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One of my favorite areas in any of the Walt Disney World theme parks is Main Street, USA. It is a land rich in story, history, meaning, and yes, even a little bit of magic. So this week, we’re going to look at 10 Secrets you may have never known about Main Street, USA that may just help you see, understand, and appreciate this land which serves as the gateway to the Magic Kingdom.

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QUESTION for YOU from this week’s show: What is YOUR favorite “secret” from Main Street, USA? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #452 – 10 Secrets You Never Knew About Main Street, USA”

  1. Hello,
    First of all I am a 70 year old Peter Pan. I live in NH, therefore, my financial situation does not allow me to visit as much as I used to. However, I have been to WDW many many times. I used to be able to go 3-4 times a year. Now only once a year if possible. My secret is the use of cast members. People around me call me Mr. Disney although I do not feel I am worthy of that title. I never met Walt Disney and feel that I can get in Walts head every time I am at WDW. I spend most of my time at WDW asking cast members questions. I learn something new every trip and when I’m not there I learn even more from you. (Lou) Therefore, my secret is to use cast members. They know a lot. No one person knows everything. So when you are on Main St, stop, look and listen and you will be surprised at just how many questions you can think of to ask. Disney cast members are the best, use them.

  2. William Bragg says:

    I was just listening to Lou’s Main Street, USA Walt Disney World Walking Audio Tour yesterday. What a fantastic coincidence, and the show was a great follow-up. Always enjoy listening to Lou and Ryan discuss the magic. Main Street, USA is definitely an attraction that has a lot to offer. If you slow down, look up and down, and take in the sites and sounds of your surroundings, it is a lot like being transported somewhere that you’ve never been before (which is so much what all of the Magic Kingdom is about). Walt and his WED folks certainly knew what they were doing. The audio tour greatly enhances the experience by giving you a lot of background of what you are experiencing. Love the movie Summer Magic (Front Porch song takes me home)!

  3. Matt Rankin says:

    Great episode! Makes me want to re-listen to the Main Street audio tour.

  4. Terry Mann says:

    I really interesting detail wasn’t mentioned in the podcast and, if I recall correctly, not mentioned in the Walking Tour CD: The popcorn sold on Main Street is better than all the popcorn sold in the rest of Magic Kingdom, and intentionally so. I learned this from 2 popcorn vendors in Disneyland. And this is a detail perfectly suited to Lou’s (and our) obsession and hunger for Disney details. We all know how the main gate entrance and Main Street USA is intentionally structured to replicate a movie theater. The tunnels underneath the train are not in the center, but off to the sides, like the aisles at a movie theater. The pavement is red, like the red carpet at a movie premier. The attraction posters on the walls of the tunnels are like the coming attraction posters in a theater lobby. And you don’t actually see the castle until you emerge from the tunnel and walk around a bit and are near the center of the street, like an opening curtain at a theater, all intended to add to the drama of that first glimpse of the “movie”. Also, the popcorn vendor is always located right by the left tunnel, like the popcorn seller in a theater lobby. Walt carefully planned these details in Disneyland, replicated of course in Walt Disney World. But did you know that the popcorn stand right at the tunnel intentionally uses a bit more oil, and a bit more butter, so that the popcorn from that stand actually tastes better than any other popcorn in the park? I mentioned to a Disneyland vendor at this spot that it seemed to taste better, and he puffed up with pride and told me it was all part of Walt’s Great Movie Reveal as you enter the park. Another popcorn vendor confirmed the story. So ever since, I HAVE to have popcorn from that stand in Disneyland and in Walt Disney World on every single visit. To me, it’s more important that a Mickey ice cream bar or a Dole Whip.

  5. Chuck Zitta says:

    I guess one of my favorite little secrets about Main Street (and you would only know if you went during the Holiday Season) is that is snows on Main Street! We have been to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party twice now and I’d have to say, I enjoy the snow much, much more on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom than I do up here in Michigan. LOL!!! And it might be just around the corner from Main Street, but enjoying a few cookies and hot chocolate during the Holiday parade and/or fireworks is a wonderful experience as well. I recall chatting with an older gentleman during the fireworks on one such evening, up on the front porch of the Crystal Palace, 6 short years ago. He told me that he and his wife had been coming for the hot chocolate & cookies, the snow on Main Street, and the Holiday music & fireworks for many years. That it was an annual tradition of theirs. And even though I don’t recall his name. I made a new friend that night – if only for a moment. That conversation is a memory I will never forget.

    Thanks again for another fabulous show, Lou and Ryan!!!