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Whether you are a first-rime visitor, or have been to Walt Disney World hundreds of times, there are a few things, dare I say a Top Ten list (ish), that everyone should do at least once. This week, we’ll explore our list, and ask you to share your own “Disney bucket list.”

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is on YOUR “Disney Bucket List?” Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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18 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #450 – Top Ten Things in Walt Disney World Everyone Needs to Do At Least Once”

  1. John DeLancey says:

    COMPLETELY agree on the backstage tours (and with Timmy Foster on creating the magic for others – you go Timmy Foster!).

    So much of the magic, to me, is in the people that make it happen and how they go about it. There is no company in our history that does “people” better than Disney, and I love learning more about how they make it happen.

    Great episode!

  2. Bobby Friedman says:

    Great show as always boys.
    In general
    1 monorail/railroad
    2 all nighttime spectaculars
    3 small world
    4spaceship earth
    5 take a tour

    1Take a tour
    3 see all hotels
    4 candlelight procession/ go at holidays
    5flower and garden/food and whine.

  3. Chuck Zitta says:

    OK, here’s by bucket list:

    1. Take the Backstage Tour

    2. Experience the Wishes/Illuminations cruises

    3. Stay at the Polynesian

    4. See the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

    5. Get back to Walt Disneyland (you said “Disney” bucket list, not just WDW, right?)

    6. Enjoy a trip to WDW with my future grandchildren

    7. Get back to WDW during the fall for Halloween (my birthday) and Food and Wine. Been a while.

    8. Lunch with an imagineer

    9. Finish AND get published, my first book (which is Disney related), and pursue additional Disney related ideas I have dancing around in my head. I really want to (and am) doing this!

    10. Meet Lou and chat.

    So many more. But I’ll leave it at that.

    Thanks again for another fantastic show, Lou and Tim!!!

  4. chris g. says:

    I would say, you were close in one of your recommendations about splurging and pampering yourself even just one night.
    But I’d say slightly more specific. Save, splurge, any way you can and book a Club Level room even if just one night. If you take a 7 night trip and need to make it 6 or 5 to do club level, so be it.
    It’s worth it.
    There is no other way to stay on Disney Property that comes close to giving you the Disney “magic” or “pixie dust” feeling that you get with a Club level stay.
    Could be at a number of resorts or ways. From Contemporary 14th floor with MK view.
    To AKL and an exclusive tour available only to AKL club level.
    Choose which fits your style best but do it at least once. Will make that trip one of the most magical you ever take.

  5. Fred Aebli says:

    Wow lunch with an Imagineer that is a really cool event!! Definitely looking into that one. Regarding the experiences, I had an interesting conversation with our Jungle Trek experience guides. They wanted to know how I found out about it. Of course, I told them I found out through “Lou Mongello” and had to dig for it in the app. They need to promote these more prominently because obviously they are hidden.

    Ok…. I loved this episode and it got my wheels turning on my Top Ten Things….
    10. Dole Whip in Adventureland in the middle of a hot afternoon (tastes so much better)
    9. Coffee and pastries in France at 10am before all the world showcase opens. Very few people are there very relaxing.
    8. Riding Astro Obiters at night (and if you can time it) during Wishes fireworks.
    7. Any bench in the World Showcase with a unique beverage of choice that you cannot find anywhere else.
    6. Churros in Disney Studios
    5. Sitting in the last seat on Expedition Everest
    4. Dinner at San Angel Inn during Illuminations (window seat a must).
    3. A pint (or other) at the Rose and the Crown and enjoy the visitors.
    2. Fireworks from the Polynesian Beach
    1. Dinner at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant during the Electric Street Parade

  6. Looking forward to the Keys to the Kingdom Tour when I go in September. That was my Fathers Day gift from the wife and daughter. – The longer tour was a bit out of budget. Those two extra hours are expensive. I would love to do the lunch with an Imagineer – so that is on my future list.
    And I might see if I can work in a hair cut in September and perhaps be the last to leave.

  7. Jay Thompson says:

    This was a fun show today. I have two that I would one, one of which I have done and one of which I have not. The one I have done and think everyone should do at least once is take a “Land and Sea” vacation- that is go on a Disney cruise followed immediately by a trip to the Kingdom (or vice versa). My wife and I did this last year (Christmas time too boot!) and it was one of my favorite trips. The one I have not yet done is getting a VIP tour guide. The price is very high admittedly but I think it would be a lot of fun to have a personal guide for a little bit of my trip.

  8. Eileen Monaghan says:

    Hey Lou,
    Just listening to your Bucket List Episode… We were Breathless Junkies! She was actually a 1930’s replica Teak Chris Craft. The first Breathless went down for repairs, which became too costly to complete. Then they added Breathless II.
    Sadly, towards the end of #1’s life, they toned down the rate of speed the Captain’s were able to offer. The first Illuminations Cruise we did on her in 1998 was truly the BEST thrill ride I have ever been on…. We were totally unprepared by the wild ride, speeding headlong straight at the Boardwalk seawall, positive your Captain has sipped too much Crescent Lake Water & you are now going to die…. only to have him whip the wheel, stand the boat sideways, spraying water like Fatasmic Water Screens! We were able to enjoy the Wild Ride several more times until 2001 when the “Bursts” during the day were the only way to experience a taste of what we did in the way back machine (I imagine pre-legal team, lol)

    We were always amazed that Breathless never got the attention she deserved. Not only was She a Gorgeous machine, but you were able to experience a glimpse what she could do in experienced & loving hands. In a selfish way, I am glad we could hop a 20 min. Burst almost every time with no wait, but I do lament that so many people missed her while she was there. Our Breathless rides our in that handful of Best Day Ever’s at WDW.

  9. Judy Pavarini says:

    I’m so incredibly lucky that I have been able to do so much at WDW since we bought DVC! I’ve been there more times than I can count since 2007. I’ve done pretty much everything on the Top Ten and Then Some List, except I’ve never been the last one out of the MK. We have been the last ones out of HS, having had a very late dinner at the Brown Derby. We were escorted out by Security! Felt like VIPs! We were married at the Wilderness Lodge in 2005 and for the week we were there I planned as many surprises for my husband as I could, all things we had never done before. That week alone we did The Richard Petty Driving Experience (Well, he did since it was my wedding gift to him, DiveQuest, the Segway tour at Epcot, took the Breathless for a spin, did the Backstage Safari tour at AK, had our wedding day dinner at Hoop-De-Do, where they sat us right in front and stopped the show many times to ask why we were THERE on our wedding night (so much fun!). Other things we’ve done since then: Keys To The Kingdom Tour, Characters in Flight, Wild Africa Trek, parasailing at the CR, rented pontoon boats, pretty much every RunDisney event, horseback riding at TriCircle D, surfing at Typhoon Lagoon, Cirque de Soleil, Wishes cruise. I feel so lucky to have done so much!

    But the one thing I did want to share with everyone is I HIGHLY recommend taking a solo trip now and then. Most trips have been with my husband but I’ve taken many “girlfriend trips” and many solo trips, including one year doing a Christmas trip alone. Trips with family and friends are wonderful, but so are solo trips. Being a woman alone was never a problem at WDW. (Of course, WDW doesn’t exist in a bubble, so ladies always be careful!) But some of my best memories and greatest experiences have been solo. I highly recommend it!

  10. Ashley B, says:

    Great show, yet again! I teared up at the mention of Lou and Tim’s kids enjoying WDW for the first time. I can’t wait to take my kiddos there soon 🙂 I have only been to WDW twice, once at age 5 and again at 23. When I went at 23 there was one thing that bothered me and continues to bother me: I said “no” to something that would have been an easy “yes”. I wanted to buy a gingerbread man from the huge gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian. As a vow to my future Disney trips, I would say that a necessary thing to do is have an acceptable amount of spending money, and as Lou said, allow yourself to indulge. One gingerbread man would not have broken my budget at all, and I really wanted it, but talked myself down. Give yourself breathing room to savor and enjoy the beauty of Disney 🙂

  11. Jessa B says:

    New experiences on my family’s Bucket List:
    1. Welcome Show @ MK
    2. Jungle Cruise @ night (I believe it will be the “Jingle Cruise” when we are there this November)
    3. Rockin’ Rollercoaster (for myself and our oldest son)
    4. Festival of Fantasy Parade
    5. View Wishes from the beach @ Polynesian
    6. Chip ‘n Dale’s Campfire Sing-a-long (with Reese’s cups and marshmallows for s’mores)
    7. New Soarin’
    8. Biegnets @ Port Orleans
    9. The Kiss Goodnight @ MK
    10. Watching our newest family member’s face light up as HE experiences WDW for the first time (hewill be almost 3 when we go next).

    Love listening to your show each week!! <3

  12. Kent Nelson says:

    I would like to combine one of Tim Foster’s Must Do’s with one of Lou’s. Lou, you said you should celebrate something in the parks and Tim, you said you should help provide the magic for someone else’s vacation. As a guest to the parks and not a Cast Member, I keep a weather eye out for other guests wearing celebration pins and I can’t tell you how many times I have wished a total stranger a happy birthday or congratulated a couple on an anniversary.

    Oh sure, it’s fun when the cast members do it, but to me it feels like it’s a part of their job. Yet when total strangers with no obligation what so ever do it, it tends to mean a little bit more. It’s almost as fun as pin trading and I highly recommend everyone try it, at least once.



  14. Matt says:

    1. Yeeha Bob @ Port Orleans Riverside – (seriously, I would plan a whole trip just to go see him again)
    2. Splash Mountain
    3. Space Mountain
    4. Spaceship Earth
    5. Tower of Terror
    6. Star Tours
    7. Hall of Presidents (w/ lunch at Liberty Tree Tavern)
    8. Tea Cups (take Dramamine before)
    9. It’s Tough To Be A Bug
    10. Castle Fireworks
    10a. Illuminations

  15. Wes Snyder says:

    I’m surprised there aren’t more food options listed here. My family’s favorite thing to do is watch the fireworks from the Main Street train station, and then grab a bucket of popcorn on our way out.

  16. Phillip Reese says:

    If any of you haven’t done it, I would highly recommend doing the parasailing over on Bay Lake. You can see for miles and it is so beautiful. Thrilling too! My son and I did a tandem harness and it was so cool to experience that together. You gotta do it at least once!!!

    For me, I’d like to dine with an Imagineer.

  17. Renee says:

    “Hide my bacon when Piglet walks by” LOLOLOL I’m dying. Having a great time working my way through your podcasts! Thanks!

  18. Ray Keating says:

    This is easy – a Lou Mongello tour of where and what to eat at Disney World.