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As Disney Springs continues to evolve into a shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, one of the locations that is helping to shape and define the area is The Boathouse. Join me at the table this week for a live dining review as we sample many of the items on the menu, meet the chef, and discover what makes this dining experience unique.

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(More photos coming soon!!)

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: Have YOU been to The Boathouse yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #448 – Live Review of The Boathouse in Disney Springs”

  1. Chuck Zitta says:

    OH!!! I remember having suicides at the little league field after our ball games as a kid. Awesome!

    No, haven’t been yet. But it’s getting added to the list. For sure! That place sounds amazing. Everything they brought you to try sounded incredible. I want it all! The seafood, the steaks, the drinks, etc. All sounded so delicious. And the atmosphere sounds perfect. Come casual or come formal. Like that idea. I have a feeling this place was a big hit, based on the length of the show. And it’s worth every second. The fact that they cook with fresh ingredients is a big PLUS for me. I too try to give my family meals made with fresh ingredients. We have cut waaaaaaaaaaaay back on the processed stuff. It’s obviously healthier for you and it tastes better too! Loved Nicholas’s power nap comment. LOL!!! So funny! A true professional in the making. Wow! The Chef really gave you guys the
    VIP treatment. I’m impressed. Sounds like the Mongello family may have found a new home? LOL!!! I agree with Deanna, it all sounds like favorites to me.

    Thanks again for another incredibly appetizing show, Lou and family!!!

  2. Ken Munroe says:

    Good God, your review made me leave my Massachusetts home and head down for our tenth WDW family trip. I understand why you wanted to take the photos to show how well the food is prepared, plated and the portion size. The Mongello family does a great job of explaining the food as it arrives and the taste of each item (except when Lou is choking from eating too fast). The Boathouse sounds like a great place for fine food and a reasonable price.

  3. William Bragg says:

    The Boathouse just made “the list.”

    Love the Mongello dining reviews. The kids perspectives really help, and Deanna knows what she is talking about when it comes to nutrition.

    Another quality effort Lou…now go have a Suicide by the pool.


    I made my reservations after listening to you and your family. The meals sound delicious. I enjoy everything made from scratch. But I don’t know what one thing to get. Me and my husband always share and sample what each other gets. We will definitely have to go back a few times!!!

  5. Tanya Maurer says:

    I listened to this at the wrong time of day. Now I am beyond hungry. So I have booked two reservations for my October trip. Drat! My favorite part of this podcast, Lou, was your reference to Mrs. White in “Clue”. I laughed so much – as my friend and I have used the ‘flames’ line for years – and I had to pause the podcast. Thank you for the detailed information, the dreams of good food to come, and the good laugh.

  6. Tom Nolan says:

    Another great show, Lou! I’m a relatively new subscriber (about a year or so) and I catch up on all episodes whenever I can, usually during my daily commute. Listened to this particular one this morning on my train into NYC and needless to say, it made me want to immediately make a reservation at the Boathouse. My family and I will be doing our annual pilgrimage to WDW in August and the Boathouse has just been added to the list of eateries. Was also great to hear firsthand how much your entire family enjoyed the meal. Anyway, I love listening to the podcasts and I particularly love trying to catch all the nerd/movie references you throw in (caught 3 on this one – History of the World, Ghostbusters, and Pulp Fiction – and a fourth one from your son, the classic Terminator “I’ll be back.” Awesome stuff, keep up the good work…