

    Unlimited dining for Lou? LOL!!!!!!! Would love to be there for that one.

    Thanks again for another entertaining/informative show, Lou and Beci!!!

  3. Marnie says:

    Great podcast Lou, great information!! I heard a listener was looking for the short Lambert the Sheepish Lion. It’s on the DVD Melody Time (which I think can still be found). 🙂 It’s one of my favorites!! I own the DVD and love it. You may have mentioned it, my apologies if I missed it.

  4. Rich Krull says:

    Lambert the Sheepish Lion is available on the Melody Time Gold Collection DVD.

    Available on Amazon for $12.

  5. William Bragg says:

    I know it’s WDW Radio, but I love it when you talk Disneyland also!!! The grandfather of them all.

    1. Blue Bayou – one of my best memories of going to Disneyland as a kid (lived 60 miles away) was when my mom took us to the Blue Bayou for the Monte Cristo sandwich. I can remember taking my pregnant wife their twenty years later, getting the special reservation card (we still have it), and introducing her to the Blue Bayou and the Monte Cristo. The atmosphere of being part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is fantastic. It’s pricey and hard to get a reservation, but it is worth it.

    2. Tomorrowland ride – a shout out to Tron would make the most sense (one of the best video games of the 80’s…they used to have about 20 of them lined up in the arcade outside of Space Mountain at Disneyland), but I’m going to introduce a little go with me here…

    Wreck it Ralph – Candy Crush Racers – Virtual reality racing as your favorite Wreck It Ralph character. Prior to going into race, you can build your own race car (just like Test Track) – it goes live when you sit down to race – they could have 12-24 people racing at a time in a Candy Crush type environment. It could be split in to 3-4 different loading areas and the ride would last ~ 3-6 minutes. Of course, after coming off the attraction, guests would be funneled into a candy store.

    Fantastic Hogan’s Heroes reference.

    On a side note, I think there could also be potential for an Inside Out attraction taking the place of Journey into Imagination…just a thought.

    Thanks again for a great show Lou and Beci.

  6. Shannon Gray says:

    Being a Disneyland AP I can’t answer the dining question with 1 location so I’ll give recommendations by area 🙂

    Disneyland: The most iconic restaurant here is Blue Bayou. My parents dined here in the ’70’s and I go on special occasians. Nothing beats the atmosphere and they recently overhauled the menu!

    CA Adventure: My favorite is Carthay Circle. I love the old Hollywood feel and the Snow White touches. The menu is always changing to incorporate local seasonal foods and I’ve never had a bad experience here. Hint…if you dine on the balcony during the Disneyland fireworks they dim the lights and pipe in the music and you can see the show from here!

    Downtown Disney: Jazz Kitchen is amazing! Save room for beignets!

    Resorts: Storytellers Cafe at the Grand Californian. This is a great western folklore inspired restaurant filled with woodworking. They bake their own bread and we’ve been doing Thanksgiving here the past 5 years due to their delicious food and homey-atmosphere

    Extra: Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland Hotel has the best breakfasts! Fancy restaurant atmosphere with Denny’s prices for breakfast. Someday I’ll save up and get steak dinner here 🙂

    I would love to see Disney World’s Tomorrowland get a Tron attraction! That would be perfect! We were rumored to get a Tron Light Cycle attraction here in Disneyland to replace the old People Mover but that never happened. Yesterday we heard some disturbing news that our Tower of Terror will be re-themed into a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction. I definitely want some Marvel love over here but this would be very upsetting. I’m rooting for a Stark Expo attraction in our Innoventions instead!!

    Thank you for keeping me sane at work with your podcasts! I hope to make it to your Meet and Greet out here on 5/18! Safe travels!

  7. Adam Goswick says:

    Kim is correct about Lambert being on the Three Little Pigs collection. Here’s a link for it on Amazon:

    It’s also on Netflix. Enjoy!

  8. Lambert can also be found on the Disney Treasures set – Disney Rarities.