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Join me this week as we let our imaginations run wild in our list of Top Ten Wishes We Want to Come True in Walt Disney World. Beyond simple additions to the parks, we explore our greatest “blue sky” ideas and wishes for what we would bring (or bring back) to Walt Disney World. Of course, I’ll want to hear from YOU, as you’ll have a chance to share wishes of your own.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is YOUR Walt Disney World wish? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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41 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #446 – Top Ten Walt Disney World Wishes”

  1. Kristin Fuhrmann-Simmons says:

    My greatest wish?

    To stay in Cinderella’s Castle with my family. I would love to have magical overnight in the castle and have the chance to experience the decor, the “pixie” dusted lighted ceiling and frankly, to take a huge bubble bath in the one-of-a-kind tub.

    Bathe in the Magic Kingdom at Cinderella’s Castle? You bet you lightsabers I would!

  2. Curtis says:

    Y’all mentioned this in the episode briefly, but I would love to have a new value resort themed on the Great Muppet Caper’s Happiness Hotel. They could fill it with visual gags and references to different Muppet movies and shows throughout the years. They could put Pete’s Diner from Muppets Take Manhattan in the resort. I think Disney could do a good job at taking the dingy look of the Happiness Hotel from the movie without it truly being a dump (if that makes any sense!). The swimming pool would be Muppet Treasure Island themed. But best of all, they could make the price even a little bit lower than the other “value” resorts, so that struggling families can stay on property instead of finding off property alternatives: nice and cheap, in the spirit of the original Happiness Hotel!

  3. The Tony says:

    My wish would be a resort similar to Art Of Animation celebrating Disney live action movies. Casual Disney fans really don’t give much attention to the great Disney live action movies. As for an attraction themed resort I’d say Jungle Cruise

  4. Chuck Zitta says:

    Tim! Grease was just on TV last night. C’mon man! Tim asked what was left besides Harry Potter and Avatar. How about Lord of the Rings? Weren’t there talks between Disney and this franchise, but they fell through? Wow, you guys are being hard on Lou’s BIG role playing idea…do I hear crickets? LOL!!!

    My Walt Disney World wish??? Lets start with 1,000 more Walt Disney World Wishes. Cause honestly, can a person ever have enough? And here’s a short list of a few more:

    1. To spend a week with Walt, walking through the parks and resorts, dining, etc., and discussing his thoughts.

    2. A 5th gate featuring all the extinct attractions, foods, entertainment, etc., with a main focus on nostalgia. (similar to one of Daniel’s wishes, yet different). I think I may have mentioned this idea in a previous episode. The food would have today’s prices. Not a trip back in time.

    3. Bring Western River Expedition into the parks, somewhere.

    4. To have access to the World everyday, with UNLIMITED free dining and resort stays.

    5. Add more attractions that are NOT based on movies, as the Haunted Mansion, Pirates and Jungle Cruise originally were. To create more “wonder” in the parks. Elements can only be seen in the parks. People would enter the attractions with no idea what to expect.

    6. Restore Main Street U.S.A., and all other shops in the Magic Kingdom, back to their original glory. Less commercial and more unique.

    7. A monorail that can take you around to all the parks, resorts, Disney Springs, etc. You may need a few monorail interchanges, but that would be cool.

    8. Add more countries to World Showcase (Lou and Daniel mentioned this).

    9. Bring back the cinnamon butter at Liberty Tree Tavern.

    10. To tour the World and share food with Lou ;0)

    I apologize for taking little time in thinking up my ideas.

    Thanks again for another awesome show, Lou, Tim and Daniel!!!

  5. Amanda Young says:

    This may be my favorite show ever. Dreaming up pie-in-the-sky wishes for the World is a favorite family pastime, so I have three:

    First of all, in the Magic Kingdom,my family loves the beautiful transitions from Adventureland to Frontier land to Liberty Square to Fantasyland, but we were disappointed in the transition to Tomorrowland. My dream is to take out the speedway, and in that area make a mini Jules Verne type area to soften the shift from fantasy to future. Maybe an Earth-to-the-Moon type attraction.

    I don’t include 20,000 Leagues there, because of my dream for Animal Kingdom. I’d love a version of Beastly Kingdom, but one with some SEA influence: the society could be sponsoring some expeditions to discover legendary creatures, like the Kraken. I’d love to see a version of Mystic Manor there, and a re-imagined Nautilus, as if the SEA is building on Nemo’s work.

    Last, I want more Baymax. I’d love to see Innoventions become entirely San Fransokyo, possibly with some robot battles and maybe even a real lab like the one in the film, where guests could see actual students working on projects, and maybe get to ask some questions. Disney could get engineering students from around the world to come for a semester and just do lab research and maybe build an add-on opportunity for guests to assist in test phases, or complete a small project of their own. And of course a Baymax attraction.

    Sorry to be so long-winded, but Disney daydreams are the most fun! Every podcast is a mini-vacation, but this one was a real journey into imagination. Thanks for all you do!


    WHAT a great show!!!!!

  7. Bobby Friedman says:

    My top ten wishes in no particular order are
    1 return of life and health pavilion
    2 return of the dreamfinder
    3 return of 2000 leagues
    4 journey to the planets
    5 return of the studio/animation tour
    6 spaceship earthPatrick Stewart/better descend and script
    7 Walt’s EPCOT
    8 more connected Tomorrowland
    9 beastly kingdom
    10 muppets mini land
    Muppets beastly and EPCOT as they were originally conceived.
    My tomorrowland wish would be like the one I left the voicemail about with Verne and wells tying into the city of the future.
    Journey to the planets would be for future world or Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. Basically a soarin over the world type attraction but with a 3D CGI type journey to the planets of our solar system.

  8. Stephen Conti says:

    My wishes:

    1.) A walkway from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

    2.) For Wilderness Junction to be built in-between Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness as a new moderate resort.

    3.) A new deluxe/DVC resort to be built in-between the Disney’s Hollywood Studios parking lot and Caribbean Beach that would connect to Disney’s Hollywood Studios via walkway and to Epcot via pedestrian bridge.

    4.) Star Wars as an entire 5th gate, not just a land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

    5.) Signature restaurants at the Beach Club and Polynesian.

    6.) For Disney to turn its seasonal restaurants into year round ones, such as the Tomorrowland Terrace, Tortuga Tavern and Aunt Polly’s.

    7.) For Disney to refurbish and open its abandoned locations, such as the Wonders of Life pavilion, the Odyssey Restaurant, Discover Island and River Country, either as in its original form or entirely new concepts.

    8.) Remove the Indy Speedway and put a new e-ticket in it’s place using that massive piece of land.

  9. Matt Waymack says:

    I wish they had themed condos dispersed throughout the different lands in each park. Eveyone staying on a Disney property get added to a drawing and families get randomly selected to stay in one for up to 3 days. The list is maintained and no family can do it twice. While staying in the park, you can roam around the park after and before hours.

  10. Lou Mongello says:

    LOVE these ideas!!! You guys are incredibly creative (and funny!!) 🙂

  11. Bill Anderson says:

    Great Show!

    My wish would be to replace Innoventions in Future World with a NASA Pavilion.

    Cape Kennedy is an amazing place in Florida that few get to see.

    Let’s see exhibits of past, current and future missions.

    Let’s get kids and adults excited about space again.

    Also a great tie in with Spaceship Earth.

  12. Wow, I’m surprised to see someone else shared my dream of seeing Innoventions transformed into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology! I think it fits so well with both the original concepts for Communicore and some of the ideas Walt had for the original version of Epcot. Anything to see that revived, because I loved Communicore.

    And I just wrote about this on my site a couple of weeks ago, but I’d absolutely wish for a revived Journey into Imagination based on the Disney Kingdoms comic. As much as I love the original attraction, there’s so many wonderful ideas in that book that are dying to be adapted into an amazing attraction. But I’d also settle for any way of returning Dreamfinder to the parks.

    Finally, how is it that we have dark rides, we even have dark rides with ducks, but we don’t have a Darkwing Duck ride?

  13. Sarah says:

    First: lil’ Tim Foster – While I understand where you’re coming from… NO! I am actually very grateful that Disney did not get the rights to Harry Potter. They tried, however, Disney is infamous for stringent intellectual property clauses in their contracts, which would have given J.K. Rowling no creative freedom with the lands or movies. Even the cast members at the parks get this – as a writer myself, I made sure I didn’t work for them in the brief time I lived there. But this has allowed the Wizarding World to expand to the stage, into new movies, and I’m certain we’ll see a lot more soon.

    Second: I would also love the immersive stories to be expanded. An Agents of Shield Mission in which we could actually use powers would be fantastic! Maybe some sort of Escape Room would be interesting in that vein. Another thing I’d love is something to take us through the 1001 Arabian Nights. I don’t know why, but I really thing Disney could do it well. I think they’re concentrating a little too hard on licensed property – I’m afraid if they keep it up, we’ll lose awesome attractions like Space & Big Thunder Mountains, Tower of Terror (Guardians Tower?!), and so on. I love Disney for Disney, not necessarily for the zillions of properties they own or have obtained.

    Great episode, guys!

  14. chris g says:

    A couple ideas

    First one I think Lou will like because it’s food.
    While I love the Food and Wine fest and the food is authentic for it’s country
    it’s not the same that’s served at the regular restaurants of World Showcase.
    And o one can try all the restaurants in one or even two trips.
    And some people mine be hesitant to try a new place not being sure
    if they will like it or like it enough to spend for the price of a whole meal.
    My idea is why not make the Odyssey Restaurant which is barely used as a
    Taste of the World Showcase.
    Guests can go in and get sample sizes of the actual meals served around the Showcase.
    Giving them a taste to know if they would like to plan a full meal.
    And ability to try several different places they wouldn’t normally be able to do.
    Satisfying that craving of picking one and yet missing out of another.

    My other, would be to fully update many of the rides.
    Like Jungle Cruise, while a favorite, how much cooler would be if they animatronics would
    be more life like. Compared to today’s animatronics like the Yeti or Thumper from Bugs Life, they are primitive. Update the animals to today’s possibilities would breathe whole new life into the ride. Same for Carousal of Progress. I wish they could update to include a couple more decades like the 60’s or 80’s. Closing the ever growing gap to the final scene.
    But the cost would be huge and not likely to happen.

    And while others have said similar, Expand the Monorail.
    Face it, the Transportation Center is no longer a “Center”
    Open a new monorail Hub at the corner of Walt Disney Drive and EPCOT Center Drive
    for one center parking lot Then re route the EPCOT line to go from the new center to MK, Another to EPCOT, And build new lines to HS, AK, and DS. Cost of building would be saved back by the fees of parking there, the increase of Park Hopper sales (from the much greater ease and speed of Hopping), the drastic reduction of dependence on buses. (Imagine how much nicer the roads would be with fewer buses)

  15. AJ Perez says:

    Tim was definitely on to something with his Avatar comment. I do not know a single person who is still interested in that franchise, and that part of the park could be used for something more interesting. Though personally, I would like to see it turned into The World of Studio Ghibli. There are so many great properties from that shop, and a number of them have environmental themes, which is perfect for Animal Kingdom. Plus, Disney already has that relationship with them, so it wouldn’t be THAT much of a stretch to believe it could happen.

    I also second all of the Big Hero 6 comments made so far here. There really isn’t enough of that movie in the parks!

  16. Ashley Bellis says:

    Okay, first off, this was a great show! I was cracking up, especially when Lou’s role playing fell flat. I think that would be so cool! A Winnie the Pooh role play would be excellent ☺ As to my pie-in-the-sky idea: we need WDW portals similar to the closet/Monsters Inc. doors in the movie. Once your trip is all planned and whatnot, Disney activates your door, and you walk from your closet into your resort. If you forgot something, you can go home in a flash, you can have your kid sleep in their own bed (as they’re only a door away), and you can cut out the hassle of travel! Yes, this is my Disney dream.

  17. John Antonides says:

    Lou was right with the Wakanda comment and Black Panther. This could be incorporated into Animal Kingdom very easily. However, better yet it could be added to Epcot where the African Pavilion was supposed to go as part of the new Africa pavilion.

  18. Michael Stancel says:

    I have 2 wishes in a dead-heat with each other…can’t really decide between them….

    The 1st would be for the return of Horizons, but fully upgraded and modernized, intended as a true sequel to the Carousel of Progress and with plenty of easter eggs for fans of both the Carousel and the original Horizons.

    The 2nd would be the addition of New Zealand to the World Pavilion at EPCOT; I lived in NZ from Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2011, and it was quite an experience in my life…; home of Rugby, flightless birds, and every season of the Power Rangers since Ninja Storm(filming home, at least) the ‘little country that could’ would have SO much to offer…. 🙂

  19. MacKenzie Rayman says:

    I LOVE the Tower of Terror hotel idea! That is going way up high on my wish list! It is my favorite attraction!

    Ever since the Animation Academy closed down, I am ever hoping that they will re-open an area in Hollywood Studios even more prominently offering these kind of activities. I want them to offer classes in drawing different characters again, be able to watch the artists draw complicated characters right in front of you, make your own cartoons electronically, etc. I think it was the most magical part of that park and I would love it to come back on a bigger scale – nothing would make me happier! The park just truly does not seem the same without it!

    My last wish is that they would make more Up attractions! The parks are very very limited in Up influences! Come on Disney!!

  20. Shannon Gray says:

    I loved the topic of this show! Here are some of my Disney wishes:

    Animal Kingdom:
    As awesome as Beastly Kingdom sounded and as beautiful as I believe Avatar land will be at night, I’d rather AK stay committed to the education of and preservation of real animals. They do such a fantastic job with Asia and Africa and I can see the benefits of having a land dedicated to dinosaurs. I’d love for Australia and South America to receive their own lands. So many possibilities could be found in each continent!

    1. Innoventions was an awesome concept but needs to be overhauled. I love the idea of a Stark Expo or a San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

    2. Universe of Energy needs to be updated! Energy is such an important topic that I’d love to see a cutting edge company come in and sponser. Interactive elements could be added to the trams like in Spaceship Earth. I think Tesla would be an awesome fit!

    3. Wonders of Life could be rethemed to a health pavilion focusing on medical/ surgical advancement, health and fitness. Fitbit (or similiar) could sponser an attraction or an interactive area and I’d love to see a RunDisney store (Disney New Balance included!).

    4. Odyssey Restaurant reopened as a year round restaurant that reflects the mission of future world. Why not feature cuisine based on new cooking techniques and fusions? It could be a place to try trendy cuisine while learning about the process. Maybe with an open kitchen where you can observe and ask questions.

    5. Imagination Paviliion…I think we all want this attraction to add Dreamfinder back in and to be a little more imaginative than it is in its current state. The second floor of Image works needs to be reopened and the interactive elements should be in good working order. I do love that you can create your own figment…how about having 3d printers where you can buy a figurine of your creation?

    Magic Kingdom:
    I’m pretty happy with Magic Kingdom but I’d love for Stitch’s Great Escape to be replaced with something more exciting. I’d also love for Cinderella’s Royal Table (I still call it King Stefan’s)to go back to offering a regular menu. I was so disappointed to go last year and find we’d have to do character dining to get in.

    5th Park:
    If I had my wish, Hollywood Studios would return to a working studio and Star Wars would go into a 5th park that features franchises (with a cool name of course). Here you could have lands for Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones and whatever else comes along the way. Themed resorts could surround this park (Avengers Tower!). I do love the idea of a Tower Hotel being outside of Hollywood Studios. If our Tower of Terror out here in California turns in to a Guardians of the Galaxy attraction I just may move to Florida!

  21. Autumn says:

    A villans themed park or extension in the back of Fantastyland! You’d have to walk through a dark and scary forrest (or thorny a la Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty) to get there OR go through a secret fountain portal via Enchanted. It’d include the return and an updated version of Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Ursula’s seafood restaurant themed to look like her cave. Evil Queen “poisoned” sweet shop/apothocary. Captain Hook’s clock shop. Lady Tremaine and the step sister’s singing lesson attraction/experience. Queen of Hearts “painting the roses red” virtual game attraction like TSMM or Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. Maybe a pleasure island play area a la Pinocchio. Lots of unseen walk around characters and gargolyes that come to life! Need more presence of Disney’s great villans in the park!

  22. Charles Wood says:

    What an awesome show Lou and gang! I have gone back and listened to almost every past show (helps the gym go by quicker, not to say when you are talking at 2x the speed it’s like listening to super fast music). In planning our upcoming Disneymoon, I get to think back to my past 4 visits and plan for my fiancee’s first trip I do compare parts to Disneyland Resort. Here are my top 5.

    5) Animation Academy, California Adventures is awesome, really sad it is gone
    4) Hollywood Tower Hotel Resort, build the hotel
    3) A total revamp of the current EPCOT Future World
    2) Walts real EPCOT
    1) Monorails to EVERY Disney Resort! Make trips timely and enjoyable.

    Looking forward to next weeks podcast.

  23. Peter Lambert says:

    Here’s my dream: a fifth gate, based on the concept they had called “Disney’s America” which was the proposed American History theme park to be built in Virginia. That park idea disappeared in the 1990s, but imagine an American History version of Epcot, where instead of different countries, the areas are themed to regions of the US. A waterfront New England town, with a roller coaster through a mill. A log flume ride in the Pacific Northwest. They can finally built Thunder Mesa! It could be a great combination of learning about the regions (just like the pavilions at Epcot) but also the history of the US. Americans could learn about their history, and it would be great for foreign guests to learn more about what the US is all about if they don’t have the chance to see the rest of the nation.

  24. Mike Houlihan says:

    I would add two extra resorts. I would add Mineral King Valley Ski resort in Florida. This is the resort Walt Disney was going to build in California. At the very least, I think it would be great if Disney built the resort somewhere but if we are really going to blue ski this idea, what would it be like to go on the narrow guage train from the Wilderness Lodge and you are transported into the mountains into Walt’s ski resort so you can ski or go ice skating in July in Florida. The other resort I wish Disney would build is in Castaway Cay. The Disney ship would drop you off for a week and you could enjoy Disney’s private island and the ship would come back to pick you up.

  25. Laura Santospirito says:

    I don’t know if this is a “go with me here,” but I’ve always wanted a roller coaster based on the door room in Monster’s Inc!!!!! I just think it would be so cool 🙂

  26. Ann says:

    To build on the Hollywood Tower Hotel – what about offering haunted rooms? Each room is programmed to be ‘haunted’ (holograms in mirrors, mysterious footsteps, whispering), and guests opt-in at the front desk so families with littles know they can stay scare-free if they want. If they want it, their room is turned on so they have a spooky time!

    Also GRAVITY FALLS DARK RIDE. You’ve been recruited to help Ford and Dipper fight off Bill and you go on a thrilling ride through the Chaos Dimension. Codes and Easter eggs are hidden throughout and if you solve all the codes (or look on the Gravity Falls wiki), it leads you to a website with bonus content.

  27. SHSGator says:

    My wishes for WDW:
    – Re-imagine Tomorrowland Speedway… Cars-themed *electric* cars w/ great sound effects, Radiator Springs landscapes
    – New Deluxe resort on monorail line between Trans Center & Epcot… Disney-themed (w/ east coast archives & museum)
    – Mary Poppins-themed attraction… anywhere

    My WDW wish for my family:
    – a stay in Cinderella’s Castle dream suite… was fortunate to tour the suite & would be an awesome experience

  28. William says:

    Love this episode… What a great idea..

    My wish for WDW is a villian themed resort.

    I don’t really have many details, its just something that came to me.

  29. Robert says:

    Since you talked about VR, I have a wish that builds on the theme.

    At the gate, you could get a VR headset with headphones to wear around the park. As you walk around, you could set the VR headset to a year or special event and “watch and hear” what was going on at that time. You could go back to the opening of the park or Christmas time in a particular year etc….

  30. Arthur Allen says:

    When you said you could change the laws of physics, I immediately thought of retroactively letting Walt Disney live longer, to see how he would have guided the company into the 70s, and into his 70s. We would finally see Walt’s original vision of Epcot Center. And them BAM! Tim Foster stole my idea. The nerve!

  31. Jennifer Lambert says:

    I have two wishes:
    1. A Pet Friendly hotel where dogs can stay in the rooms with their human families and spend their days doing on site dog activities or just chillin’ in their room. Sleeping on the bed of course. 🙂 The resort would be dog themed of course, from the Pluto wing to the Lady and Tramp area; with another themed area for DUG from UP. Other tributes to Nana from Peter Pan, Bolt, and honorable mentions to cats from Oliver and Company and the 626 Dog, Stitch
    2. Rapid Refill mugs that could be used not only for the resort hotels; but in the parks also.

  32. Jennifer Lambert says:

    OK, so I have one more: a Disney park closer to home that’s not a 17 hour drive. Midwest Area covered by a dome so it’s temperature controlled all year, even when there’s 12 inches of snow on the ground!

  33. Arthur Allen says:

    So many of these wishes are Marvel-themed attractions, which is impossible with Brand X having the theme park rights east of the Mississippi. With all the hoopla surrounding Disney buying back Oswald from Universal a few years ago, I wonder if they wouldn’t have been better off renegotiating the Marvel deal with that studio. Maybe the deal will expire soon. (Crossing my fingers for good luck.)

  34. Zac Goodwin says:

    Great Show
    I would love to see WDW expand on the “One mans Dream” attraction by adding an actual walk through of the Disney archives. The attraction can showcase props, artifacts, and even interactive sets from some of the greatest moments in Disney history. The attraction would not be limited to one element of the company and would highlight everything from film, to animation, to theme parks. Much like One Mans Dream, but really open up the warehouse of the Disney archives. This would be located in the studios park in a new area that could be accessed from both within in our from outside the park. Thanks again guys.

  35. tom says:

    Just wanted to 2nd the wizarding world.
    Tim mentioned how Disney wold have done such a great job….without ever going to diagon ally or hogsmeade in universal.
    FYI. It’s amazing. You have discussed before a park of total immersion. Playing the part.
    You do get this feeling in ww and da.
    I’m a Potter fan. I wear my school robe when I’m in the park. I do get some looks from other adults…who I will never see again. I love how immerse it is. I love wdw but Potter world is great.

  36. Tammy says:

    If Disney could acquire the rights to Willy Wonka, imagine how great it would be to have an attraction based on the Chocolate Factory! It could be a store, a restaurant, an interactive attraction and a ride.

  37. Kari Downing Reese says:

    Loved this episode; all three of you had me laughing thru the show.
    My wish for attraction themed rooms and/or resorts would be:
    1: Magic Carpets of Aladdin/Agrabah theme
    2: Jungle Cruise theme
    3: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea theme

    Kari *o*

  38. Sarah Haas says:

    A Disney-exclusive tattoo parlor would be my WDW wish!

  39. ginny says:

    Welcome to Fantasy Island. Your idea that you thought no one got was basically Fantasy Island. Since it was an ABC shoe Disney probably has the right to it. now all you need is Mr Roark and Tatoo! Gret Show!!
    Thanks for all you do

  40. Joseph says:

    I would love for Disney to put in an extensive system of bike / jogging paths throughout the entire property. I would use it for biking, but I know that many people would get a lot of use out of it to stay in shape while on vacation and to keep up their training for the marathons. One of my favorite things about the Disney World property is all of the natural, undeveloped land. I would love to be able to be immersed in it outside of a car or bus. It would also be awesome to be able to bike from any resort to any park or other resort. The combination of being outdoors and the freedom of mobility would be so cool. They could offer automated bike rentals like those found in many major cities around the world, so that there are bike rental stations at every resort/park/destination.

  41. Gray says:

    More single rider lines in each park.