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This week’s show is all about YOU, and your questions, including animation classes, dining as a local, getting exactly the room you want, after dinner drinks, Thanksgiving crowds, ideal wedding rehearsal dinner location, our favorite place for breakfast in the Walt Disney World parks, the history and story of Leave A Legacy in Epcot, and more!

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show:  Do YOU have a Leave a Legacy tile? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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13 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #451 – Listener Email: Animation, Holiday Crowds, Breakfast, and Leave A Legacy”

  1. Megann Eichner says:

    Yes, we have a Leave a Legacy tile, which we visit every time we come down to EPCOT.

  2. William Bragg says:

    That Beci voice will always remind me of the Queen from “The Great Mouse Detective.” Always great listening to Q&A. Good job Lou and Beci.

  3. Marla in CA says:

    I love the podcasts, but have to say the ones w/ Lou and Beci together are even more fun to listen too. Always great. Good times.

  4. Chuck Zitta says:

    Classic “Beci voice” episode. Love it! Maybe it’s time for Beci to come up with a “Lou voice”? I think I heard one start to surface in this episode???

    Yes, we have two Leave a Legacy tiles: one for the boys and one for us, side by side. I believe we did this back in 2006 when the boys were 9 and 6. Wow! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years already!

    Couldn’t agree more on missing the Art of Animation. I still have (stored away) all the drawings my family and I did from each time we visited this attraction. How can a souvenir/memory get any more special than one you created your self. Even if it’s not the greatest, it’s still a part of you.

    Agree on the Crystal Palace for breakfast. That’s our traditional breakfast spot in the Magic Kingdom. Giving Tigger hi-fives and hugs is always a great way to start the day.

    Thanks again for another terrific show, Lou, Beci and special guest Julia Child (At least that’s who I thought I heard?) LOL!!!

  5. Jordan Agzigian says:

    My mom and I got a tile together in 2000. We have been going to WDW since I was 4 years old, and I was about 13 when we got the tile. Our trips together are always so special, and it’s so nice to visit our tile each time we go and remember that super special millennium trip.

    Thanks for another great show Lou!

  6. Jeff Cap says:

    Yes, we purchased a Leave a Legacy tile years ago when available. Every time we visit Epcot, my two sons stand in front of it for a picture with pointing to the two tiles we have. One tile is a picture of myself and my wife. The second tile is of my two sons. I really wish Disney would do something exactly like this again. It’s a real cool thing to tell people that your picture is inside of Epcot on the wall!

  7. Cheryl O. says:

    My parents purchased a Leave a Legacy tile for my sister and I years ago. At the time, we were in middle school and were “SO embarrassed!” that we’d have our pictures displayed at Disney World for years to come. Now, as adults, it’s such a fun experience to go back and find our tile upon arriving at Epcot. My sister and I loved looking back at the picture on our most recent trip in 2015 for the WDW Marathon. We’re so thankful that we have this memory to keep for years to come and can’t wait for our next trip back to see it again! Turns out my parents knew what they’re doing despite many teenager complaints all those years ago 🙂

  8. Sally-Ann says:

    Really enjoyed the show. I have a Leave a Legacy tile. It was done in 2003 when my ex husband and I were on holiday. It is the photo tile. I am not sad it is there or that we had it done as it was a happy time as it was my first visit to WDW. I am sad he will probably never come to see it as he didn’t “get” Disney the same as me. I have been back on a fairly regular basis since 2012 and have taken my lovely (new) husband to see it as it is part of my history. How can I regret being part of something in Disney.

    Oh and Lou your English accent is terrible from a UK person!

  9. Sam B. says:

    I have a leave the legacy tile. A few years ago when everything was a magical wish my parents and I all got our own tile. I was about 5 so it’s fun to go back every year and find our tiles. Thanks for bring more disney magic to my day. I am a first time listner by the way. Have a magical day.

  10. Jessica M says:

    I agree with Beci on the Leave a Legacy tiles. Kind of weird and I don’t like the location. But, I do have a brick! It is located at the ticket and transportation center. I love to find it every time I visit. The most recent visit was this past April, the writing on the brick is almost all gone, after years and years of being walked on. I will be sad when it is gone for good. I love my little piece of Disney:)

  11. Dee-Dee Duncan says:

    I have two Leave a Legacy tiles. One was in 2002 with my daughter who was only 15 months at the time. The other one I think I did in 2005. It was with my ex husband. I guess it is good when we go look at them that my kids can see when we were happy at one time.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    We have a Leave a Legacy tile from our honeymoon! We still go see it every year we go!!!!!

  13. Marcy says:

    I am just listening to this episode and when you were discussing the best breakfast in the parks I was hoping you would say Tusker House. I thought it was an amazing meal when I went there with my family in 2013.