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From the memorable to the unique to the breathtaking and more, this we’ll  look at (no pun intended) our Top Ten Views in Walt Disney World. Along the way, we’ll take you to some familiar locations, and some places you may have never been before.

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25 thoughts on “WDW Radio Show #455 – Top Ten Views in Walt Disney World”

  1. The Tony says:

    To quote Tim Foster “Go with me here”. My favorite view is Walt Disney World from the air as your descending into Orlando on a plane. I love seeing the icons and resorts from way up high.

  2. William Bragg says:

    Another solid Top Ten with Tim. I always love the view from the top of Splash Mountain just before the drop. Also, empty walkways are a spectacular view also (seldom, but fantastic)!

    Top Ten Feel Good Moments…Yes…not sure if it can be done without some mention of food. Will definitely cause the emotions to come through the airwaves.

  3. Jason says:

    Top of splash mountain, when I was kid I would take a picture of the castle from the top of the ride (even though you aren’t supposed to..gasp!)

  4. Jeremy W says:


    My wife and I rode the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train when they started Wishes. It was one of the best views of the fireworks either of us had seen, thus far. You and Tim got on the tangent about the fireworks at the end of the podcast, and it reminded my wife and I of how magical it was. It’s probably one of the top experiences we’ve ever had. We enjoy you show, keep it up!

  5. David says:

    Specifically loved this episode, as it’s really the aesthetics that makes the parks. Two Epcot ones I would add are: from the back of World Showcase (around Italy-Japan area) where you can see the whole showcase and Spaceship Earth, with water in between. Also, from the middle area looking onto the Monorail + Journey Into Imagination, where the view is great as well as some colorful plants.

  6. Chris Booth (UK) says:

    Another great show. I can 100% relate when you said about missing out on a view because of circumstance (being a local in your example). Similarly we honeymooned in Coronado Springs last October and because we used Disney transport we didn’t get to ride the boat across to Magic Kingdom and we missed that so much. Next time we plan to go in the hire car one day just to get that experience!

  7. Even before Lou mentioned it, my favorite view is the one from California Grill. The balcony provides a dream view of Magic Kingdom and Seven Seas Lagoon. But I would also like to mention a similar view you get which is when you are arriving at Magic Kingdom by monorail and the facade appears in front of your eyes with all its beauty and majesty!!

  8. Jim Spangler says:

    I love the view while parasailing on Crescent Lake behind the Contemporary Resort. It is beautiful and not like anyplace else in Walt Disney World!

  9. Debbie says:

    I love the view from the Boardwalk. Going to the Jersey shore every summer we always took a boardwalk picture and now we do it from Disney with my kids. I like the view from the side by the bakery we take one with the boardwalk in the background and one with the yacht and Beach cleb!

  10. Chris G says:

    Ok I think I have a rather different one but pretty neat.
    If your a regular visitor, you should try the fishing excursion on Bay Lake.
    And schedule the first 7am tour. And do it in the “winter” season.
    You will be rewarded with a one of a kind view of Contemporary Tower and Bay Lake.
    As you go to wait for your boat, the sun will not have come up yet. So you’ll get a starlight/daybreak view of Contemporary Tower, completely void of anyone else around.
    Imagine viewing the resort without people? Very unique and impressive.
    Also if the weather is just right, Bay Lake will have a mist of fog over it,
    and you can see resort boats coming out of the fog getting ready for their first rides of the day.
    Also very beautiful. Gives you the image of what Bay Lake looked like before Disney.

  11. Chris says:

    During this whole show I kept saying pleae say Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach. That is just an amazing view. Thank you.

  12. Chris says:

    One of my most favorite views is from the balcony of my resort early in the morning with a cup of Disney Coffee in my new Disney mug (I buy one from each resort I stay at). Most of the time we have a nice view of a pond, park or lake. I have only had one bad view and that was when we didn’t request a room location. This is normally my last view before I have to pack up the car or head over to the bus to head to the airport. Love this view!

  13. Craig S says:

    Not a current view – but one of my fondest memories from way back in 1974, at the perfect Disney-park age of 8: peering through the construction fence surrounding the future Space Mountain. Even had my dad take a picture through the fence. That sealed the deal as a future full-time Disney fan; I held on to that view and plotted my sprinting path for the next visit – from rope drop, through the Plaza Pavilion leaping over and around the chairs and tables, to get to SM first that day! (I blew right past If You Had Wings – that was so Yesterday.)
    I’m always curious what they will come up with – and build – next.

  14. Dave Tarnoff says:

    Each time Lou and Tim took a turn on this week’s show, I thought, “Hey! I love that view!” Tim’s comment about seeing the WDWRR train while taking the back way between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland reminded me of another great view on that same path. My wife and I were taking that shortcut right after the scheduled afternoon Florida rainstorm and caught an unbelievable view of Space Mountain. Just above the trees rose Space Mountain with a full rainbow framing the attraction. One of the many pictures we took is now my FB profile picture.

    But what would it be if I only had five minutes for one last view? Wow, that’s a tough one. My nostalgic wants to say the view down Main Street, U.S.A. The relaxed solo-trip guy inside of me wants to say the view from the small Flame Tree Barbecue eating pavilion that’s on the shore of Discovery River. Late at night, I’d have to say that sitting on a bench among the neon of Tomorrowland is hard to beat. In the end, however, I’d have to say that my favorite view is standing with my back to the Sleepy Hollow Quick Service Restaurant at night facing the spotlit Cinderella’s Castle with it reflection mirrored in the old Swan Boat canal. Very specific I know, but it makes me happy.

    By the way, I would like to take this moment to stick up for Tim if I may. The first person on Lou’s show to say, “Go with me here,” was not Tim. Okay, officially it was, “You’ve got to work with me people.” It was said by Lou on (you guessed it) show #75, “Top 10 Smells of Walt Disney World,” from way back on July 13, 2008. (http://www.wdwradio.com/2008/07/show-75-july-13-2008/) when he described the “musty water smell”. Other comments he made include, “Please just agree with me for my sake,” “This is one that kinda gets an asterisk,” “Now don’t laugh,” and my favorite, “Tell me you know what I’m talking about and that I’m not completely insane.” (Nope, Lou, not completely. Neither are any of your listeners!) I spent 2015 listening to all WDW Radio shows in order, so I know what I’m talking about. Okay, I think I need to get a life.

    Thanks again for a great show, Lou and Tim!


  15. Mark says:

    I have two favorite views. One is new and one is extinct.

    I live in metro Atlanta, so I always drive to WDW instead of fly. In the past, I’ve driven from the Florida Turnpike to I-4, then taken the exit to Disney Village (Downtown Disney/Disney Springs). This path is polluted with things like Universal, Sea World, International Drive, police traps, billboards, traffic, etc. So recently, I’ve been taking the FL-429 southbound toll road from the turnpike to Western Way. I have fallen in love with this route. You get a practically undisturbed path to WDW along this mostly-undeveloped road. If you take this road, when you get to about a mile and a half north of Western Way, take a look to the east. This portion of the road is about 40 feet above the elevation of the area around the Magic Kingdom, so you get this wonderful, wide-open vista of the northern part of WDW that is just outstanding. You see the grandiose Contemporary standing high above the plain carpeted with pine treetops. You can also see the Grand Floridian and Cinderella’s Castle – each standing all alone upon the vista as if they were placed as chess pieces. A truly breathtaking view, and such a great opening to a vacation week.

    My second favorite (extinct) view was in the front of the World of Motion pavilion, coming around the twisting helical swoop outside, just as the omnimovers started their journey into the attraction. It provided such an incredible view of Future World, especially of Spaceship Earth, Communicore, those big satellite dishes, Horizons, and Universe of Energy glaring right at you. It was a kicking reminder that “YOU are in EPCOT Center. Here it is!”. I miss that element of the pavilion.

  16. Chris R says:

    One of my favorite views is from the Liberty Belle at dusk. I like to ride on the on the upper deck. As the Liberty Belle goes out the lights in Frontierland are just coming on. As the Liberty Belle comes back around to the dock the view of Liberty Square and Cinderella castle all lit up is beautiful.

  17. Mark S says:

    We love to go up and sit out on the small outside patio at the Contemporary Resort as the sun starts to go down. It’s fun to do if you arrive later in the afternoon or evening and don’t have park tickets for that day. You get spectacular sunset views of the Magic Kingdom and the monorail.

  18. Matt says:

    One of the best views that’s not well known is the view of Downtown Disney/Disney Springs from your balcony at Saratoga Springs. We stay at SSR every time we go and every morning we make our coffee and sit on the balcony and just appreciate the view.

  19. Jeff I says:

    As soon as I saw the title of this week’s podcast, my first thought was “the view from the top of Splash Mountain.” I was out for a run as I listened and I literally said out loud “Yes!” when I heard Tim and Lou say the same thing… I’m sure some of the folks around me thought I was weird.

    One view that (for better or worse) no longer exists is the view of the Earful Tower as seen through the green and beige gates into Animation Courtyard at the Studios. There was just something that embodied what used to be the quintessential spirit of that park standing there, looking through the gates and seeing the quasi-iconic Earful Tower.

  20. jeff laughlin says:

    Loved the view from our balcony of our 5th story Savannah view room at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, can’t beat seeing such a beautiful place with a Giraffe grazing right below your window.

  21. Chris Black Les Paul says:

    The family and I love the view of thunder mountain from Tom Sawyer island. We like to eat lunch in the rocking chairs near the water while watching the folks ride the coaster. It’s an isolated spot with fun sights.

  22. Cynthia says:

    Like Jeff said above, I was listening while on my run and many times caught myself nodding my head and saying “Yes” out loud. LOL! I think one of my favorite views is first thing in the morning from the platform of the Train Station facing the castle. I love the view from here of the castle and Main street (it just gets even better when the holiday decor is up) and watching all the people as they make their way into the park for the day.

    Thanks for another great podcast! Love listening and hope to meet you one day.

  23. Amanda S says:

    When I was thinking of my top views I had to think of views from hotel rooms, and the “parking lot” view my husband and I once had. We were staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge and had booked a parking lot view to save money (and we are hardly in the room anyway) but when we walked into our room and looked out from the balcony saw zebras, crown cranes, and ostriches. This was a fabulous surprise and we still joke about the beautiful parking lot at AKL!

  24. Chuck Zitta says:

    A few of my favorite (some obvious, some not so obvious) views would have to include (in no particular order):

    1. Looking toward the castle from the TTA as you pass by the hub. Last trip down, the TTA actually stopped for a few minutes with us in this area. It was a special moment I got to share with my oldest son, as we both silently took in the view and reflected upon our lives. Very special.

    2. All of Epcot as you come into the park on the monorail and circle around and head back towards Spacship Earth. Love it.

    3. View of the Swan and Dolphin Hotels as you approach on the commuter boats from Crescent Lake.

    4. The Magic Kingdom as you approach the park on the paddle boat (upper deck). Just like John Panda did in the Dreamfinders documentary.

    5. Looking at Spaceship Earth from the bathrooms next to the Imagination Pavilion. It’s a very relaxing/never crowded area to take in a unique view of Spaceship Earth, with much of the Land Pavilion landscaping occupying the foreground.

    6. Looking north, down Main Street from above at the Train Station. Watching all the people and Castmembers below and how much fun they are having. Very intoxicating. Especially during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party when it’s snowing!!!

    7. The floral garden area with the Mickey center piece, just outside the entrance into the Magic Kingdom. Because it makes me feel like a kid again.

    8. Looking over Crescent Lake towards a well-lit Boardwalk (in the evening) from the Beach and Yacht Club/ Resort area.

    9. Views of the Haunted Mansion and Frontieirland at dusk from the Liberty Belle.

    10. Agree with Tim on the view from the Bridge just past the international gateway as you enter EPCOT from the back side of the park. Actually have a picture of us on that bridge from our last trip down.

    11. BONUS VIEW: Looking across World Showcase Lagoon (from any country) towards the other country pavilions on the opposite side (at dusk) when the torches are lit and the music sets the mood, preparing you for Illuminations. Gives me chills.

    Thanks again for another fabulously entertaining show, Lou and Tim!!!

  25. Mrsbruhaha says:

    There are three specific views on the Wild Africa Trek that I absolutely love.
    1. Leaning out over the hippo pool.
    2. The waster directly below while crosing the rope bridges.
    3. The panoramic vista from the lunch stop, but specifically looking towards the flamingos.

    Also, looking out over the savannah from my room balcony.