Most Disney fans like to collect something… mugs, ornaments, Vinylmation, etc. But ever since I was young, I’ve loved collecting Disney pins.

Disney pins are metal pins that can be purchased all over Walt Disney World (and other Disney Parks locations). They’re available in most gift shops in the parks, hotels and at Disney Springs (Pin Traders and World of Disney). Pin enthusiasts may purchase single pins, mystery packs or special limited editions. Once you get some, you can trade with other people or keep them for your collection!

Trading pins is fun, you can do it with Cast Members, park guests or pin boards that are located at gift shops. Another cool way to trade is to go to a pin gathering, an unofficial pin trading party held by fans! If you start to become serious about collecting, be sure to know the value of your pins so someone won’t make an unfair trade with you. When I was younger, many people tried to swindle me out of rare pins for ones of “no worth”.

Disney Pins Disney Pins 3 Disney Pins 2

Everyone has a different pin collecting style. Some people only collect character, attraction or resort specific pins. Others look out for limited edition or special event ones. My collection is very random, I simply buy and trade pins that I like. I have a lot of Mickey ones, I love every pin design he is on. My other favorites are my Magic Kingdom one and my 2013 Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party one. I also collect anything with Liberty Minnie on it, so I have a few pins of her!

Disney Pins 7Disney Pins 6Disney Pins 5

The most special pin I have is one that a Cast Member gave me during the Year of a Million Dreams in 2006. Tinkerbell is on it with the words “Where dreams come true”. It is an “exclusive pixie dust pin,” and I feel very lucky to have it.

Disney Pins 4

What kind of pins do you collect? How many do you have? What other Disney collections do you have? Tell me in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

Thanks for listening & have a magical day! – Ruby 8:)

(Photos from the author’s personal collection.)

Ruby is a fourteen year old Disney fan, and she credits her mom with starting her early love of Disney. In addition to her enthusiasm for Disney, Ruby enjoys singing, drawing, reading, listening to music and writing. She will be reviewing Disney-related topics that are of interest to younger Disney fans—and their parents and grandparents!



9 thoughts on “My Disney Pin Collection”

  1. Lucy Land says:

    Hi Ruby,

    I started collecting Disney Pins last year after my second trip to WDW, and like you, I just collect the ones I like the look of – it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t have a specific theme! Having said that I do seem to like the character-shaped ones, and particularly animals, princesses, and ones that relate to happy Disney memories.

    As I live in the UK, I can’t get to WDW very often, but I love looking at my pin collection and remembering where I picked each one up from. I would love to go to a pin trading party in the UK if there ever was one!

    Your special Tinkerbell pin is beautiful! Do you have any tips on how to find out the value of particular pins and which ones are rare?

    Thank you for your post. I enjoyed seeing your pin collection.


  2. Dave Tarnoff says:

    We also collect pins. We don’t trade pins, rather we love to purchase our favorites and display them. Displaying, however, became a bit of a challenge when our collections began to grow. One of our favorite displays is an old typesetter’s tray. We took a roll of 1/4″ thick natural cork and cut pieces to fill each of the compartments in the tray. Then we simply stuck a pin in each compartment! Thanks for the blog article, Ruby!

  3. Andrew Prince says:

    Hey Ruby nice article:-)

  4. MacKenzie says:

    I have over 1000 Disney pins and it is the most awesome hobby – not only can you buy pins but trading them with cast members are some of my favorite memories in Disney! I collect a little bit of everything but some of my favorite themes I focus on are Tower of Terror, Christmas, Up, Transportation and Huey/Dewey/Louie! I keep them all in pin books and have so much fun organizing and sorting them! I can’t wait until my next trip in March to trade even more! If anyone is ever interested in trading let me know! ~MacKenzie,

  5. Chrissy says:

    Hi, Ruby!! On our most recent trip, Emily chose a Mickey pin because he is wearing black framed glasses like she has and so she felt she could identify with that. I added a Rainbow Mickey to my collection as a way to show support to the LGBTQ community. I don’t collect too many pins but I do have a few that I like to wear throughout the year on a jacket or sweater during the year! Classic Mickey is my favorite!! Love you!!!

  6. Ruby says:

    Hey Lucy!
    Here are some ways to discover your pins’ rarity:
    When buying mystery packages, there is always one rare one in the set called a completer. Completers are the hardest to get and they make the least of them.
    Check the back of your pins, sometimes it has the name of your pin, the type of pin it is or which number it is in the set.
    Also just looking on websites and researching pins in general will give you a good idea of how to tell which are special. Reading about other peoples collections is always enlightening.
    Oh, and remember to avoid scrapers!

  7. Ruby says:

    also thanks to everyone else who commented 🙂 i love hearing about other peoples pin adventures!

  8. Liz says:

    I have the same orange bird pin you have, it’s on my kitchen windowsill so I can see it while doing dishes. Love the pins.

  9. Lucy Land says:

    Thanks for the tips Ruby. Happy collecting! 🙂